Disclaimer: As the word suggests, I claim no ownership of the characters or places contained within the following passages. Sora and Leon/Squall belong to SquareEnix and Tron is the property of Disney. Yeah… I'm not making any money from this either.

Author's Notes: This particular story was inspired by a slideshow I found on Youtube, not really much else to say. Sora is weird, Leon's confused. Enjoy the dabble!

Sora crossed his arms over the back of the chair he had so painstakingly dragged into the cramped computer room. With a contented smile he leaned his cheek against one arm and stared through his chocolate bangs at the man standing before him. It always impressed him – how good Leon was with that computer, he could get the machine to do practically anything he wanted it to do.

Almost as though he sensed something the elder brunette lifted his gaze from the monitor, turning gray eyes towards the blue-eyed teen as his fingers ceased typing out the code he had been entering for Tron. "What," he asked returning to his normal straight-backed posture as the boy continued to stare.

"Oh," Sora muttered smiling sheepishly as his eyes pinched shut with a grin, "nothing, just watching."

Leon quirked an eyebrow before turning back to his task, "Whatever," he muttered. Sora lifted one eyelid as the tapping of Leon's fingers resumed and he smiled again as he continued his observation of the man. He didn't think he'd ever tire of watching Leon work.