Kim Possible is owned by Disney, I own nothing of it. This is just a little drabble I whipped up that I blame on Whitem with the scene setting game on my forum. I started writing something small, but it got bigger, and figured I'd post it as a story here. Hope you enjoy!


Cleaning Day Troubles

Kim shook her head as she helped Ron clean up his room, marveling at the number of food wrappers there were. "Seriously Ron, you really need to clean your room more often. This can't be healthy."

Ron groaned from his position, which was half his body under the bed, digging out everything from underneath it. "Come on, it's not that bad."

"That bad? Ron..." Kim swept up a couple of empty food bags, finding a small package that looked to be unopened. "Ron, what's this?"

Ron's legs kicked out briefly, as he struggled with something heavy. "KP, can't really see it from here."

Kim turned the box over in her hands, noticing the postage and where it came from. "Looks like something you might have ordered over the internet. You haven't opened it yet."

Kim could hear Ron groaning before he responded. "Well, if you want to open it up and check it out..."

"Sure Ron." Kim broke the seal on the box, curious. When she saw what it was though, she was shocked. Kim breathed out as she held the offending object in her hand. "Ron... what were you thinking, ordering this... thing... off the internet?"

The tone of voice caught Ron's attention quickly, and he scrambled out from under the bed, only banging his head a couple of times. When it got to his feet, he saw what she was holding, and was a bit worried about how he would answer her.

"Uhhh... I ordered it for my dad? Yeah, that's what I did, I ordered it for my dad."

Kim was tapping her foot now, her head cocked to the side, eying him as if determining the best place to strike. "So, I'm guessing the fact he has his own copy of this movie escaped your mind when you were planning to give it to him. Want to try again?"

"You knew about his copy, huh?" Ron was sweating profusely now, his hands shaking. "Ummm... it has a... good plot?"

Kim crossed her arms in front of herself, clearly not believing him. "Uh huh... and the woman in leather with the whip has nothing to do with it?"

Ron started waving his hands frantically. "KP, I never... I mean sure... but I... I never... but you think... NOOOOOOOO!"

Kim finally just smirked. "No, you just like it as a social dichotomy on modern day society."

"YES!" Ron raised his hands briefly, before pondering what she just said. "Wait... no? What? I... what did you just say?"

Taking pity on her poor boyfriend, wrapping her arms around his neck while dropping the offending item to the bed. "Ron, you don't think I know why you like that movie? I mean, it doesn't exactly have much plot or characterization to it."

Ron slumped against her in defeat. "Sorry KP."

"Nothing to be sorry about Ron." Kim kissed him softly, keeping her face close when she pulled away. "Though if you're a very good boy and help me get this room cleaned, I'll make sure to wear the super suit on the next mission."

"Really?" Ron's eyes lit up at the thought. "Then what are we waiting for, let's get this room cleaned."

Kim smirked at Ron as his efforts redoubled. "That's my Ron." She picked up the offending movie, putting it on the shelf by his television. "Seriously though, there aren't THAT many reasons to watch Catwoman."