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I guess you want a little summary, so Toshiro overworked himself, as usual, and Ukitake asks Matsumoto if she can help the young captain. Motherly love, and that's it! Enjoy!

Poor Shiro-chan

It was a bright and sunny day in Soul Society, yet to Hisuyaga Torshiro, it felt as cold as a winter day. He was in his office, as usual, doing all of the paperwork for his squad. "Damn," he thought to himself. Where was Matsumoto-samma when he needed her? Probably drinking herself silly, heh maybe if he took away all of her sake she would actually do her work. He laughed to himself. The day Matsumoto would be without a drink is the day when he stops doing his work.

Hitsugaya put down the finished paper and sighed. He just didn't feel like himself today. He felt dizzy, and his back was tingling painfully. "Why do I feel so tired?" he thought to himself. He sighed and looked at the clock, it was only 6 o'clock, yet then he realized.

"Oh God, I'm going to be late!" he picked up his paperwork and shunpoed to the captains' meeting place. He was huffing and puffing when he got there, just in time. He sat right next to Ukitake and thanked the gods. His perfect attendance was not going to be soiled just because he was feeling under the weather. He tried to listen to the meeting, yet he just couldn't get his eyes to focus. Every time he tried to listen, the blurriness came back. He blinked it off, yet it kept on occurring. Thankfully, it was just another budget meeting, so there wasn't anything of grave importance to really listen to.

Ukitake noticed that his little Shiro-kun was almost late. The old captain always cared for the youngest captain in the Goite Squads. He was worried about the icy haired wonder; he could tell that Toshiro was not paying any attention at all. Usually that guy paid attention even when the budget meetings lasted for an hour. Thankfully, this was only a fifteen-minute ordeal, so when the meeting came to a close, he tried to get a word with him.

"Oh Shiro-kun!" Ukitake called happily as Toshiro tried to go back to his squad. He ran up to the little captain and see what was up with him.

"Oh, Ukitake," he said rather plainly, "I'm sorry, but I have to go back to my office and do some more work."

"Come on!" Ukitake laughed, "You can't even talk to me for a second?"

"No, now goodbye," the young captain said rather quickly as he walked away.

Ukitake was stunned. Never had he seen Toshiro-kun behave so… odd. He wondered what sudden urgency to him. Then he realized, oh no. Toshiro must be ill, again. That kid had always tried to evade any type of illness. It had been four years since he saw that young kid with any type of cold, and what a misery it was to see him ill. It was like seeing a miniature canine drenched in water. Also, he was the most defiant captain when it came to going to the fourth division for medical reasons. He would not go without a fight. Ukitake shuddered as he thought that the battle going to the hospital was like trying to get Kenpachi to stop fighting. He decided to go to Matsumoto's home and see if she could do anything with him. Even though she has tried to get him drunk on several occasions, she could still be there when Toshiro needed her the most.

He calmly walked to Matsumoto's abode; he wanted to confirm that he did not go so urgently like he wanted to. If anyone else knew that Toshiro was not well, it would hell for that poor boy.

Ukitake knocked on the door he heard a few quiet steps and it opened, "G'day, Ukitake-san, what brings you here?" she said in a sprightly manner.

He entered her domain and sat on a cushy red sofa. Matsumoto poured him a cup of tea and he gratefully accepted it as she plopped down next to him, "We need to talk about Toshiro," he began.

Her heart stopped as he said her captain's name, "Why? What's wrong with him?"

Ukitake sighed, "It's the worst, I believe that Shiro-kun has or will fall ill very soon."

Matsumoto gaped, she didn't believe it would be that bad. The last time that Toshiro had gotten ill, Unahona had to practically sedate him the entire time. If he was ever fully conscious, he would scurry out of the hospital in a second, and the great race to find the fever-ridden captain would begin.

"What are we going to do?" Matsumoto groaned.

Ukitake sighed, "I don't know, just can you keep a good eye on him?"

"Of course. I'll at least make sure that he gets to bed on time tonight."

"Thank you Matsumoto-san."

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