A/N: Spice here. Heya guys, here's another nauseatingly short oneshot. If you haven't guessed from the rant on our profile, I've become hopelessly addicted to Yomi. He's pretty for one (lol), and he's the perfect example of what Youko can do to someone. His personality is pretty much a writer's dream come true. So flawed, it's wonderful! Wow, what a perfect example of "You know you're a writer when..." Right, I'm going to shut up and let you read it now, 'cause if I keep rambling, the author's note will be longer than the story, and then I'd have to cry.

"I'll be leaving tomorrow." It was terse. Concise. He left no room for misinterpretation. I put on the all-too-fake smile that I feared was beginning to take up permanent residence on my face. I kept up the illusion with my reply.
"So soon, my friend?"
"You know I have other duties. I've already been here a week, and you make it sound as if I won't be back." But you were never really here, were you? Not at heart… He returned my false smile. I laughed, and the sound was tinny and hollow, even to me. What has he done to me? But he was right, of course. He always came back, and really, I should have been honored. Youko Kurama, coming to me to sate his desires and do away with his boredom. I should have been honored. But I was ashamed, so, so ashamed… Ashamed of myself for letting him use me. I was angry, too. Angry with myself for letting him manipulate me. Angry with him for being so beautiful, so intoxicating, so deadly. I'll be leaving tomorrow. You know I have other duties. Despair welled up within me, along with regret and grief, at the implication of those words. He comes to me, but he was never mine. He doesn't love me. He never has and he never will.

A/N: It's...teeny. -sobsob-
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