(AU) this is my first story I have writen on this site. I have a fan fic on a site called twilight archives, but I might move it over here later. It is called Visions.

Disclaimer: No matter how much I try, no matter how much I wish it were true, I do not own the wonderful Twilight series. Stephenie Meyer does. She also owns the characters in Twilight, Eclipse, and New Moon. I just like to play with them.

My mother Renee was such…..SUCH…..UGH! Words don't even describe her! She was always so fun loving and she was my best friend. Until Phil. He was the most piggish man I have ever met. He suggested that my attitude was off and needed discipline so I ended up being shipped off to some stupid tiny town that never stopped raining to live with my father. Charlie was the police chief in Forks or my new prison if you will. I didn't know him much except for when I used to visit during the summer but that stopped like three years ago. I hated Forks!

Now I know your all wondering what would give Phil ( the Bastard) the idea that I had attitude issues. Well that involves a lot of stories that aren't important unless you are the police. Anyway my temper was short and that usually ended me up in fights. Eventually though people learned that if they wanted to leave without a broken nose they should leave me alone. I was head of the volleyball team in Phoenix and Forks High didn't even have a volley ball team!

I wasn't leaving any friends though. I had none. Well…..Except for a guy I met in a chat room a while back. I don't know his name but still we share everything. He is active and funny and has a slow social life outside of his family. He is always ready to talk to me and always is calm.

I was sitting in my room in the bay window. The house was old but it hadn't changed since Renee left Charlie when I was born. Charlie had bought me a truck that was really old and sturdy. He got it from a friend of his named Billy. I was supposed to remember Billy but I had no clue who he was. Just then my phone vibrated.

17Forever: Hey, you unpacked yet?

Lil-blushing-lamb: yeah I'm unpacked. Want to play?

17Forever: Ok. You can guess first. Only three remember.

Lil-blushing-lamb: Ok. Anthony?

17Forever: Nope.

Lil-blushing-lamb: Darn. John?

17Forever: Nope. Come on!

Lil-blushing-lamb: Hmm…..Mark?

17Forever: No. Okay my turn. Brittany?

Lil-blushing-lamb: No.

17Forever: J Bethany?

Lil-blushing-lamb: L No.

17Forever: Betty?

Lil-blushing-lamb: No. I have to start school tomorrow! Ugh! Save me please!

17Forever: No can do. Have fun at school tomorrow. Me and my family are camping so I wont be on 'till later. Like 4:00 pm. Sorry.

Lil-blushing-lamb: Your abandoning me? L…. Fine! Well what ever. I have to go cook for my father. Bye.

17Forever: Ok. I really am sorry. Goodbye…..

Lil-blushing-lamb: yeah if I don't get back on I'll talk to you at 4:00.

I put my phone away and climbed down the stairs. I knew Charlie couldn't cook so I had already decided that, that would be my job. I cooked Mac and cheese then called Charlie to dinner. We ate in silence. Charlie wasn't one who felt the need to fill every empty silence with mindless chatter like Renee, or try and make sarcastic remarks about me like Phil. Well they were sarcastic remarks to me. When I had finished eating and did the dishes, and got stuff ready for tomorrow it was 10:30. the day just zoomed by. I went upstairs to my room and messaged '17Forever' a goodnight and I wished him good luck tomorrow. He replied with a goodnight and a cheery have fun tomorrow.

BEEP!BEEP! My alarm clock sounded at 7:00. after having a shower and eating breakfast I sat at the kitchen table and decided when to leave for school. Once I arrived everyone stared, either because my truck had a really loud engine or because I was new. I was getting pissed at all the guy staring and the girl glaring at me. Once I found the office I stalked off. When I entered slamming the door the secretary looked up startled.

"Good Morning dear! How can I help you?" the secretary asked.

"I'm new here. I need my schedule and stuff." I grumbled. She looked quite taken aback by my tone. After shuffling papers around she handed me some papers and highlighted the best routes to my classes.

I made my way to my first class all the while being stared at. I hated this school already! I hated Forks already! It was forth period now. I had met a guy named Erik in one of my first classes and he was the over helpful chess club type. He showed me my way to the next class where I met Mike. Mike was a nice guy. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, he had a slightly baby face- but in a good way….sort of- He was nice and showed me to the rest of my classes. In the period before this period I met Jessica Stanley. She wasn't a mean person but she was only talking to me today because she knew she would get attention from people. We had Spanish and Trigonometry together. Which brings me back here. Trigonometry. I hated this class and this teacher, not only for the subject though, but because he was the only teacher so far to make me introduce myself.

The bell rang. It was a very nasally sound. Great lunch! –heavy sarcasm. Jessica led me to a large table already crowded with people who she introduced. I forgot everyone's name a second later. I sat myself beside a wall and Jessica sat beside me. This should be interesting.

"So…..Bella…..How do you like Forks so far?" A guy asked me. I think his name was Tyler but who could be sure? Not me.

"Oh…well its not horrible I guess. I have only lived here for two days now. I don't really know yet. I miss Phoenix though." I stated. It wasn't a complete lie though.

"Oh really? I could show you around after school if you want. What's Phoenix like?" the same guy asked. I was almost positive he was Tyler.

"Um….well…..I can't tonight. Cha- I mean Dad can't cook at all. Thanks anyway though. Phoenix…..Phoenix is very warm and sunny. It hardly ever rains."

"Oh cool. I can't imagine a place that never rains." The guy said.

I spent the rest of lunch in silence. I don't think I could take it anymore. The bell rang and I rushed off to class. I had Biology next. Upon entering everyone looked up and stared. I tried to ignore them but it was hard. The teachers desk was at the back of the class, that meant that I would have to walk past everyone to go get my slip signed. Oh well.

"I'm your new student. I need you to sign this please." I stated when I reached the desk.

The teacher signed it without a word and pointed to an empty lab table in the middle of the room.

"Miss Swan you may sit there. Your lab partner is out today." He said gruffly.

I noticed a few guys in my class checking me out as I walked by. I sent them death glares that I had learnt to perfect back home. They immediately turned around and didn't look at me again. Good.

After Biology I had gym. Great! No sarcasm there. I loved gym….well a little. Only if we were playing Basketball or volley ball. I was in luck. Today was volley ball. Mike was in this class though, there goes a perfectly good class. After I got changed- and everyone else did too- the coach started the game. None of the girls in this class had to participate and they didn't. It surprised all the guys when I decided to play.

"You any good swan?" someone asked.

"I'm probably better than you. I do have a name though." I replied

"Right, whatever. We'll see whose better."

"I'm on your team idiot!"

I was really good at basketball. all the guys on the other team were complaining that the guys and girls shouldn't have to play on the same team so they don't have to go easy on me. I knew they were trying though. I was good at reading people. The class ended all to soon. We won 6-0.

"Wow! Bella your good! To bad there isn't a team you could join! You'd kick butt!" A guy named Josh said.

I rushed home and cooked diner for Charlie. It was 4:30 when I got home. As I cooked some fish he had caught fishing the weekend prier I was waiting to get a message. I shouldn't be this anxious to talk to a guy I never really met. Oh well. It was 5:00 when Charlie got home and we were done eating and I had cleaned up by 6:15. Still no message. I went upstairs and was in the middle of my homework when I finally got a message.

17Forever: Hey. Sorry I got home late. You miss me?

Lil-blushing-lamb: Hey is for horses, grass is for cows, pigs don't eat it 'cause they don't know how.

17Forever: Yeah whatever. Did you miss me or not? I missed you.

Lil-blushing-lamb: I did. Want to play? You can go first.

17Forever: Ok. Hmm… Meredith?

Lil-blushing-lamb: No. you were closer yesterday.

17Forever: Was I? hmm…. Bonnie?

Lil-blushing-lamb: No.

17Forever: Oh really? Hmmm….. Barbara?

Lil-blushing-lamb: No. My turn. Hmm Jack?

17Forever: No… L.

Lil-blushing-lamb: Thomas?

17Forever: Ha! NO.

Lil-blushing-lamb: Edgar? I know not a common name.

17Forever: LOL! No! I would die if that was my name.

Lil-blushing-lamb: Oh. Cool. Well I'm out of guesses and I have homework…. Oh well.

17Forever: No, No. do your homework. I'm going to school tomorrow so I'll talk to you then. Besides I have homework too.

Lil-blushing-lamb: You do? I thought you didn't go today?

17Forever: I didn't. My school has a website blog. We have to check there.

Lil-blushing-lamb: Oh. My school has one of those too. I don't think I like that very much.

17Forever: Yeah. Me neither. But we have homework so we should get to that. TTYL

Lil-blushing-lamb: Yeah bye.

I put my phone aside and started doing my trig. Homework. By the time I was done it was 9:30. I must have spent more time talking then I thought! After getting bored of staring around my room I went downstairs and watched TV. with Charlie. We discussed things like our day, the weather, school and work. By the time we were done talking about stuff it was 10:30. I was tired so I went to bed.

My alarm woke me up for another boring day at Forks High. UGH! SAVE ME!