Chapter 1 – Prologue

Chapter 1 – Prologue.

"Hey Ross what time is it, we should be meeting the others for dinner pretty soon" Chandler said browsing through the markdown bin. "You know how angry Monica gets when we are late" he added with a sigh.

"Yea well I also know how angry she gets when we don't get her a birthday present, remember last year? How you bought Monica a watch she didn't even like then you sold it on eBay just to try and buy her something better" he said laughing flipping his wrist around casually. "Hey where is my watch, I swear I put in on this morning, I always do" he said frantically searching on the ground.

"Oh you mean that ugly thing you have worn since college?" he said almost laughing. "That thing finally escape you?" he added sarcastically.

"You took it didn't you? Give it back" he said lunging for him and Chandler only just escaping him.

"I didn't steal your stupid watch Ross, ok? We should get going, the shops are already closing so I'm just going to get Monica this necklace you should just get her the matching earrings?" he said pointing over to the cabinet where they were.

"Are you kidding me? Some of us are not made of money Chandler" he said rolling his eyes. "Besides I have a watch to buy now." He added lifting up his arm.

"Can I help you hear boys" said a voice coming from a rather old, frail woman who appeared behind them. They both jumped, startled by her presents.

"Yes I'll take those earrings to match what he bought" he said pointing to Chandler.

"Sorry I couldn't help overhearing. Do you need a watch?" she said looking deep into his eyes.

"Yea" Ross replied. "But nothing too pricy" he added quickly.

"I have just the thing you need" the woman replied disappearing out the back. Ross and Chandler exchanged a look as she returned a few minutes later.

"Here you go sir" she said handing him a box.

"Are you kidding? This is covered in dust." Ross pointed out as he opened the box in front of him.

"Yea and it looks like the first piece of technology ever made" Chandler chimed in upon seeing the contents inside.

"Oh you have no idea" the woman said smiling.

"How much is the watch" Ross said pulling away from the strange look Chandler was giving him.

"My gift to you young man, but treat it well. Not like your old watch" she added.

"Oh so this isn't Ross' old watch?" Chandler said uncomfortable with the conversation and he was shot two dirty looks.

"Thank-you very much but let me pay you something" Ross said to her.

"Would you like the earrings gift wrapped?" She asked him ignoring his statement.

"Sure thanks" Ross said handing over the money.


"What a creepy woman" Chandler said upon leaving the store.

"What are you talking about, just because she was old?" Ross said defending her.

"You are just happy that you got a free watch out of this." Chandler snapped.

"Jealous much?" Ross said smirking with his head up high.

Chandler just changed the subject "So did you ask that girl out yet that you have been drooling over for a month?"

"No" Ross said with a sigh. "I just can't seem to build up the courage…I'm scared she will say no"

"You can't wait around forever man. What you're doing to yourself isn't healthy" he said concerned.

"Easy for you to say, you have Monica" he added.


Ross and Chandler arrived in Monica's apartment after hiding their presents with Joey across the hall to find her running around frantic.

"Where have you guys been? And you are not even ready to go" She said upon inspecting them.

"Sorry Mon, shopping just took a little longer than we thought" Ross said covering his mouth suddenly as if letting something slip.

"You guys did last minute shopping for my birthday, didn't you? Can't you just for once be romantic and planned out, Chandler?" she said ignoring Ross.

"Ok I'm just going to go get ready at Joey's guys" Ross said leaving them to their argument. To which they just continued to ignore him.

"Spare-of-the-moment is romantic Monica, and besides, you dinner was all planned out" Chandler said defensively.

"I planned the dinner" she said rolling her eyes. "Don't you know me at all; things have to be organized and ready. Just go get dressed." She said, waving her hand as if relieving him.


"Hey Joey" Ross said emerging from the shower in a towel. "Could you please chuck me my new watch from the bag with the presents in it please?"

"Yea sure" Joey said tossing him the small dusty box. "You finally treat yourself to a new watch aye." Joey said teasing him.

"Yea thought I'd wear it tonight, I'll show you when I'm fully dressed" he said turning away.

"Hey that thing got the right time?" Joey asked quickly before Ross closed the door.

"Yea it's 6:15" Ross added disappearing into the bathroom.

As Ross cleared the fog from the mirror he inspected his appearance. Finally he picked up the watch and placed the chunky black object around his wrist before tying it on.

It zapped him and suddenly everything went black before he woke up on the ground of the bathroom. He looked around confused although not really inspecting his surroundings much his eyes fell on his wrist where the watch no longer sat.

"Stupid piece of junk" He mumbled. "Joey!" he called and upon receiving no answers he got off the floor and entered exited the bathroom. "Joey!" He called again. "How long was I out?"

Suddenly he found himself face to face with his mother with a strange look upon her face. "Ross dear, what were you doing in the closet? Can you please go clean your room?"

To Be Continued…

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