Everybody was on the edge of their seats as they strained to see what the blonde looked like

Everybody was on the edge of their seats as they strained to see what the blonde looked like. Finally the smoke managed to clear as golden ears twitched atop a ruffled head. Nine tails swished behind the boy as he looked nervously at the crowd. Startled gasps and shouts echoed through the hall while the other three shinobi glared heatedly at the kids who were saying things like, "He's a monster!" and such. These people immediately shut up so they wouldn't have to feel their wrath. "As you can see, Naruto isn't exactly...human. He is harboring something that I'd rather not mention but it will cause no harm to us," explained Dumbledore. Suddenly, somebody stood up from the commotion of students and screamed, "He's a monster!! He doesn't deserve to be alive!!" Everybody turned to the source of the voice discovering that Malfoy was the one who had spoken and was now standing on top of his chair.

Slytherin was also in an uproar about this new discovery and were getting their wands ready to attack. "Ne, I'm gonna bring out Kyuu-chan for a second," smiled the strawberry blonde. The eight ninja looked at him in horror, thinking that the fox was going to destroy every Slytherin as well as the rest of the castle. "Don't worry I'll make sure he doesn't hurt anybody," laughed Naruto before he closed his eyes and an ominous power filled the air. Red swirls of chakra slithered out from the crevices of his clothes, power leaking out. His eyes snapped open to reveal them to be blood red ruby in color. The vessels hair had also grown out to his waist and turned red with blonde tips as well and he seemed to be floating a bit off the ground. It was almost completely dark in the hall as he turned to the green and silver flagged table. The shinobi were on the ground bowing in front of the demon lord not moving a muscle or making a sound. The rest of the students were cowering away from the presence but the Slytherins only raised their wands higher, but fear was evident in their eyes.

A malicious grin spread across Naruto's face as he walked down the steps and straight toward Draco. He stopped in front of the platinum blonde and brought his hand up to caress the pale cheek. The vessels voice seemed to have dropped a couple octaves as he spoke, "Why do you hurt my kit?" asked the double voice of Kyuubi. A cold bead of sweat slipped down Draco's face. "You shouldn't do that, you're insulting me too," and with that the Demon Lord's smile dropped and a look of utter resentment showed his true feelings. Laughing, Kyuubi made his fingernail grow long and sharp, and punctured the Malfoy's skin, making the long red nail go all the way through his cheek; blood spurted as he withdrew the red weapon. The laugh increased as he ran all his nails deep into the pale bleeding skin. Draco, on the other hand, was turning a sickly green color and was fighting the urge to scream, he wanted to show this 'thing' his place and that nobody should defy a Malfoy.

His battle with screaming failed whenever Kyuubi shoved his other hand deep into his stomach, blood flowing like a river from the rather large hole. The red head withdrew his hand slowly so he could cause as much pain as possible. The demons efforts were rewarded whenever the other blonde screamed a blood curdurling scream and fainted. At that moment everybody was looking at the lord in horror, as if he was some kind of alien. Kyuubi looked at the others in disdain before his licked the blood off his hand. "You may be a pure blood but you taste like trash," he growled. The lord's face suddenly turned into a look of sympathy as he said, "Hai, Hai kit," and the ominous power disappeared as well as the long red hair, nails, and eye color. "Fucking Kyuubi I told him not to go that far," muttered the now blonde Naruto angrily. "Ne, Sakura-chan can you heal him? I need to talk to Kyuu," yelled the blonde. The pinkette nodded dumbly as she walked towards the bleeding mass on the ground and began to heal him. Madam Pomfrey also joined in, the cuts closing up underneath the magic and chakra. Naruto skipped happily up to Dumbledore and said that he would repay him whenever he got the chance before transporting into the room that he had been provided.

Doing the necessary hand seals, the blonde brought out his guest. "Kyuu!! What did I say about hurting people here!! We're supposed to be protecting them, not killing them!!" exclaimed the livid young man. "That one just pissed me off so much, I held back quite a lot so you better be happy that I didn't reduce him to a bloody mass of flesh right then and there," sighed Kyuubi as he picked at his fingernails. Long sharp things those were, like tons of senbon packed tightly into the finger of a demon and givin the shape of a pointed nail. "Ever do that again and I will personally see that you go through one of my happy dreams and are powerless to do anything," growled Naruto at the demon lord. At this the nine tailed beast shuddered and a look of pure terror appeared on his face. "You wouldn't,"