AN: Just a little fluffy drabble-ish fic that popped into my head. Written in literally five minutes. Please R&R. xx

Ianto doesn't know why he loves Jack.

It might be the way he touches him, like he's precious. Like he means something.

Maybe it's the way his hand lingers for a little longer than necessary when Ianto gives him his coffee cup.

Or maybe it's the gleam in his dazzling blue eyes when he's caught staring.

Or it might just be there is no reason.

He loves because he does.


Jack doesn't know why he loves Ianto.

It might be the blush that rises on his cheeks when someone walks in on them.

Or it could be the way he stumbles over his words and rubs the back of his neck in that adoring way when he's nervous.

Or maybe it's the way he kisses. Soft and caring, or hot and passionate all teeth and tongue and wandering hands.

Or maybe there is no reason.

He loves him because he does.