Chapter One: Defeat

Chapter One: Defeat

Sam Fisher's house:

It was in the middle of the night. I slowly and quietly snuck out of my room. I

made sure that when I opened my bedroom door, I wouldn't step on that squeaky floor

board. (For some reason my father refuses to fix the floorboards.) Last time I managed to

get past my father's room, and clear to the stairway.

One thing about having a spy for a father is that you can't get away with

ANYTHING. I stuck to the dark corners and along the wall. When I reached the staircase

my heartbeat started racing. 'I can make it,' I thought to myself. Carefully but slowly, I

made my way down the stairs. At first my heartbeat was only racing because I had not hit

any squeaky steps yet. When I finally reached the bottom I sighed and put my hand over

my heart. I walked slowly and silently toward the back door.

'Wow,' I thought to myself, 'I finally made it.' With a smile on my face I walked

toward the back door. When I put my hand on the doorknob, I failed to hear the noise

behind me. When I turned the doorknob, I heard a short breath of laughter. Before I

could turn around he had his right arm around my neck and holding my left hand at the

same time. His left hand held my right hand in a tight grip. "Surprise," he said in a

whisper. I growled softly at him.

Solid Snake's house:

This was my fifth attempt trying to sneak out. Every time I have, I've been

caught. When I opened my door, I made sure that I wouldn't open it to fast or the hinges

would squeak. I was in a crouch position. I slowly came out of my bedroom. I looked left

then right. When I found nothing, I started walking along the wall. I was careful not to

walk heel first. (That way I won't step on any squeaky floorboards.)

When I reached the stairs, I quickly but quietly stepped on each stair. When I

reached the bottom I wondered if Sarah had made I out of her house. Both of our dads are

spies. So it was kind of hard to get away with anything. I was smart enough to remember,

I still kept to the shadows and dark areas.

Before I left through the back door, I checked behind me and in the kitchen, to

make sure my dad wasn't behind me. I then reached the door and put my right hand on it.

I heard someone say, "You suck at this." I turned around and threw a punch at him. Of

course he dodged it. He then hit me in the stomach. Then crouched to the floor and

swung his right leg under my legs to knock them out from under me. I then fell to the

floor, and felt the cold floor on my face. He then held my arms in a tight grip. "You gotta

work on this," he said as he laughed.