A/N: Spices again. -sigh- Welcome to another of my pathetically short oneshots. More Yomi. Yay!

What have I become?
A shell of my former self. Blind and broken, a king, though my power seems hollow, without him.
What has he done to me?
Ruined me. Stolen everything. My confidence, however foolish. My time, however insignificant. My heart, however twisted.
What's happening to me?
I'm falling, falling into despair. Bound by chains of desire, and even love, my journey to hell began the instant my eyes fell upon his face.
What am I?
Without him, nothing. Once a thief, now a king, still nothing. Heartless, sightless, ageless, destined to live out eternity as nothing, because he will never be at my side.

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