Chapter 3: Ino and the shocking conclusion

Sam: The final chapter is here and I am going to be the one to ask Ino the questions. Who will Gaara pick in the end?

"Sakura I am so going to win." Ino said teasing Sakura.

"No, I will." Sakura said.

"You couldn't even get a rock to like you Sakura. Face it, you SUCK!" Ino replied, sticking her tongue out. Sakura did the same thing. Then they both faced opposite directions.

Sam: Finally, our last girl who is Ino Yamanaka! First, what would you do for your first impression?

"I'd give him a big hug, and give him flowers. Roses that is. They symbolize love." Ino said.

Sam:What are your plans for a date?

"I'd do something romantic." Ino said.

Sam: That's it? Wow Ino. Anyway, how would you deal with his personality?

"A murderer? I don't know, I like them a little bad. I might be able to tolerate it."

Sam: Your reaction to his proposal?

"I'd be like surprised and stuff. That is if he was cheating...or something...but I doubt that. I know how to keep a man." Ino replied.

"Sure...that's why Sasuke doesn't like you." Sakura said.

"WELL HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU FOOTBALL FIELD FOREHEAD!!" Ino screamed. There was an awkward silence after that.

Sam:Finally, how would you feel if he picked you?

"I'd feel better off with him than Sasuke." Ino said rolling her eyes.

"If you weren't such a bitch all the time, maybe I would like you!" Sasuke said.

"Stop being a jerk all the time then!" Ino yelled. She wasn't too happy with Sasuke now.

Sam:Alright. The time has come. Gaara, who do you want to be your date?

Gaara:. . .

Sam: I need an answer Gaara.

Gaara:I don't know I don't like any of them.

"WHAT?!" Both girls shouted. Sasuke laughed.

Sam:Gaara you HAVE to pick one.

Gaara: I'm not going out with a barbie doll and I'd be embarrassed as hell if I had to go out in public with a girl that has such a freaking huge forehead.


"B-b-barbie??" Ino asked staring in surprise.

Sam: Wow Gaara. This was a waste of time.

Gaara: Told you. I don't like anyone. Now can I have some cookies?

Sam:Not until you pick someone.

Gaara: NO!

Sam: Gaara...

Gaara: I can't here la la di da!

"Gaara you better cooperate or no more Montel." Said someone from the audience. It was Gaara's sensei, Baki.

Gaara:I hate you! Fine I'll go out with a cookie. Anything or anyone but those two!

Sam: Geez. Fine go out with the damn cookie.

5 minutes later...

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU ARE LEAVING ME!?" Gaara asked surprised. His cookie sat there, next to him. Gaara picked it up and stared at it.


To be continued...??

A/N: I know, not the best story. I guess we can't force Gaara to get a girlfriend...although I am willing to be. Damn cookies...YOU ARE GOING DOWN! Bye peoples.