Saïx has been feeling strange lately. What happens when he finds out that he's love sick?

Chapter one's not too interesting, but chapter two is better! I'll get it up as soon as I finish it! Rating is for safety. I don't know what what I'll have them do in later chapters, but nothing too graphic.

Pairings: XemnasSaix, XemSai, XemSaix, SaiXem, ManSax, whatever you call it.

Disclaimer: Okay, if I owned the game, Sora would've died by Zexion's hands. Is Sora dead? No. (Darn it.) I do not own this game.

Saïx slowly made his way down the narrow stairway to the lowermost regions of the castle, his boots clacking loudly against the stone steps leading to Vexen's lab. He could feel the temperature lower slightly as he walked further down, indicating his nearing the bottom of the stairs.

Vexen, while mainly being a scientist, had studied a bit on the workings of the mind and body. He served the Organization not only as a scientist, but also somewhat as a doctor. This was the reason that Saïx was going to see him. He'd been a bit distracted lately, and had started feeling a bit strange. He dismissed it as a temporary phase and thought that it would probably go away on it's own, but it had been bothering him for a few days now, and it had actually gotten worse. He finally decided to find out what was wrong. He reached the lab door, foreign scents from various chemicals already invading his nostrils. He knocked sharply, waiting for permission before entering.

Vexen turned from the strange liquids he was observing to see who had walked in. He couldn't help but look a bit surprised when he found out it was The Luna Diviner. Saïx hardly ever met with anyone, other than those he should chance to meet in the hall, so Vexen could only presume that something was wrong. His theory proved to be correct.

"Vexen. I need an examination. I believe I may be ill."

Vexen nodded, picking up a notepad and pen, and leading Saïx over to a chair.

"What are the symptoms?"

He began writing down the symptoms as they were told.

"A fluttery stomach, easy distraction, and occasional light-headedness. The light-headedness is never severe, and...I actually find it...somewhat pleasant."

The writing abruptly stopped. Vexen looked up at Saïx from the notepad on which he was writing.

"Do any of them make you feel particularly sick?"

"No. They're just troublesome."

"When do these symptoms usually occur?"

Saïx thought for a moment.

"Mostly during meetings. Other than that, no specific times."

Vexen stood up, placing the notepad on a table. He began pacing, holding his hands behind his back as he walked.

"Saïx...I want to perform a few quick tests. First, I want you to give me a brief summary of your day, telling me only about the times when you experienced these...'symptoms'."

"Well..." he started. "I'll stat with breakfast. After I ate, I put my dishes on the kitchen counter to be washed. Then I felt a bit light-headed."

"Was anyone in the kitchen with you?"

"Yes. Xaldin was washing the dishes, Lexaeus was drying them, and Demyx was putting them away. Xemnas came in, not too far behind me, to put his dishes away."

"Okay...any others?"

"No. After breakfast, I idled around a bit before retiring to my quarters to await mission orders. While in the halls, I got that sick feeling in my stomach."

"Did you pass anyone in the hall?"

"Xemnas was scolding Axel and Roxas for pulling some childish pranks."

"Alright. Continue."

"I waited in my room until Xemnas summoned me to his office to assign me a mission. The moment i stepped into the office, I got both light-headed, and that sick feeling. I think I also felt my cheeks heat up."

"Is that it?"

"No. I left for my mission, returned, and came to see you. While telling you about it, that sick feeling came back. And that's just what happened today."

Vexen put his hand to his chin.

"Okay. Second test. I'm going to say the name of a few members of this Organization. I want you to tell me exactly what you feel about each one."

Saïx cocked his head a bit.

"I'm sorry Vexen, but I don't see the significance of this test."

"You will. Now...Lexaeus."

"He's a powerful member in this Organization. But as for what I feel...nothing."


"Dislike. He has no concern for this Organization, or it's goals."


Saïx hesitated for a moment.

"That sick feeling is back."

"I see..."

Vexen pulled out a reference book from his bookshelf and scanned over it.

"That's what I thought..." he muttered.

Saïx suddenly felt a memory of nervousness. What did Vexen think was wrong with him? Was he going to be okay? He blinked as Vexen put the book away, and walked over to him. Vexen tapped his index finger against his chin, staring down at Saïx.

"Saïx, it's not life threatening or anything, but...I'm afraid that there's no cure."

"Tell me what's wrong with me." he said sternly.

"Well...I'm not sure how you're going to take this, but...Saïx? You're in love with Xemnas."