Randy's Thoughts


It's 1997, and Tim is dead. This severely affects the entire family, but especially Randy, who thinks there is more than meets the eye to his dad's death. So Randy is talked into seeing a psychiatrist, who suggests keeping a bi-weekly journal of Randy's thoughts and feelings. These are those entries.


Journal Entry for Saturday September 6, 1997

Where do I begin? Well, I'm not doing this out of free will; I'm only doing this to humor the psychiatrist I'm seeing twice a week.

First off, my name is Randy Taylor. (Yes, Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor's middle son). I'm 15 years old. I have a girlfriend, who is the one who talked me into seeing this damn psychiatrist anyways. My older brother is a total jock and my younger brother is a possible devil worshipper and dresses like Johnny Cash. My mom is going to school to become a psychiatrist. And, oh yeah, did I forget to mention my recently deceased father?

His death is the only reason I'm seeing the man I will refer to from here on out as "my damn psychiatrist".

Anyways, back to my dad's death. He didn't die the way most of his fans expected him to. He is supposedly the innocent victim of a drive-by shooting on a highway. In my opinion, there are two theories for his death: The Detroit PD is correct, and he's just an innocent victim. Or, (and here's the one I'm leaning towards), he was meant to be shot. I get the feeling there's some past family secret which has been kept not only from me, but from everyone except my next door neighbor, Wilson W. Wilson, and my mother. This theory has got me dubbed insane by my family.

Hmmm… Maybe this journal will be useful. Maybe this will be a way for me to sort out not only my father's death, but my life. Or it could just be some psycho mumbo jumbo to get me to spill my guts to my damn psychiatrist. Either way, I'm glad no one will ever be able to read this except him.


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