A/N: This story is the second part of the Unwanted Love Trilogy and is the sequel to Escaping the Zora. However, it is not necessary to read the first story in order to read this one.

It was a beautiful night, the moon was full in the dark sky, the stars twinkled merrily, and almost everyone in Hyrule was asleep in their warm comfortable beds. One of the few that were still awake in Hyrule was a boy named Link, just turned seventeen, lying relaxed inside the horse enclosure on Lon-Lon Ranch. Epona lay asleep beside him, her warm breath ruffling his hat and hair as she dreamt. He stared up at the moon, mulling over his previous adventures, grand thrilling adventures that had spanned across Hyrule and Terminia. He had abandoned his adventures to return to Hyrule and had turned to the family owning Lon Lon Ranch for work and residence, where he was welcomed onto the ranch happily by Talon and his daughter Malon.

"Link? Why are you still awake?" A soft voice asked. He looked away from the sky; Malon was sleepily staring at him.

"I thought you had gone to bed hours ago. You know we have to head to Kakariko Village tomorrow," She said, sitting next to Link. The boy looked up at the sky again.

"It's peaceful out here. No clucking, yelling, or neighing, just the sounds of the breeze and the insects," Link murmured. Malon sighed in amusement and annoyance.

"Yes, it is nice out tonight. But you do need to get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a bright sunny Monday, a great beginning to another week, but it will not be good if you fall asleep in the cart or on Epona!" Malon replied, a faint smile beginning to form on her face. Link groaned in annoyance as he sat up.

"What?" Malon asked.

"Everything goes wrong for me on Mondays. I anger the cuccos, I break my leg, I set the barn on fire, I send an arrow into one of the cows, everything wrong seems to happen on a Monday!" Link groaned. He stood up, brushed the grass from his clothes, and helped Malon to her feet.

"Link, it is just another day of the week. It's not like something bad always happens on a Monday, just coincidence. I'll bet that tomorrow will be the best Monday ever," Malon replied, glaring as Link rolled his eyes. Link smiled in response to her glare and the two of them began walking towards the quiet farm-house.

In the Zora domain, several Zoras were also awake. Standing at the entrance to the princess's room, two zora guards appointed by her concerned father conversed worriedly.

"Is she ill? I've heard that several of the younger ones have fallen ill," The younger one asked, eyes flickering to the door before quickly looking away. Their princess had locked herself in her room ever since her father began discussions on how to act when suitors arrived to ask for her hand in marriage. It was customary for Zoras to become eligible to mate at their sixteenth birthday and Ruto's birthday was just a few days away. However, the princess became upset when her father began the discussions regarding her upcoming birthday and how she was to act at her age and excused herself to her room, where she remained for most of the day. A few servants had brought her food when she never arrived for the evening meal, but she ignored everyone who entered her room and did not touch the food left for her.

"I do not know, but her behavior is certainly off. She just might be overcome with joy at being close to the marriageable age," The other replied, avoiding looking at the door altogether.

"Maybe," The first admitted before glancing at the door and the platter of cold untouched food sitting in front of it.

Inside, the zora princess sat at her desk, carved out of dark navy coral. She nervously tapped her fingers on the desk, eyes dancing around the room as she pondered what she should do.

"I have to get married to Link before father chooses another suitor. I must. What should I do? He doesn't even consider Link as a suitor, only as a friend of the royal house," She questioned out loud, staring at the pictures she had drawn of him. They were not all good pictures, some even made the servants cringe and wonder what creature she had been attempting to draw, but she never gave up. She wanted pictures of her prince, letters from him about how dull his life was without her being by his side, and a happy matrimony. All she wanted was to marry the man of her dreams, her hylian prince. But, he refused and even gave back the Zora Sapphire, which was an engagement present. She bit her lip, mulling over her options desperately. Then, a maniacal grin grew on her face; she turned over one of the sheets of paper and began writing.

"If I could bring him here, I could be married to him on my birthday without any pesky meddlers like my father interrupting me," She whispered, writing down what she would need in order to pull off her plan. When she finished writing it down, she flipped the paper over and stroked the picture.

"Link, you will be my husband. Even if you refuse, you will not back out this time." She giggled, her head whirling with her idea.