Xemnas sighed. He had eaten his dinner a bit quicker than usual and retired to his room early to wait for Saïx. He glanced at the clock. 8:54. It shouldn't be too long before the man arrived. He paced around his room, holding his hands behind his back. He had the whole thing planned out. He wouldn't spend too terribly long with the Berserker; just long enough to quench the man's "thirst". Then he would send him away using some excuse. A dull knock echoed through the room, making Xemnas swiftly turn his attention to the door, going over to open it. There stood the Luna Diviner, looking not too much better than the day before.

"You...wanted to see me, sir?" His voice was quiet and Xemnas could see that his hands were shaking. He nodded, giving a friendly smile.

"I did. Please, come in so I can shut the door. I don't want any...disturbances."

Saïx stepped in the room, hearing the lock click after the door had been shut. He turned around, eying Xemnas uneasily. He had locked the door... Saïx was locked in Xemnas' bedroom...alone...with his Superior.


"Yes, Saïx?"

"You, err...locked the door."

"I know."

The wolf-like man took a small step back.


"I told you. I want no disturbances. We don't want anyone walking in on us now, do we?"

Saïx blinked, his breath catching in his throat.

"W-...walk in on us doing what...exactly?"

The Enigmatic Man walked in casual circles around Saïx, making the man more than a little nervous.

"Xem...Xemnas?" he asked, unable to hide the hint of fear in his voice.

Xemnas stopped in front of the wolf-like man, staring at him with an easy smile. He took a step forward and couldn't help but chuckle when the Berserker took a step back.

"Saïx, am I making you nervous?" he teased, stepping towards the Diviner and watching in clear amusement as Saïx stepped back each time.

"Eh, well, I-I- y-you-"

"Because there's no reason to be nervous. Just relax. I've already told you that I wasn't going to harm you, and I haven't changed my mind. I'm a man of my word and I can assure you that you're perfectly safe."

"But what are...you-?"

His sentence was interrupted when he hit the back wall of Xemnas' room. He was trapped; the wall to his back and Xemnas to his front. His breathing had begun to grow heavy and erratic, and by the look on the other's face, it would seem that he was enjoying it. Saïx pushed himself more against the wall when he felt Xemnas' body press against his own and he was starting to get lightheaded. Between the feel of Xemnas' breath on his neck and the man's body against his, it probably wouldn't be long before Saïx lost his senses entirely. Xemnas pinned the man's arms against the wall with his own and Saïx tensed his muscles when Xemnas began running his tongue lightly up his neck, subconsciously tilting his head to give the other a better angle.

"Xemnas!" he groaned.

He couldn't believe it. Yesterday the man was acting like his usual self, and today...what exactly was he doing!? Saïx got a strange feeling bout it. Xemnas was acting...more than a little odd, and he couldn't help but wonder at the man's unusual behavior, even though this attention was almost all that he had been thinking about for the past few days. But all of a sudden, none of that mattered. Xemnas cupped Saïx's chin with one hand and with the other, laced his fingers through the Diviner's. Saïx felt Xemnas' lips press gingerly against his own, and everything that had happened in the last week seemed like a distant blur. Everything kind of ran together and all he could think was:

'This is actually happening...I'm kissing Xemnas...no. Xemnas is kissing me!'

Saïx melted at the soft, warm lips that accompanied his, but in the back of his mind, he felt that something wasn't right. He couldn't quite place it, but something was...off. He quickly shoved the thought from his mind, focusing on the man in front of him.


Well, at least Saïx is getting what he wants, even though Xemnas is deceiving him. I'm working as fast as I can, so no nagging about the next chapter! XD