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"Well, if he does anything bad, Dave thought to himself, His grounded."

Alvin did do something bad, therefore, he's grounded.

2.) Its not the fact Alvin let them in; it's the fact Dave's living room is a reck (Bookcase in pieces and ceiling light smashed)

Yes, Dave said no animals in the house; what will Dave do? Find out in this chapter!

I will gradually introduce Claire and Miss Miller to the story. When? I don't know but, I will somehow, someday. Claire annoys me a little as well. Miss Miller is hella funny!

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The story gets better in this chapter; very emotional I would say; well, that how I was feeling while I was writing it.

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Yeah, poor Alvin.

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Alvin And The Chipmunks 2: The Chipettes

Tagline (Writing at the bottom of a poster): Here Comes Trouble...Again!

Written by mpkio2

Chapter 12

Getting Rid Of The Chipettes

The two not so smart friends, Mink and Monk, hired by Ian Hawke to capture The Chipmunks, were walking directoinlessly in Downtown LA. Mink, the short skinny one of the two friends, was caring a big brown sack other his right shoulder (even though nothing was inside the sack), he had The Chipmunks address in his right pants pocket and he had the cell phone Ian gave to him when they both had captured The Chipmunks, in his left pants pocket. They both had a mission to do; they had to complete the mission…what was the mission? (1)

The sun blazed down on the two friends as continued to walk down the busy Downtown street. The cars in the street were all stationary and were not moving at all. Drivers beeped furiously at each other, cursing each other and making rude had gestures at anyone who dared to beep at them. Mink glanced to the right and stared at all the agitated drivers. "It's a good thing me and Monk ain't stuck in traffic" Mink thought. Now, Mink was a little slow, yes, but he did think from time to time. He only really thought if something caught he's interest….which was hardly anything. "We would have been sitting in traffic for-"And suddenly, Mink came to a complete stop, stunned at what he had forgotten to bring with him. Monk, who wasn't watching where he was going (He was looking up, watching a bee fly in the air), bumped right into Mink. Mink fell onto the sidewalk, hard. (2)

"Mink!" Monk exclaimed, hoping his friend was alright. "Are you alright?"

"No," said Mink simply. "I'm not, alright"

"You're not hurt are you?" Monk asked, concerned that he hurt his friend badly. "I'll phone the "Ne-nor" (A/N: He means the "Ambulance" LOL) They'll fix you back together. Where's the phone?" (3)

"No Monk!" Mink shouted. "I don't need your help!"

Monk was a little taken back from Mink's response. Didn't Mink need help? Doesn't he want Monk's help, after Monk had pushed him down in the first place?

"What do you mean, Mink?" asked Monk a little confused with his friend's attitude.

Mink stood up without any problems; no limping on both legs, no wobbling, no blood, nothing. If Monk didn't know better, he would say Mink was perfectly fine. Was he?

"Monk, look that way…" Mink points to the right were all the cars were stuck in traffic. "…and tell me what you see" Mink asked, politely.

Monk slowly turned to the right and looks at where Mink was pointing.

"Err…Cars?" Monk said not knowing if he said the right answer.

"Yes, Monk….cars" replied Mink. "And what don't we have with us?"

"Err…food?" Monk answered in an unsure tone.

"No, a car!" shouted Mink. "How are we goanna get to the…..the…..wherever we have to go to place if we don't have a car?" Mink couldn't believe it; how were they suppose to get to….the place if they didn't have any means of getting there?

Mink was expecting an answer from Monk but, a simple question to an average smart-witted man could take up to ten minutes from a dim witted man. Finally, after much thinking, monk answered Mink's question: (4)

"We can't,"

"Exactly!" replied Mink, frustrated with himself. How were they goanna get to the…place, now? How were they goanna complete their mission now? What would Ian say if they returned to him with no….err, rats?"

For ten whole minutes, Mink and Monk just stood there in the middle of the Downtown LA sidewalk street. Mink was thinking through many scenarios that could get them out of this mess but, unfortunately, he found no conclusion. Monk, on the other hand, was watching the same bee he saw early in the air. Monk watched as the bee went up and down, left and right, side to side. The bee soon came to Monk's eye level. What Monk saw next lit up a bulb in his head.

"Mink!" he exclaimed happily. "Mink, I have an idea!" (5)

Mink ignored Monk. He didn't have time for Monk's stupid blabbering; he had to think a way out of this. And besides, Monk never had an idea…never.

"Mink!" Monk was now dancing a "happy dance". "I found an answer! I know! I know1"

But Mink didn't even look in Monk's direction; Mink didn't pay Monk the least bit of attention.

"Mink, I know! I know!" Monk continued he's little chanting of "I know! I know!"

Mink tried to ignore him but he's chanting was really getting on his nerves. Mink had had it! He turned around, faced Monk and said, angrily:

"You know what? What do you know!?"

But what Mink saw behind his partner in crime, answered he's question for him. There, stationary in the traffic of beeping cars, was a blue bus…

"I know how we can get to the place!" Monk said happily, unaware that his friend had already seen the bus behind him.

Mink smiled cunningly; their mission was not over yet. The bus was just sitting there; they could easily get on the bus and it could take them to the place they needed to go to. It was simple but genius! The mission had just begun…

"I know, Monk" Mink said in a quiet voice. "I know" (6)

Meanwhile, in a small house in Hollywood, California, Dave Seville was staring down at his three chipmunk sons, Alvin, Simon and Theodore. He was fuming mad; he couldn't believe what he had just discovered. He couldn't believe how he's day had begun. He couldn't believe three female chipmunks were now in his house! How did this happen? Why did this happen? Dave didn't know the answers to any of those questions….but he was sure his fearful sons would know….especially Alvin.

"I'm waiting for an explanation," said Dave in a serious tone, his arms crossed.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore all exchanged glances of fear. They could all tell Dave was furious with them for keeping the female chipmunks a secret….not only that but, somehow, the female chipmunks broke the bookcase in the living area where Jeanette was secretly hiding and smashed the ceiling light Brittany was hiding in; How did they manage to do that? (7)

Simon and Theodore were shaking with fear; Dave had never been angry with them because they were hardly in any trouble. But now it was different. Alvin, on the other hand, wasn't even shaking the slightest. He wasn't afraid of Dave's angry eyes, the way he was standing or the tone in his voice. Alvin was bored more than anything. It was the third time this week Dave was angry with Alvin. (8)

"Well?" asked Dave in a firm voice. "I'm waiting for an answer from you three"

Simon gave Alvin a look that said "You might as well tell him the truth". Alvin agreed; it was time to come clean. He walked up to Dave, looked up at him and said in a happy tone:

"So, Dave, did you like our little surprise?"

"Oh, yes!" said Dave in a happy sarcastic tone. "I especially liked how your surprise ruined the living room!" The last part of the sentence turned into a yell. (9)

"Oh, me too" agreed Alvin. "I also liked the part where you don't ground me" Alvin knew the answer would be "No" (10)

"Ground you?" said Dave, confused. "Alvin, I'm not goanna ground you!"

Alvin looked around to Simon and whispered: "That was too easy"

"I'm goanna take away your videogames and then I'm goanna ground you" said Dave in a fake happy tone. Alvin's jaw dropped. (11)

"You were saying?" Simon whispered back to Alvin.

"But, but Dave-" Alvin began but, Dave cut in.

"No "buts" Alvin! No videogames for a week! And you are now grounded for two weeks" said Dave in a firm voice that showed there was no way in talking him out of Alvin's punishment.

"But Dave-"

"Do you want to make it three?" asked Dave in a threatening parental tone.

"I don't mind making it one, again" breathed Alvin under his breath. (12)

"And you two…" Dave pointed at Simon and Theodore; they both jumped out of fright. Simon jumped so badly that his glasses fell off his face and landed on the counter; he found his glasses and then placed them on the bridge of his nose. And Theodore jumped so badly that he fell on his back; Simon and Alvin helped him back up. "I can't believe you two went along with this! I mean, I expect this sort of thing from Alvin but, from you too?"

"I…it….Alvin….." Theodore was so frightened that he wasn't speaking any sense.

"Wh-what Theo-dore means i-is that…err….we…." Simon wasn't as good as Theodore; his voice was shaky. He tried to keep it steady but that accomplished nothing.

Dave hated to see his sons like this; all frightened and afraid of him, Dave but it wasn't Dave's fault they were in trouble; it was their fault they got themselves into this. All Dave wanted to know was how and why there are female chipmunk in his house. (13)

"What Simon is trying to say…" said Alvin. He could see both Simon and Theodore were too afraid to talk normally. So, he figured he might as well help them out. "…is that they helped me and….."

But Dave wasn't listening to Alvin anymore; he was watching one of the female chipmunks came close to Alvin, Simon and Theodore. She was the small, chubby one that was hiding in the bread compartment on the kitchen counter. She stood next to Theodore, shaking with fear. She started to whisper to him but Dave couldn't hear what she said.

"Theodore, I'm a-afraid" Eleanor whispered in a fearful voice. Theodore held her paw; it was the best thing to do to calm someone down. Theodore wasn't afraid anymore; knowing how frightened Eleanor was sort of boosted his confidence, telling him to stay strong, stay strong for Eleanor; she needed him more than he needed her. (14)

"Don't worry…" Theodore whispered. "You'll be fine; Dave won't throw you out"

And at that persist moment, images started to flash in Dave's inner eye. He saw images of Alvin, Simon and Theodore all in tux's and next to them was a female chipmunk in a small white dress, a giant cake, a wedding ceremony, a wedding reception, baby chipmunks bouncy all around his house, baby chipmunks demanding "Toaster Waffles", Alvin, Simon and Theodore packing their suitcases, Alvin saying "We've had enough of you Dave! We're leaving….with our wife's and kids!" Dave replying "Boys, please don't leave!", his boys leaving without a word, Dave all alone….in his small, quiet house…. (15)

Dave came back to the present time. He looked down at his sons and then at the female chipmunk standing next to Theodore; He wasn't about to let these female chipmunks come in and steal his boys away! He wasn't going to let what happened last time (When Ian took his boys away from him) happen again!

And at that moment, Dave snatched Eleanor. Theodore fell over onto the hard kitchen counter; Dave had knocked him over when he snatched Eleanor. Eleanor was shocked and scared to death of what this man was going to do to her; what was he going to do with her? Alvin and Simon were stunned at what Dave had just done; why was he doing this? What had gotten into him? Was this really Dave? (16)

"You're coming with me," Dave said to the small chipmunk in his hand. Eleanor was struggling to get free but Dave's grip around her was tight.

"D-Dave stop!" Alvin shouted. "What are you doing?"

"I'm helping you," said Dave as he tried to keep Eleanor firm in his hand.

"What do you mean you're helping us?" asked Alvin, out-raged. "Put her down, Dave!"

But Dave wasn't going to let Eleanor down, no; he had other intentions for her. He was going to throw her outside. What could they do? They couldn't just stand there and watch Dave throw out one of the girls? How could they stop him? Attack him?

But just as Dave was about to open the front door and throw Eleanor outside, Dave yelled out in pain. Something had attacked him…or mainly someone, a hot-headed female chipmunk; Brittany had bite Dave on the leg and she was furiously scratching him, and shouting: (17)

"You leave my sister alone!"

Dave did as he was requested; he let Eleanor go; she was going to hit the ground hard if someone hadn't have saved her; someone did. Before Eleanor could even touch the ground, Theodore scurried as fast as he could, over to where Eleanor was going to fall, ready to catch her. Eleanor landed on top of Theodore with a thump.

"Theodore, you saved my life!" Eleanor squeaked happily.

"No problem," he groaned. (18)

Brittany had stopped attacking Dave now; she was down next to her sister, Eleanor. But, Brittany attacking did not stop Dave; he wasn't going to let three female chipmunks steal his boys away from him. He had all scratches and bite marks on his leg but, he didn't care. Two of the female chipmunks were on the ground next to him. Without warning, Dave grabbed both of them in a smooth had motion. They were both in his hand. He then ran over into the kitchen where he found a bread board on the counter. He quickly placed the two chipmunks on the counter and quickly placed a big bowl on top of the bread board so the two chipmunks couldn't escape. He then remembered something; wasn't there three female chipmunks? He looked around the living room, spotting for any signs of movement. Suddenly, he saw her.

"Run Jeanette!" Simon shouted from the kitchen counter. But Jeanette did nothing; she stood there, trembling, fearful of what this man was going to do to her. Dave grabbed her, took the bowl of the bread board, placed the chipmunk on the bread board with the other female chipmunks, and placed the bowl back other the bread bored, covering the female chipmunks. He then picked up the bread board with one hand and held the bowl on top with his other hand. He then walked in the direction of the front door; he was going to get rid of them.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore didn't know what to do, what to say but, they knew what they should fell; sadness. Dave couldn't do this? What was he doing this? Was this really Dave? Could be Ian in disguise? No, that couldn't be it. Dave was going to throw their….their…friends away; that's what they were; friends.

Dave opened the front door ready to throw the female chipmunks away, any moment The Chipmunks were never going to see the girls again…

"Don't throw our friends away!" This sentence came from the most unlikeliest chipmunk you could think of that would say something like this; Alvin Seville. Alvin and his brothers had scurried over to the armchair and were now looking at Dave. (19)

"Alvin, you stay out of-" Dave stopped in mid-sentence, one hand holding the bread board, the other holding the bowl, the front door wide open. Dave was shocked. Was he hearing things? Did Alvin really say "friends"?

"Friends?" said Dave in a shocked and questioning tone. Alvin nodded; it implied that Dave wasn't hearing things.

"You mean these…" Dave took the bowl off of the bread bowl revealing the three very frightened female chipmunks. With his free hand, he pointed at the girls. "…female chipmunks are your friends?" Dave looked at his sons; they all wore desperate and sad expressions on their faces.

Dave felt foolish; he couldn't understand what he was about to do. He wasn't thinking straight. What was he thinking? Alvin, Simon and Theodore were hiding the female chipmunks for a reason; they obviously liked them and…that was the reason why they hid them from Dave; they were afraid something like this would happen; Dave trying to throw them out. (20)

Dave placed the bread board on the floor and, almost immediately, the female chipmunks joined Alvin and his brothers on the armchair. They stood there looking up at the man, fearfully.

Dave didn't know if these chipmunks could talk like his sons could. He was almost afraid to say anything to them after what just happened and all. There was only one way to find out if these chipmunks could talk…

"I…I'm s-sorry" Dave stammered to apologize. "I didn't mean to…I….Are you OK?"

"No, we are not OK!" shouted back one of the female chipmunks; it was the one that had bit him. "Why did you do that for, bub?" (21)

Dave was a little surprised that these female chipmunks could talk. What a coincidence; female talking chipmunks are in a house with male talking chipmunks!

"I…I don't know" said Dave, not exactly telling the truth. "Something just…made me…I'm sorry" Dave didn't want the female chipmunks to be fearful of him; he wanted them to be neutral towards him. Although, what he almost did, it may take a bit of apologizing….

"Okay…" Alvin began, trying to break the awkward tension in the room. "Why don't we introduce our new friends to you, Dave?"

"Err…OK, Alvin" Dave was a little relieved that Alvin was trying to help him out.

"OK…" replied Alvin. "This is Brittany" Alvin walked over to the chipmunk that bit Dave. "She's arrogant, hot-headed and she totally has the hot's for me"

"I'm sorry but, you just described yourself" said Brittany in an airy comeback.

"Ha…Ha…Ha….really funny" Alvin laughed sarcastically.

"Err….this is Jeanette, Dave" Simon informed he's sergeant father. The tallest female chipmunk waved nervously at Dave. Dave could tell she was really shy.

"And this is Eleanor" Theodore chipped happily. He was standing next to the smallest female chipmunk who Dave grabbed first. She looked up at him with fearful eyes.

"It's nice to meet you," Dave tried to sound happy but, somehow, it came out unconvincingly. Although the female chipmunks had officially meet The Chipmunks "father", tension still lingered in the air.

"Listen, I am very sorry for what almost happened," Dave began to apologize, yet again. "I don't know what got into me. I'm not usually like that; tell the boys, they'll tell you"

Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor all looked at The Chipmunks faces for reassurance; they all smiled and nodded.

"Dave's a really nice guy and he's a great father; he would never let anything bad happen to us" Theodore smiled up at Dave and Dave smiled back.

"Thanks boys," Dave appreciated his boys helping him. He turned and looked back at the girls; they were still a little uncertain. "Listen, why don't we start from the beginning? Why don't you tell us how you ended up here and how this…" Dave gestured towards his broken bookcase and his smashed ceiling fan. "…all happened?"

"Yeah," said Alvin agreeing to Dave's suggestion. "I mean, you did say you would tell us your "little adventure" the next day! So come on, let's hear it!"

"If I tell you, would you stop being such an arrogant, hot-headed idiot?" asked Brittany in an innocent tone.

"What!" said Alvin, out raged. "I am not hot-headed...I just get mad easily!"

"That is the definition of "hot-headed", Alvin" said Simon, in a matter of factly tone. (22)

"OK," said Dave trying to calm everyone down. "Enough arguing. Girls, are you willing to tell us the story?"

"Oh…OK" said Brittany. "But you may want to sit down; it's a long story!"

"Let's all sit on the couch" Dave suggested. The six chipmunks stood up and scurried over to sit on the couch. Dave sat in the armchair diagonal to the couch. They were all ready to hear The Chipettes adventure…

"The story begins like this…" (23)



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