Suna Dating Game starring...


The beginning...

"What are you talking about?" Gaara asked his siblings as he slowly started backing away.

"Gaara you need a girlfriend and you know it!" Temari said.

"Yeah maybe she will change your terrible attitude and stop you from stealing everybody's cookies!" Kankuro said.

"Wait!" Pleaded Gaara "You can't do this to me! I am your little brother. I don't even know what the hell love is!" Temari grabbed Gaara's arms and Kankuro grabbed his legs. They sat him in a chair and strapped him to it. "You are all going to die from ultra mega sand coffin after this!" He yelled. As bad as that sounded to his siblings, they still went on with the mission. Earlier a girl about Gaara's age came to their door. She told his siblings that she knew him and really liked him. This whole mission was her idea to begin with. She said that he needed a girlfriend and that she had a plan to get him one. There was a new show in Suna called "The Suna Dating Game Show" and she suggested that they put him on it. First the other two thought about it. Who was out there willing to date Gaara? The girl already had three people in mind from Konoha. After they agreed to be on the show, all the girl and Gaara's siblings needed to do now, was get Gaara there too. So the plan was going great so far. The girl was waiting outside of the building when the three sand ninja got there. As soon as they got inside, the show began.

Hello and welcome to the Suna Dating Game. I am one out of the three hosts that run the show. Infact, that girl in the story is yours truly! I am the author. You will meet the other two hosts of the show later on. Tonight our contestant is Gaara of the Desert! The purpose of this show is to get whoever comes on here a date and possibly get them into some sort of relationship. Now I will turn this over to our second host, Temari.

Temari:Hi I am Gaara's older sister Temari. HI SHIKAMARU!! Our last host is my younger brother Kankuro who shall not speak until spoken to. He is the one who plays with dolls.


I said shut up! So anyway we are here with my youngest brother, Gaara, who is hopefully finally going to get a girlfriend. Let's turn the camera to Gaara. (Turns camera to Gaara who is strapped to a chair on the left side of the stage)

Gaara: I hate you all...

Temari:Now we will go to the girls who Gaara will not know about until the end of the show. They are on the other side of the stage. (Turns camera to other side) First we have Hinata Hyuga. Wait...why is she here? I thought she liked Naruto...oh well the second girl is-

"HINATA HOW COULD YOU!?" Someone screamed bursting through the back doors. It happened to be the one and only, Naruto Uzumaki. The whole audience stared. I mean, how the hell did he get there so fast and how did he know that they were even doing the show? Hinata blushed and looked away.

"N-naruto I-I can explain!" Hinata said.

"Forget it. I'd rather marry my ramen then be with you!" Naruto said. He burst back out of the building slamming the door behind him. Too bad, Naruto was probably going to eat his bride before the wedding...possibly during the proposal.

Temari:Now back to the girls. Our second girl is Sakura Haruno. Wait, she likes Sasuke doesn't she? God what is every body doing cheating on someone? The camera turned to Sakura who looked a little pissed off.

"I am here because that no good loser Sasuke is a giant asshole." She said confidently. Someone in the audience responded.

"You know if you weren't such a whore I'd go out with you." a boy said. Yup, you got it. It was the famous Sasuke Uchiha. He has sitting with his hands folded infront of his face. He looked pissed too. Sakura simply gave him the finger and turned away.

Temari:Ok...and now our third girl, Ino Yamanaka!

She winked at the audience and smiled. Sakura turned around and let inner Sakura take over.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE BARBIE?!" she screamed. Sakura was inches from Ino's face.

"I am here to beat your ass." Ino replied. "I beat you in everything. Isn't that right football field forehead?" She sounded like a smartass which was really getting to Sakura.

"Just wait. I'll be the one to beat you this time." Sakura said. She sat back down.

Temari: Ok then...I guess we got some rivals. So let's begin. Sam, Kankuro, and I will be asking the girls questions. At the end of the show, based on their replies, Gaara will have to pick one to go on a date with.

Gaara: You know what. I don't even want to do this. Who needs love. All they are gonna do is call me a freak and walk away. They are nerds from the leaf village. Now let me go before I crush this building with everyone inside of it! WORLD DOMINATION DAMMIT!

Temari: Yeah sure Gaara. Kankuro you can take over now.

Kankuro: Ok. First I will ask Hinata the set of questions we have here.

To be continued...

A/N: This will get much better in chapter two so keep reading! Poor Naruto, I know he will eat his bride before they get married. NOT IF I EAT IT FIRST!! (evil smile)