Disclaimer: Trust me, you would know if I owned Kingdom Hearts. It would be filled with even more boy on boy love then it is now!

There are many worlds,
but they share the same sky-
one sky, one destiny.


The cool spring breeze brushed the surface of my smooth, moist surface. Azure waves, tranquil and soft, lapped over my being, distorting my vision of the deep, blue skies above. The gentle rays of sunlight warmed me as they rebounded against my flat and shiny solid, back into the endless eternity which I was forced to gaze unbrokenly at for the rest of my ceaseless existence.

My environment changed, however, when I felt something warm and chubby pick me up. I danced against hot, sweaty flesh as the young being with bright blue eyes twiddled me between his fingertips. My long, slender form was expertly tossed from hand to hand like a juggling ball. The young creature, around 4 or 5, brought me to his face as he gazed at me with those two beautiful orbs of his. Smiling, he brushed his hands against my crimson face: they were gentle and loving, like the hands of a mother or perhaps a lover, I couldn't really fathom this emotion rushing through my senses.

I felt... complete. My hollow, empty existence meant something as I was being held between this child's hands. I didn't want this moment to end. Unfortunately, the small boy got bored of toying with my form and decided to throw me carelessly into the lapping waves below.

"Sweety, over here."

As I flew through the crystal clear air, I heard a woman's voice... probably the young child's mother call for him. Her voice was soft and sweet, much like I imagine his to be.

"C'mon Roxas, time to go!"

Roxas. Hm, it suited him. He was kind of like the sky, but all mixed up. I liked that about him. He was different from the thing I was forced to look up at for the majority of my long, endless life. Even if we had only met for a short period of time, I knew it was fate that had guided him to me. I landed with a slight splashing sound, sending ripples across the calm ocean water.

As I sank to the shadowy depths of the sea, the last thing I thought of was those chilling eyes of the blond haired princess. They had pieced my soul and infected my heart with that playful slightly devious look they produced. I kinda hope that we meet again.

The fading lavender sky collided with the ochre sun, casting shadows along the ribbon of sand I had once called my home. Perhaps that was symbolising the end of my life there. Maybe there would be a new life for me, just as the sun will rise again tomorrow. I'll find that boy. After all, we share the same sky. One sky, one destiny.

Author's Note: I wasn't quite sure if this would work. I mean, there's only so much you can write about with a rock. It's quite a complicated story, so bravo if you understand so far. I was gonna do it as a one shot, but I thought I might think of more lives Axel can have. He'll get upgraded, bit by bit. I had quite a lot of symbolism and foreboding in there (even if I haven't really planned out the story ). Ha ha, we'll see how it goes- I'm pretty sure that this story is a gonna be cheesy and predictable. I mean, I'm all ready planning with the 'maybe in the next life' theme, which I know has been somewhat over used even if I still love it). Oh well, I'd love to see what you think. I'm a newbie at this kinda stuff, so expect tons of mistakes. I can't even manage to check it! Not a good sign...