"Edward it's…" I couldn't finish my sentence; one of the Cullen's had rented out a beautiful castle for us to stay in. The structure of the castle was something of a fairytale, the white bricks glistened in the morning sunlight and the turrets stood tall. "Edward it's, it's… beautiful." My words were stuttered; the beauty of the castle was beyond belief.

"Beautiful like you my love" Edward whispered in my ear, he was full of romance and love. "Who found this place?" I asked still in shock. "Me and Alice, it was in her vision all we had to do was track it down." Edward said louder than before.

"It's perfect Edward."

We walked in through the large wooden doors and entered the castle. The décor was as amazing as the outside. The castle defiantly was perfect. Edward carried me up to our room and kicked the door open to reveal a glowing masterpiece, the flooring was a rich blue and the bedding was a glistening gold.

"Edward its so wonderful." I said, not being able to say much the castle was too beautiful.

"I know my love." Edward grabbed me and pounced on top of me whilst I lay on the bed.

I slowly undid the buttons on his shirt revealing more and more of his sculpted body, wanting more I completely undressed him as he did the same to me. He kissed me passionately and then we made love, slowly but it was one of the most sensual times we'd shared together.

"I love you Edward"

"I love you to Bella" We said as he rolled next to me. We lay in each other's arms for the rest of the night.

"What are we doing today Edward?" I asked curiously, "We're going on a family sight-seeing tour around the city" Edward kissed my head and we got up out of bed.

There was a tap at the door, "Come in Alice" I said softly, "We're leaving in 30 minutes", "Ok Alice we'll be down soon." I said as she left the room leaving me and Edward to get ready.

We shortly appeared down by the door where the rest of our family eagerly awaited us. "Are we all set?" Alice chirped, "Yeah!" We all ran out the car we rented and hopped in. "Where are we going first?" I asked as the car started. "We're going around the city for a while and then -" Edward got cut off by Alice who almost shouted "I've got a surprise!"

"We're here!" Alice jumped over Jasper and out of the car bouncing around opening all our doors. "Calm down Alice" Jasper said as he put a hand on Alice's shoulder sending waves of calm around. "Ok we're going to a few museums, first the Imperial War Museum." Jasper was happy with the first choice and grabbed Alice starting to walk quickly towards our destination. After an hour of so looking round at all the fascinating war history Alice announced the next choice of museum.

"Ok, the next museum is really for Esme but I know Bella and Edward enjoy it to so we are going to the Museum of Garden History." Esme hugged Alice tightly and we walked over to the next museum.

Esme was in her element, she loved gardening. Edward and me would go and help out every so often and have a good talk with our mother figure. We left the museum and headed to a few more. Hours later we returned to the castle.

"Get changed Bella, dress up nice, we've got a surprise planned for tonight." Alice shouted as Edward and I walked up to our room. "Edward what's this surprise?" I questioned, "To be honest Bella I have no idea, Alice is deciding not to wear, she's been blocking me all day!" Edward sighed. "I guess we'll just have to wait then." I laughed and kissed him before getting up to get changed. I put on a strappy black silk empire dress and slipped on a pair of black heels. Edward was in a dress shirt and jeans.

As we walked down the stairs Rose caught my eye in her Red Tiered Halter Dress with high red Tribute heels.

Alice fluttered around Jasper in a black Silk Chiffon Ruffle dress with a cute fair of paten sandal heels patterned with stars.

Esme stepped out from the kitchen looking like a goddess, wearing a black silk bodice babydoll dress and a pair of Jimmy Choo's.

Her hair shimmering under the moonlight as the door opened. "Are we all dressed correctly?" Alice inspected us all. "Very good, your learning Bella!" We walked out the castle door each couple hand in hand and walked towards the car. "Where are we going Alice?" I asked still curious of where she was taking us dressed like this. "It's a surprise Bella, you should be more patient." Alice giggled.

After a short drive through the city we came to a stop. "Come on get out!" Alice squealed as she pushed us all out the car. "Ok, here's the surprise. Turn around!"

We all turned around to see the London Eye. All its lights glowing in the night's sky. "I've booked four private pods, one for each couple." Alice smiled at us waiting for her praise. "Alice what a lovely idea." Esme kissed her cheek. "Alice, thank you." Rose and I hugged our sister and the boys gave her a smile. "Off we go then, we've got them for 2 hours, which is 4 times round." We all got in our pods and the eye continued spinning.

"Edward isn't this sight so beautiful." I sighed, I've only ever seen some of America, and it's nice to be away from home. "Yes, such a beautiful sight." Edward said as he stared down at me.

"You are the most beautiful creature I've even laid eyes on, no one can compare, I love you Isabella."

"And I love you to Edward."

We kissed and the kiss continued for the entire hour we were on the eye, we never broke contact and not needing to breath we didn't, we kissed and kissed and kissed.

And so the night went on…

Alice's visons in the next chapter!

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