Hey Guys! This takes place in Hayley Williams' POV and I'm not sure if the leading man is Pete Wentz or Gerard way... please tell me who should I choose!! Please review this also.

Chapter 1 - My Sweet Backstage Passes

"Hayley!!" A voice shouted. I looked for the owner of that voice. It was Ashlee. Yeah, Ashlee Simpson. "Me and Pete (Wentz) are gonna go grab a drink at the bar. Wanna join us?"

"Sure, Ash." I said while smiling. She was really nice to me this past few days. She was usually mean to me because Pete is one of my closest friends so... yeah. She was jealous. Maybe there's catch... yeah! That's right! A catch! I f there isn't a catch... she won't be nice to me. There is a catch. I bet my life on in.

"Listen Hayley, I have, like four backstage passes and VIP tickets to the My Chemical Romance concert this Saturday. Pete, Joe and I are coming and I sked you to come because Pete said he wouldn't come if you won't so... please come!!" She said pleadingly.

I knew it! There is a catch!! I thought. "I guess so. But today is Thursday, dude! It's only, like, two days from now!!" I said.

"But Hayley..." She said while making a puppy-dog pout. Making herself feeling cute.

"Fine! I will... but please... if you can, please tell Pete to introduce me to Gerard Way... and maybe also to Mikey."

"Yes! Thanks, oh, so much, Hayls!!"

Hayls? Hayls? Now we have nicknames? Uh... Plastic much?? I thought. "Yeah, Ash. No problem."

"Hey! Hayley! C'mon! Let's go home!" Zac Farro yelled. We weren't really living together. Our band just came to the party together and we were just leaving together.

"Alright Zac! Just a minute!" I yelled back. "Well, Ash, I guess I have to say good bye."

"Yeah Hayley. Bye and be careful."

"Yeah, and umm... where's Pete? I wanna say goodbye to him too."

"Down at the counter." She said bitterly and reluctantly.

"Hey Pete!"

"Hayley! So, are you goin' to see the MCR concert with us?" Pete said.

"Yeah. Your girl forced me to."

Pete began laughing and said "Ashlee's not my girlfriend, Hayley. She just thinks she is. You know I would've told you if she's my girl, you know."

"Sure you are..." I said with a playful tone and then laughing.

"Oh come on, Hayley. Do you really think I'm that shallow?" Pete said with a puppy-dog face making me laugh again.

"Hayley! We're waiting!!" Zac, once again, shouted.

"Yeah, Pete, I uhhh. What I mean is... I have gotta go. Zac and the rest of the guys are calling me."

"Yeah. I understand, goodnight, Hayley and... be careful." He said.

I ran to our car. It was a Mercedes Benz E320. We were five people in the car. Josh Farro is at the driver's seat, his brother Zac is at the passenger's seat, our manager on the left side of the back seat, Jeremy Davis on the right side of the backseat, and me on in the middle. It was really noisy on our way home. They were all boys so they were all talking about cars and other boy stuff. And of course I have no idea what they are talking about.

Then the car finally reached my apartment. I waved goodbye, said thanks for inviting me, and I went upstairs to my room. I walked in my empty apartment and turned on my tv which is coincidentally showing the upcoming My Chemical Romance concert this Saturday. She smiled and fell asleep on her couch.

When she woke up, she heard a ringing in her room. She picked up the phone without looking at the caller ID.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Hayley? This is Pete. You just woke up, didn't you?" Pete said.

"Yeah." I said.

"Listen, about tomorrow, the concert starts at about... eight? And I was wondering when we will pick you up."

"Umm... does 7 sound good?"

"You really do have a habit for coming early, don't you?" He said while laughing.

"Oh, shut up Kingston." I said making fun of his second middle name.

"Fine" He said still laughing.

"Stop it, Lewis!" I said still making fun of his ridiculously long name.

"Fine. Listen, I gotta go so... see you tomorrow."

"Yeah. See you tomorrow."

"Bye, Hayley."

"Bye Pete."

Hey. Sorry if this is too short for you and that Gerard Way isn't showing on this chapter. I promise I will make Gerard appear on the next chap. And I heard about the PETEWENTZ X ASHLEESIMPSON ENGAGEMENT!! It's really sad new for me but good news also. I hope that you are happy, Pete!! This news really affected me, you know. But it's alright.