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Naruto hurried into an alley, looking back at the huge mob that had chased him. He could see nearly all of the villagers had some sort of weapon. He slipped into another alley hoping to throw them off. He waited a bit as the crowd ran past. Naruto sighed in relief. He quietly walked out not noticing several shadows behind me.

"Die demon!" Naruto heard. Naruto felt several kunais stab into him. He turned to see several ninjas and an ANBU watch as he bled to death.

"Help me please," Naruto begged. Several ninjas began stomping on Naruto. One ninja made several handseals and sent a burst of flames at Naruto, burning his body severely. Naruto fainted, only remembering that the ninjas had red eyes.

"Thank kami the demon's dead," one of the ninjas said happily. "You want to go for a drink Fugaku?"

"No thanks. The Hokage will be angry that the demon died. I most be sober tomorrow to place the blame on those damned Hyuugas," Fugaku answered. "Itachi, dispose of the body."

"Yessir," the ANBU said. The ANBU picked up the body and vanished. The ANBU was seething inside. How dare they disregard Yondaime's last wish. Those damned foolish Uchihas. Only his mother, and a few other Uchihas understood that Naruto was a hero.

Itachi hurried to the hospital and put a genjutsu on himself to prevent any other villagers from recognizing him. He ignored the front desk and went straight to the only doctor he knew that would help. Rin.

"Rin!" Itachi called. "They've done it again. Only worse." A woman came running toward Itachi. She had shoulder length brown hair and two marks on her cheeks. She gasped at the damage Naruto suffered. "How long ago?"

"Ten minutes," Itachi answered.

"This child is lucky he has rapid regeneration. Half his wounds are closed but there's still massive internal damage and skin damage," Rin said. She sighed Why didn't the villagers understand. She led Itachi to a bed. Itachi gently laid Naruto.

Naruto's wounds were terrible. Nearly all his torso was burned black and his legs and arms were severely burned. His face was also burned. His back had several stab wounds and cuts. There were bruises all over his body. Rin began performing many jutsus and giving him ointments to speed up healing and prevent scarring.

Itachi shook his head. Such an innocent child forced to accept this treatment day after day but he didn't hate the villagers but instead wanted their approval and their acceptance. That's why he made so many pranks and stole supplies from rich clan houses to give to the poor on the street.

Itachi was disturbed from his reverie by the Hokage speaking. "Itachi-san. Report."

"Hai Hokage-sama. Naruto was chased by a mob of villagers. They were egged on by many of the Uchiha clan. Naruto ran for an hour, the villagers numbering from forty at the beginning of the chase to a hundred at the end of the hour. Naruto managed to give them the slip. As soon as Naruto was out in the open, Naruto was attacked by several Uchihas, one of them was Fugaku. I was there also to try and save Naruto from dying. After the Uchihas stabbed, beat, and burned Naruto, I brought him here to be treated by Rin."

Hokage nodded. Those damned Uchihas. They have been gaining too much power. There have already been several assassination attempts on him by ninjas hired by the Uchihas. He needed to wipe them out or severely limit their forces.

"Itachi, how many Uchihas are loyal to me?" the Hokage asked.

"Around fifty including most of my family, some of my cousins and uncles, and others," Itachi answered.

"Good. Of the fifty, how many do not hate Naruto?"

"All of them. Many are neutral but there are some that openly like Naruto. Only Sasuke hates Naruto, thanks to my father brainwashing him."

The Hokage stood up. Itachi stiffened when he saw the somber look on his face. "Itachi. I'm going to offer you an SS class mission. It will be your choice if you want to accept it."

Itachi was surprised. The last SS class mission was given to the Yondaime to wipe out several battalions of Iwa-nins. To be offered this was truly an honor and a testament to how highly the Hokage viewed him. "I accept."

"Are you sure Itachi?" the Hokage asked. "This mission will change your life forever."

Itachi nodded. "I'm sure."

The Hokage nodded. "Tomorrow night, I want you to kill every disloyal Uchiha. No disguises. You will be branded an S class missing nin but I and the Daimyo shall keep the hunter nins away from you. Essentially, you will become like a Sannin but never be able to come back to the village again."

Itachi was stunned. The merciful Hokage asking him to kill his own kinsmen and be an exile forever. "Why?"

"The majority of Uchihas have grown arrogant with power. I cannot do anything against them as the Hyuugas, despite their dislike of the clans, will challenge any law strictly against the clan as it will apply to them. I already know the Fugaku has hired several assassins and some of his own clan members to kill me. I cannot allow that. They have become too dangerous. I fear that an alliance between Danzou and Fugaku will happen very soon," the Hokage explained.

Itachi nodded. This is for the good of the clan and Konoha. Itachi was disgusted with many in the clan because of the arrogance yet laziness of many in the clan. They scoffed at hard work but adore cheating off their fellow comrades' jutsus.

"I accept," Itachi said. The Hokage smiled proudly at the loyal ninja. He was sad that such an honorable ninja will have to be exiled but it was for the best of the village.

"Good. Now there is another part to this mission. I want you to escape with Naruto but let him return when you think he is ready. Teach him to become powerful beyond belief. He is and will become the hero as he was meant to be seen," the Hokage said.

Itachi sighed. What a mission. Kill those arrogant kinsmen and also raise the jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. " I accept."

"Tomorrow night, after you kill the Uchihas. I want you to sneak into the Hokage tower and retrieve Naruto. Naruto will also have a letter you need to give to the Daimyo or the other Sannins that you are a friend of Konoha despite what the Bingo book might have against you," the Hokage said. "In this letter is also my permission for you to have an annual pay of .5 percent of the Konoha ninja budget. More than enough to raise Naruto and you."

Itachi nodded. He bowed to the Hokage and vanished. The Hokage sighed. This night will add so many years of burden on his shoulders.

In Naruto's mind

Deep within Naruto's mind, there is a large cage sealing the Kyuub in Naruto. The demon shook its head and began to repent for all the pain it had caused to the innocent. Despite human legends say, demons are not evil but the deliverers of judgment.

Kyuubi had meant to kill a snake called Orochimaru. It attacked Konoha sensing that vile snake's chakra. However, it was sealed into this boy and watched the boy be persecuted and despised by the villagers and ninjas because of the Kyuubi.

The Kyuubi glowed as it morphed into a woman. The woman had reddish gold hair that reached down to just above her hip. She had a perfect figure and a face that was fit for a goddess. She clutched the bars of the cage holding her and whispered to herself.

"Naruto, I vow that I will help you become so strong that the heavens themselves shall shake in your prescence. This is my vow and my gift to you."