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Alvin And The Chipmunks 2: The Chipettes

Tagline (Writing at the bottom of a poster): Here Comes Trouble...Again!

Written by mpkio2

Chapter 5

The Chipette's Voyage Part 1

The Flying Dingo (1), a large cruise ship with many passengers, was slowly but steadily making its way towards its destination. The dazzling hot sun was shining down on the large, expensive ship. Children were playing happily in the warm swimming pool on the top deck, adults were relaxing and sun bathing next to the pool to keep an eye on their adventurous children. And teenagers were down on the lower deck, so their parents couldn't see them, flirting with the opposite sex.

Captain Refillio looked out happily out to the clear ocean. He was in the captain's cabin, driving the ship happily towards its destination. He took a deep breath, taking in the salty sea air, and exhaled through his mouth. He was wearing a white captain's uniform, complete with a hat and his name was printed on his captain's blazer. (2)

"What a day to be out on the sea!" he said, joyfully to himself. "Nothing can go wrong today, nothing!"

But Captain Refillio was wrong. Today everything was going to go wrong, everything.

"I love the sea," he said, still talking to himself in his sea accent. "I love it! I really do!"

As Captain Refillio talked about his passion of the sea, he noticed something really odd happening down on the lower deck. From outside of his Cabin window, it looked to him a fight was going on. A man in blue bathing shorts was brushing his hair, violently, with his two hands and another man, who was wearing red bathing shorts, was trying to restrain the other man. Luckily for them, there was nobody around this part of the deck at the time.

"That's a really strange way to fight," Captain Refillio thought to himself.

But just as fast the fight began, it ended all too suddenly. The man in the blue shorts was no longer brushing his head with his hands; his hands were down by his side. The other man in the red shorts had stopped straining with the other man. Then, the two of them briefly spoke (Captain Refillio could see their lips moving), they shook hands and they left in separate ways.

"Now that was really strange," Captain Refillio thought as he watched the two men walk their separate ways.

"Captain! Captain!" A voice shouted in alarm.

Captain Refillio turned to face his right, where the source of the alarmed voice came from, and looked at his first mate, Bob Hopper. Bob Hopper was standing in the doorway to the captain's cabin. His face looked glum and depressed.

"What is it, Bob?" Captain Refillio asked as he continued to drive the ship but looking at Bob at the same time.

"Something...something bad has happened down in the kitchens, sir!" Bob replied, still in alarm. "You must come down and see for yourself," (3)

"Unfortunately, I cannot do that, Bob" Captain Refillio replied sternly. "I must continue to drive this ship" Captain Refillio wasn't going to let some little "bad thing" ruin the rest of his joyful day.

"But, sir, you don't understand-" Bob Hopper was cut off.

"I don't understand?" Captain Refillio said, loudly and looking at Bob. "I understand perfectly! I need to drive this ship to New York City before 5p.m today. These passengers paid for this cruise and I am going to get to New York City on time whether something bad has happened or not!"

"But, sir, someone has-" Bob was interrupted a second time.

"I don't care I have to do my job and-" It was Captain Refillio's turn to be interrupted.

"Sir, someone was died!" Bob Hopper shouted.

Captain Refillio lost his breathe for a second. The world started to spin; he held onto the wheel for support. "Someone has died?" he thought in disbelief. "On my ship?"

"Sir, are you OK?" Bob asked.

"I'm fine, thank you" Captain Refillio lied. "Someone has died?"

"Yes, sir"

"Where? When?" Captain Refillio asked, craving for answers.

"About 10 minutes ago; it happened down in the kitchens, sir"

"Show me," Captain Refillio ordered.

"I would sir, but we need someone to take over steering the wheel" Dick Hopper pointed out to his captain.

"What? Oh...yes, of course" Captain Refillio said as he remembered he was still steering the wheel. "Fetch me Jim Hawkins, would you, Bob?" (4)

"Yes, sir, right away" Bob said as he left the doorway. He returned a minute later, standing in the doorway with another man.

"Jim, could you please take over the wheel please; something has come up and needs my attention" He said to the brown haired man. "I will return shortly,"

"Yes, sir" Jim Hawkins walked into the Captain's Cabin and took over the wheel.

Captain Refillio then said to Bob, "Lead the way" (5)

It took Bob Hopper no less than 5 minutes to lead Captain Refillio down to the kitchens. As Captain Refillio entered the hot steamy kitchen, he could sense the atmosphere in the room was sad. A huge bunch of chiefs were all standing around in a circle; some were even crying. Looked around the room expecting to see his son crying with the rest of the chiefs, but he couldn't see him. He was nowhere to be seen in the kitchen.

"Danny?" Captain Refillio asked as he looked around the kitchen in search of his son. "Danny? Where are ya' boy?"

There was no answer.

"DANNY!" Captain Refillio shouted in desperation.

"I think you should come over here, sir" said a black man in the middle of the circle of chiefs. As Captain Refillio walked closer, he could see the man was wearing a doctor's uniform. His uniform tag read: "Dr. Jonathan Witherspin" (6)

"I warn you, this may be a bit of a shock" The doctor said, glumly.

Captain Refillio's heart was beating so fast. Thoughts were racing, palms were sweating, his eardrums beating loudly...his heart aching. "Not Danny!" he thought desperately. "Anyone but Danny!" All eyes were on him, all eyes were watery. The chiefs mad a path so Captain Refillio could make way to the middle of the circle. He was near now; part of him didn't want to go any further, but his legs wouldn't stop; they kept on moving forward determined to see who was that had died.

"Not Danny..." He was nearing to the middle..."Not him, not my son"...He was close enough to see the body now; it was male..."Not my boy, not him..." He was close enough to see the persons face, but he didn't look at the face; he didn't want to..."Why couldn't have been me? Why take my son?"...He was so close..."PLEASE, NOT DANNY!"...Captain Refillio looked at the dean man's face and his heart broke into two.

There, lying dead on the kitchen floor, was his son; Danny Refillio.

10 Minutes Ago...

Down in the bottom deck of the cruise ship was boxes and boxes of food and vegetables. These crates of food were for the cruise ship's kitchen. If the kitchen were low on a particular food, a chief from the kitchen would come down to the bottom deck and take the crate which had the food they were low on; the crate's were tagged with what were in the crates so it was easy for the chief to choose a crate.

But in one particular crate, three chipmunk sisters were eating away the contents of food which were inside. It was a vegetable crate filled with delicious looking vegetables; carrots, potatoes, peas, corn and many other healthy vegetables.

The three chipmunk sisters were setting off to make it out in America. They had heard that America would be a very special place for them to live in, a place to make their dreams come true! And the three sisters did have dreams and ambitions. Going to America would change their lives for ever...but, even they didn't know that. Why they were going to America and leaving Australia? ; Well, that's a story for another time.

Once the three sisters reached New York, there plan was to find a music producer. The sister's dream was to become a famous girl band. Being a girl band has always been their dream...and making it in America would be even better. If they only found a music producer and liked them, the girls were sure their dream was going to come true.

"How long is till we get to America, Jeanette?" an auburn brown chipmunk asked. She was relaxing on a carrot, her head resting on one of her arms, a bored look on her face.

"Well, I' m not quite sure, Brittany" replied a tall brown chipmunk. She was standing next to some peas, looking up through the crate's holes, seeing if she could see the sun. "I can't estimate if I can't see the 

sun," She tried standing on her tiptoes, hoping she could get a better view out of the crates holes and out of one of the deck's windows. She stepped back and she tripped over a pea and she landed on her front.

"Jeanette, are you OK?" asked a small, chubby light brown chipmunk, as she came over to help her older sister up.

"I'm fine, thank you, Eleanor" Jeanette said as she stood up.

Suddenly, the small chubby chipmunk turned onto the auburn chipmunk. Her eyes were angry.

"Can you stop asking that question to Jeanette?; That's the 10th time today you've asked that stupid question!" the chubby chipmunk said, her arms folded.

"It's not my fault Jeanette is so clumsy!" The auburn chipmunk said, hotly. "She should watch where she's going!"

"You better take that back, Brittany!" the small chipmunk said, threatingly. "How could you say that about your sister/"

"But, she's right," said the tall chipmunk. She was sitting on a potato, her paws in her face, sobbing a bit. "I don't know why I'm so clumsy; I just am,"

Eleanor walked over to her older sister. She put her arm around her.

"It's not your fault Jeanette, isn't that right Brittany?" Eleanor asked Brittany, as she looked at her in a "please-be-nice" look. Brittany was surprised that Eleanor had asked her this question. She saw how sad she made her sister; she took a deep breath and said:

"Yeah, sure, it's not your fault Jeanny,"

"But if only the sun would come out and then I can tell you how long we've got to we get to America," Jeanette said, tears streaming down her checks.

"Don't worry Jeanette; the sun will come out soon," Eleanor said assuring her sister.

"Yeah," Brittany said, brightly. "And when we get to America, we'll find that music producer and are dreams will come true!" (7)

"But, I don't know..." Jeanette said, doubly.

"Don't say that, Jeanette" Brittany said, as she sat next to her taller sister.

(A/N: Link to the song is on my Profile!! I recommend you listen to it; brings more emotion to the chapter)

SONG: Tomorrow (8)

From the musical "Annie"

(While the music's playing at the start) "Don't say that, Jeanette" Brittany said, as she sat next to her taller sister. "I mean after all..."


The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun!

Jeanette still looked doubtful; Eleanor saw this, so she joined in with Brittany;

Brittany and Eleanor:
Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
'Til there's none!

Jeanette was glum and doubtful as ever. Eleanor put her arm around her and sang:

When I'm stuck with a day
That's gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin (Eleanor hold Jeanette's chin with her paw)
And Grin, (Eleanor grins at Jeanette)
And Say,

Jeanette was cheering up a bit. Brittany and Eleanor encouraged her cheerfulness:

Brittany and Eleanor:
The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A day
A way!


Brittany and Eleanor stand up encouraging Jeanette to be happy. Jeanette stands up.

"We're goanna get their Jeanette! We're goanna be famous!" Brittany said enthusiastically.

"Yeah, you'll see!" Eleanor said brightly. "You're goanna look back on this day one day and you'll laugh"

Jeanette put her head down. Just as Brittany and Eleanor thought that lost all hope, Jeanette raises her head high and says in a confident voice:

(Rising music)

"You're right; we are goanna make it!" she said with a smile on her face. "Someday, we will be famous"

And she sang:


When I'm stuck with a day
That's gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,

Brittany and Eleanor both exchange looks of happiness and they join their sister:

Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor:
The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A day
A way!


LINK "Tomorrow" sang by The Chipettes: GO TO MY PROFILE FOR THE LINK!!

Here are my A/N comments on this chapter:

(1)- BTW, this cruise ship is from Australia. So I gave the ship the first Australian thing that came to my mind.

(2)- The captain is based on the captain in the movie "Titanic"

(3)- I was going to call him Dick Hopper, but I didn't like the name so I changed it.

(4)- This guy is based on Jim Hawkins from the book "Treasure Island" and the Disney movie "Treasure Planet"

(5)- You may have noticed I have used a lot of references to a lot of different sea movies. I wanted a reference to "Pirates of the Caribbean" but I couldn't think f any. Can you?

(6)- This guy is the brother of Claudia Whiterpin. (You remember the doctor from the movie and the second chapter?" This is her brother, Jonathan Whiterspin. What's he doing on a cruise? Well, that's another story for another time...

(7)- The whole idea that Jeanette can't see the sun and that I mentioned about the chipette's dream, I was inspired by the song "Tomorrow" from the musical "Annie". I really wanted them to sing this song!! Remember to go the link to hear the song!!

(8)- Love this song!!

There's kinda a cliffhanger!! So, how did the captain's son die?? Where those two men actually fighting?? Will the Chipettes achieve their dream??

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