Tendrils of light tickled the blonde's face as the sun ascended the horizon; a new day unfolding





Tendrils of light tickled the blonde's face as the sun ascended the horizon; a new day unfolding. Snuggling into his boyfriends shoulder, a whimper escaped the soft pink lips; he didn't want to wake up and lose this warmth, but seeing as that big fiery ball in the sky had decided to interrupt his wonder full sleep and he wouldn't be slipping back into that dark bliss anytime soon; Naruto got out of the warm bed and took a shower. Whenever he had gotten out he saw that his boyfriend had also gotten up and was proceeding to put his different piercings into place.

Slipping on his clothes Naruto said cheerily, "Ohayo (1) Sasuke." After a moment of silence from the other occupant of the room due to the fact that he was putting in his lip ring, the raven turned to his lover and said "Ohayo," before inducing a searing kiss. A couple minutes later the two broke apart, for air had become mandatory. Grabbing a shirt, Naruto was about to slip it over his head when Sasuke warned, "You might want to get on your uniform, Tsunade-sama called us in saying she had a mission for us."

"But, we just got back from one and I'm still sore from last night!!" complained the blonde as he grudgingly grabbed the black ANBU uniform and slipped the shirt over his well toned and lean body. The years had been kind to the fox vessel as he aged. His hair had grown longer and was more shaggy than spiky; it stopped right at his shoulders. He was no longer the loud mouthed, orange clad, ramen loving ninja that he once was, but now he barley wore any orange, was almost as quite as Sasuke (although he still had his moments of loudness and he wasn't as cold), and it turns out he actually hated ramen. There were a few new additions to his body though. He now had two fluffy fox ears on his head and a nine fox tails, along with longer and sharper canines. His eyes were no longer a cerulean blue, but now a redish violet. His hair also had a tint of red to it and his whisker scars had gotten more prominent. It had become painfully obvious that the Kyuubi had fused with its container.

But, Naruto wasn't the only one whom the Puberty Fairy had blessed, there was also Sasuke. After spending three years in Sound, Naruto had finally managed to drag him back to Konoha. After receiving a full beating from Sakura and Tsunade, he was placed under constant surveillance to make sure he wasn't up to anything, or betraying the village again. After about six months the Hokage had finally earned his trust back and also earned the love of a certain blonde. Soon they both earned the rank of ANBU, and Naruto was appointed captain of their team. The raven had decided to grow out his hair in honor of his brother whom he killed. It now reached the bottom of his shoulder blades and he had it spiked on the sides (kinda like Xemnas' hair on KH2). He had also gotten several peircings; two on his lip, an eyebrow ring, seven on his left ear and eight on his right including an ear cuff.

After the two had finished getting dressed, they donned their masks; Fox for Naruto (ironic huh?) and a Raven for Sasuke, and teleported to the Hokage's office. When they arrive they found that there were three others in the room; one a raccoon mask, and another with a dragon mask; all standing in formation. At her desk was the Hokage who appeared to be studying a piece of parchment with neat, swirling green handwriting. Her face kept getting contorted in a cross between confusion and excitement.

Whenever she realized that they were all there Tsunade proceeded to tell the five that they would be going to England to protect a school called Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and a boy name Harry Potter. She also explained that they would be undercover as students but would also guard the school in their ANBU uniforms at the same time. Whenever she had finished she said, "Now, go pack and be back here in ten minutes!" and they all poofed away. Ten minutes later they returned, Naruto was looking a bit disheveled while Sasuke, behind the mask, was grinning like an idiot.

"Before you go you need to know that there will be a person waiting for you at the place that you will be going to; her name is Minerva McGonagall. She'll most likely be wearing green robes so be on the look out. You can also show your faces to whomever you trust. Now, touch this." Tsunade explained as she took out a dull senbon. As soon as they did they heard Tsunade shout, "I'll send someone you know Naruto!!" before they felt a pull at their navels and everything started swirling. Naruto felt like he was going to up chuck but decided against it because one, it would be disgusting to throw up while wearing your mask; and two it would take forever to get the smell and other pieces of food out of the mask. Luckily it stopped and they landed in a big pile in the middle of a pub called the Leaky Cauldron. "Itai!! Sasuke, that's my tail!! Get off!!" yelled Naruto as he tried to free his tail out from under the body of Sasuke who was trying to push the man with the raccoon mask off his leg. Finally managing to detangle themselves the five took a look at their surroundings. They noticed that it was rather dark in the bar and there were a few people who seemed to be dressed in bathrobes looking at them like they had seen a flying pig.

Suddenly, an old woman with forest green robes, a tight bun, and a pointy hat walked up to them and whispered, "Are you the guards sent from Konohagure?"

"Who wants to know?" replied Sasuke as he stood up and dusted himself off, along with the others on his team. "Come with me please," she demanded before walking off upstairs into a private room for everyone to talk in without eavesdroppers. Locking the door behind them and putting a charm on it, the old woman turned around and said, "I want you all to drink this so that you can speak our native tongue. Of curse you will have a slight accent but, you will still be able to speak Japanese anytime you wish," She distributed a tiny glass bottle with a purplish liquid inside.

"How do we know it's not poisoned?" asked dragon as he eyed the flask warily. "I thought you would say that," sighed McGonagall as she took a tiny vial from her robes with the same liquid inside. She undid the cork and gulped it down. "See, nothing happened." She replied. "Oh, but before you do drink it, I request that you take off your masks so that I can see your faces," ordered the old woman. The five looked at each other before nodding and reaching behind their heads to undo the chakra strings that held them in place. Gripping the front of the masks so they wouldn't fall they pulled them down to revile very young faces, and chugged the purple liquid. "You couldn't be older than seventeen!!" McGonagall gasped. "That's cause we're not," replied Sasuke as he absently picked at the side of his mask. "Yup! It's just as teme says, I'm sixteen, he's seventeen, Gaara, wait, Gaara? What are you doing here? And with Neji too! Aren't you supposed to be in Suna?" exclaimed Naruto. "I got Temari to take care of all the paperwork and the village," said Gaara in an emotionless voice. "Anyways as the dobe was saying, Gaara's seventeen and Neji's seventeen," said Sasuke who looked quite bored.

"Oh my," exclaimed the Professor before she regained her composure and proceeded to explain what the school would be like. By the time they finished it was late at night and they were all ready to just plop down in bed and go to sleep. McGonagall showed them their rooms; Naruto had a room with Sasuke while Neji, Gaara, and Shikamaru all had to share one. "In the morning I will have Hagrid come and take you to Diagon Alley to get your school supplies. I advise that you wear normal clothes." Said Minerva before she swept off and left them to their thoughts.

When she had left they five went to their respective rooms. Naruto snuggled up to Sasuke before dropping into a dreamless sleep while Sasuke stroked the kyuubi vessel's hair pondering what the next day would be like before he too fell asleep.