Hiya. I bought explorers of Time the other day (MUST KILL DIALGA!!) and while I was playing through I had an idea for a little one-shot (and a multichaptered fic which will be up someday). It stars the future Celebi (Who I nicknamed Bii) and the future Grovyle. I'll try not to leave spoilers but there may be some so Read at your own risk.

Disclaimer: I own Time! (not the idea though T.T) But I don't own Pokemon or Darkness (which I MUST have!!)

This story is told in Bii's POV:

PS: In my game I'm a female Squirtle named Leaf and my partner is a female Chickorita named Layly. Just so you'd know if those names pop up. (And if anyone cares: In the first game Im a Meganium named Layly with my Blastoise partner Zanny.)(Important for future fic)

Just A Partner

I watched the three leave. Layly, Leaf and dear Grovyle. It wasn't fair. Being a super awsome super cute legendary (and a shiny one at that) I would be fine. But if Grovyle and Leaf succeed in the past, they'd cease to exist in the new time line. And I wouldn't know him...I mean them. I told Layly I didn't love him but when I think about it now...as he's leaving me for good (maybe)...I'll be all alone in this sad dark paralyzed world.

It just isn't fair. I can't travel back with him (even though I am like the best choice for the job since no one can catch me) but Dialga is my superior. (Dialga! not that Primal Poser) He can shatter my time travel without breaking a sweat. And if Dear Grovyle was to get captured I have to be here to send him back.

I wish that would happen. Everytime Dear grovyle fails we have to travel together to reach the passage of time. He's so hasty and impatient. I wish he'd slow down. I can send him back at any time. Can't he take some time out to spend with moi? I mean I'm shiny! Pokemon line up to see such a phenomenom. And I'm a legendary! Boys would kill for my attention (literally!). I don't like him like THAT! Do I?

But it wouldn't matter. He loves someone else. Dear Grovyle only loves Leaf. When she was human he'd spend every waking moment with her. But human/poke relationships are just not allowed. So I thought I had a chance. But now Leaf's a squirtle. And they're in the same egg group! They're compatitble! And I'm a legendary pokemon. Every thousand or so years a new one is born and the onld one dies. I can't have a relationship with Dear Grovyle ith or without Leaf.

I wish to be reborn as a regular pokemon. Legendaries have nothing but work or their hands and a bunch of posers and thugs after their powers. Dear Grovyle was different. He was my one and only friend. I just can't lose him like this. I know I said I had no special feelings for him. I know I'm a legendary and I know he loves Leaf. But I can't hide from the truth. I love him! I love him with all my heart and I can't bear to see him disappear. I said I'd sacrifice my own life to see world peace but it's too much for me to bear. Love hurts. I want to be with Grovyle for the rest of my life. But I can't.

I'm just his partner. Nothing less. Nothing More.

The End.

Kinda short and sad I know. I know it's vague but I didn't want to spoil the game for anyone. Well tell me what you think please.

Cem out