Recently, Sayu had, had no motivation to move about whatsoever. She sat lazily on the sofa, watching some random movie on the television with one hand on the remote and the other on her greatly expanded belly. She could smell the scent of miso ramen wafting from the kitchen where her mother was busy making her a midnight snack. Yes, Sachiko had pretty much moved into Sayu and Matsuda's appartment after Sayu hit her third trimester. Sachiko wasn't the only visitor Sayu found herself entertaining on a regular basis, Tachi also visited quite frequently, though she wasn't there on this particular evening.

"No, no, Sweetie, don't eat that!" Nami told her son, before prying something Sayu couldn't see out of his strong grip.

Most nights, Udeki wouldn't sleep, and it was on those nights that Nami traveled upstairs to chill out with Sayu. Although Sayu was thrilled to have company, it seemed to her she just needed a break from all of the people. Sadly, she feared that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. It was quite late for someone to be knocking at her front door. She guessed it was probably Tachi with more baby presents. Sayu sighed, turning off the television and struggling to rise from her comfortable spot on the couch. Nami laughed at her friend. "Stay put, I'll go answer the door."

With a strained breath, Sayu replied, "Yeah... thanks, Nami."

Nami placed Udeki into his new playpen and went to the door for Sayu. "Hello?"

"Er... maybe I don't have the right address; I'm looking for Yagami Sayu?"

"Yup, this is the place! C'mon in where there's air conditioning!!" Nami said heartily, though she did not recognize the woman at the door.

Sayu saw, for the first time, Karin enter the appartment. That was certainly unexpected. She hadn't seen Karin since January. Matsuda's sister gaped at the size of Sayu's stomach. "Oh my gosh! Sayu look... well, look at you! Heh, I bet you can't even get offa' that loveseat to come and greet me properly." she joked.

Sayu laughed, "Nope!"

Karin extended a hand to her future sister-in-law and helped her onto her feet. The two hugged eachother, even though Sayu's belly made that more difficult than it should have been. Sayu was quick to introduce Karin to the other two women within the appartment. Karin then sat down with Sayu and began recollecting all the events from the past few months up until the present. After some time, Karin finally took it upon herself to change the topic, "So, where's my little brother?"

"He was supposed to have the night off, but Chief Aizawa called him in a few hours ago. Apparently something big came up. He wouldn't tell me where he was going, or what he was doing, or anything... Aizawa had told him it was urgent and that's all Touta was allowed to tell me about it." Sayu answered, knowing that Matsuda should have been back before now, but not sharing that detail with Karin.

Karin caught sight of the remote and picked it up. She turned on the TV and flipped to the TV Guide to see what was on. "Well, let's watch a movie or something 'till he gets home then, shall we?"

Nami was all smiles now that her son had finally passed out in his playpen, "I'm down with that! What's on?"

Karin made a face as she read what was available to watch, "Hm... looks like our options are Balto, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, or Majide."

"Majide, definitely!!" Nami blurted out immediately.

"What about you?" Karin asked, "What do you feel like watching, Sayu?"

Sayu blinked. She was perfectly fine with just listening to Nami and Karin discuss what they were going to watch. "Oh, well... I'm good with whatever. I don't really have a preference."

"Hai! Majide it is, then!" Sachiko announced, serving ramen to the girls in the living room.

"What's this show about, anyway?" Sayu asked curiously; she had really never heard of it before.

Nami was very quick to answer, "Oh, it's only the GREATEST gameshow EVER!!! How could you NOT have heard of it?? Okay, so they get Americans and put them on teams and set up these halarious and completely whacked-out challenges for the teams to face-off in. Winning team gets rewards and advantages, losing team gets punishments and looses players. The Americans are all just so gullible! That's what makes the show so great!"

Karin perked a brow as she watched "Judge Bob" walk out on stage in his "birthday suit" which just happened to be golf attire. "I betchya any Americans watching this show at home... or maybe even the Americans on the show, think the Japanese are a bunch of crackpots."

All the girls laughed. Sachiko added, "Well, it's not exactly trying to prove the contrary."

A blaring alarm sounded from the televison set, interrupting their hearty laughter and grabbing their immediate attention. From right to left a red banner was scrolling across the top of the screen. They heard a deep announcer's voice reading the characters that danced rapidly across the banner.

'Breaking News: This announcement has been distributed by Sakura TV throughout the Shinjuku district under the administration of the Japanese Police. Local authorities have been tracking down a rapist from Tokyo since early on this evening. Police were drawn into a high-speed chase on I-14, which has now been closed off in the interest of public safety. It is confirmed that the driver has a gun with him as one policeman has been killed and two others are injured. The police intend to give chase in hopes of capturing the criminal before he crosses the border. This message will repeat...'

Karin had immediately switched the TV off after the announcement, not wanting to hear it again. Sayu found her eyes wide and horrorstruck. She could only imagine that this had been the "urgent" call Matsuda had received from Aizawa. She tried to put it out of her mind, though. She tried to think of what other "urgent" things Aizawa could have called Matsuda about... categorizing files or something. That sounded plausable... right? She resigned to the notion that there was no other reason Aizawa would have called Matsuda in tonight. The only thing Sayu could hear in her head was the pulsing of her own blood. One man was dead... one man was dead... one man was dead... the mantra continued on. The fear evident in her eyes as she prayed that man hadn't been Touta... but with his luck...

The other three seemed to be thinking the same thing as they read the expression on Sayu's face, for their faces, as well, held similar expressions. "We'll take my car." Karin declared, as Sachiko helped Sayu off the sofa.

The ramen had been completely abandoned, and the women were sliding sandals and flip-flops onto their feet. Nami strapped Udeki into his carseat with haste, which surprisingly had no effect on his slumber. Just as they were about to set foot out the door, Sayu's cellphone began to ring. She pulled it out of her back pocket and looked over the caller ID. She wasn't familiar with the number, but decided to answer anyway as she walked out the front door. "Hello?"

She could hear loud sirens on the other side of the phone, and a woman who was, quite obviously, panicking. Sayu caught a worried look from Sachiko who, she knew, could easily hear the mess of noise on the other end of the phone. "Hello?!!! HELLO?!!!" the woman screamed into Sayu's ear, as the pregnant woman attempted to ease her way down the staircase to the ground level of appartments.

"Hello?" Sayu repeated, her heart beginning to pick up speed as she began hurrying toward Karin's silver Mazda.

A man in the background was trying to calm the woman on the other end, but she was completely freaking out. She wailed into the phone again, "Sayu! It's me, Tomoe!!!!!"

"Tomoe?!" Sayu asked, surprised.

Sayu listened intently to what was going on in the background now. There was a loud beeping noise, and she could hear men arguing over whether or not they were "going to lose him". She heard some guy telling, who she guessed had to be Tomoe, to "stand back". Tomoe, sounding far beyond the point of distressed had asked what they were doing. Sayu was in the front seat of Karin's car when all of a sudden the shrill screeching of a banshee cried through her phone, "OHMYGAWD!!!!!!NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Karin, who was the last to get in the car, had stopped halfway, hearing the woman on the other end of Sayu's phone scream bloody murder. Everyone in the car seemed to be disturbed and unsettled by the blood curtling shriek. Karin shut her car door quickly and turned her key in the ignition without bothering to put on her seatbelt.

As Karin began to back out of her parking spot, Sayu heard Tomoe on the other end of the phone sobbing uncontrollably and her sorrowful wails of misery seemed to drone on forever. "MATSUDAAA!!!!!" Tomoe shouted into the speaker.

Sayu couldn't listen to Tomoe anymore. She didn't want to know what was going on. Sayu closed her phone before she could hear anything else. Sayu was becoming frustrated at how long it was taking Karin to back-out the car and get going. Although Karin knew what she was doing, Sayu still felt the urge to needlessly yell, "DRIVE!"

Karin's tires screeched in protest as she burned the rubber against the pavement and sped off into the night.


The women ran through the Hospital's Entrance, and rushed to the front desk. Sayu recognized the nurse at the desk; her jet black pixie cut and compassionate violet eyes. "Eri!" Sayu said when she reached the desk.

Eri turned to face Sayu. Why did that girl look so familiar? She raised a brow at the women before her. "Erm... do I kn--?" Suddenly it dawned on her, as she gazed into the pleading chocolate orbs of the pregnant woman, "Miss. Yagami?"


"Well, hi! How're you?! Wow, it feels like I haven't seen--"

"Eri, please! Where's Matsuda Touta's room?! We have to see him!" Sayu explained quickly, not interested in pleasantries.

The nurse knew exactly who Matsuda Touta was. That was a terrifying day when Yagami threatened to throw herself from the balcony. Matsuda Touta was who she had asked to see if they didn't want her to jump. Eri hadn't seen Sayu since, even though she knew that the girl had been seen recently by Utashima.

She looked over all of their worried faces. Something was wrong, Eri could tell. "Well, gimme a minute, I'll look through the records."

They waited for Eri to check and see which room Matsuda had been placed in. Her eyes furrowed at the computer screen before she turned to face their group again. "I don't know how to-- well... er... it doesn't look like he's been here since last Autumn." Eri was slightly confused about the whole situation.

The four women in front of her exchanged panicked looks. Eri heard the raven haired woman make a comment about him not being here yet, which made fear quite obviously written on their faces. "Is there anyway I can help you ladies?" She asked politely.

They didn't get an opportunity to answer as some men burst through the front doors with a stretcher. The flashing red lights of an ambulance was still visible through the glass doors leading to the outside. They were screaming to eachother and yelling at pedestrians to 'move outta the way' as they raced through the lobby. Sayu could feel a sickening knot clench in her stomach somehow she knew...

"OHMY--!! TOUTA!!!!!" Karin screamed, trying to break through the men pushing the stretcher to catch a glimpse of her brother.

Mrs. Yagami's hand rushed to her mouth as she let out a gasp at the sight of Matsuda laying flat and motionless on the stretcher. Nami's head whipped toward where Karin was being restrained from interfering with the paramedics' mission. Nami fell to her knees, shocked by what she was witnessing. She never thought Matsuda would... could end up in this situation. He had always been so happy... so full of life... why did bad things have to happen to good people?

Blood. Crimson flowing blood. The only thing that Sayu could see was the bloodstains splattered across the front of the white dress shirt he had worn under the suit he had changed into after Aizawa had called earlier that evening. The paramedics sped past her, attempting to staunch his bleeding and yelling commands at one another. Sayu's eyes followed them as they passed through some doors leading into a bright, large hallway.

Tears fell from her eyes. This couldn't be happening. This had to be somesort of nightmare. Any moment she would wake up in bed with Matsuda laying beside her wondering what she had been screaming about for the past half hour... right? Sayu cried harder. As much as she wanted to believe that this was some scary, jacked-up part of her imagination, it was all too real. She was going lose the man she loved. This was the exact reason why her parents didn't want her to get involved with a police officer. She reached up and wiped away the tears that were sliding down her face.


Sayu was crushed in a tight hug. She found Tomoe clinging to her and sobbing up a storm. "Tomoe-chan?"

"I-I tried to... but he... he... and then they wouldn't, I mean... they just---!" Tomoe was beside herself, she looked terrible. Her make-up was running down her face, and her eyes were red and puffy from all the crying she had been doing.

Eri looked down at the scene left by the sudden barrage of paramedics racing through the lobby. These women were all devastated. That must mean that Matsuda Touta...

"Hey..." Eri asked them in a soothing tone, "If you want to wait in the lobby here... I'll try to go find out what's going on, okay?"

Karin, who was now being consoled by Mrs. Yagami, sniffled, "Y-you would... you would do that?"

Eri smiled sympathetically and nodded. She called someone else to take over her spot at the front desk while she went to go check on Matsuda. The women moved to the lobby area. Sachiko spared a glance at her watch: It was around 1AM. They were all quite tired by this point. Karin, still sobbing, took this moment to call her family.

"H-hey, Zokushi... u-uhm... I'm probably not going to be home at all tonight..."

"Wha--- why, Oka?! You know it's like 1 o'clock in the morning, right?! Did your new car break down or something?" he groaned, "I told you they fuck it up on purpose so you have to pay more money... Look, if ya need a ride, I gotchya... just tell me where the hell you are an' I'll come pick you up, 'kay?"

"Zokushi, I'm at the hospital..."

"The Hospital??! What, did you get in an accident on your way home?! You're not hurt are you?!" Her rebellious son sounded sincerely concerned and worried for his mother's safety.

"No, no... listen, just tell your father, I won't be home tonight, all right? I'll explain later--"

"Oh no you don't, Woman! Tell me what the 'eff is going on! I don't wanna get left out of the fucking loop this time!"

Karin sighed, "How long have you been sitting in front of the TV?"

"Huh? What kind of jank question is that? Since ten when my movie started, why?"

"Then you saw the news about the police chase?"

"Oh yeah, got up to make myself a sandwich... I could hear it all the way in the kitchen... pretty sweet, huh?! You gotta respect the officers going at it like that... too bad about the one guy, though... guess it comes with the job. Hope the injured men pull through... anyway, what of it?"

Her voice wavered as she spoke, "U-uhm... your un-cle... he..."

A loud thump came from the other end of the phone. Karin heard a scuffling noise and then Zokushi asked, "Y-you mean to say Uncle T... he was there? He was one of the injured cops?!! I mean... Dude! You've got to be kidding me! So... is he gonna make it? I mean, he'll be all right, won't he?"

Karin burst into tears again and said something incoherent into the speaker of her cell phone about being home in the morning. She then hung up the phone on her son. Nami rested a hand on Karin's shoulder. Karin then began to dial the number to her parents' house. She got up and walked away from their spot in the lobby to cry and sob the whole story to her parents in private.


Their group was in that awkward place between sleep and awakeness when Eri emerged from the doors three hours later. Matsuda Yoru and Tachi had joined them, as well as Kotetsu, who had been called by Zokushi and given the details of the situation. Aizawa had come as soon as the criminal was caught, he felt extremely guilty about the whole mess things had become. Yoru was supposed to call Hana when he got word of what Touta's condition was. Their group became immediately alert as Eri strode over to them.

"He's stable. We don't really want anyone in there with him at the moment... but I told them that you all are extremely concerned for him," she paused for a moment, "They agreed to allow two family members to go back there as long as you're with me."

All the faces amongst their group looked back and forth between eachother. "I think... Sayu should go for sure." Karin nominated in a strong voice.

Kotetsu, who had been consoling his mother since he arrived, was shocked she could say something with such a firece tone. He completely agreed with her words, though, as did the rest of the family. Yoru had no desire to see what had become of his son, he'd much rather just hear about it. He knew his wife and daughter wanted, very much, to accompany Sayu to visit Touta. Nami stood up, Udeki's little arms clinging around her neck, "I think Kotetsu should go with her."

Of all the people eligible for this, Kotetsu? Yoru liked the idea, and Mrs. Matsuda didn't know what to think of it. Nami explained, "Look, I think Kotetsu is the most level-headed right now," Her voice broke while she was speaking, "I think he would be the best person to send with Sayu."

No one could deny this, and it was quite well-thought out. They decided to go with Nami's suggestion. Kotetsu let out a grunt as he rose from his chair, offering Sayu a hand to help her out of hers. Eri smiled at them. "All right, stay close to me."

They followed her into the bright flourescent lights of the hallway beyond the doors. The nurse led them through many winding hallways that, to Sayu, all looked exactly the same. Finally they stopped at a large window. Eri motioned for them to look through it. Sayu gasped and her face began to redden with tears welling in her eyes. Matsuda could be seen through the large window laying on a bed in a hospital gown. He was hooked up to several machines, one of which kept him breathing, and one of which monitored his heart. Kotetsu wrapped an arm comfortingly around her shoulders.

"He's successfully made it through his surgery." Eri informed them, "But just barely... now all he has to do is recover from it... but just so you know, he's very weak and..." She sighed, disappointed she didn't have better news for them, "popular belief right now is he won't be able to pull through."

She smiled, though, "I happen to think he will... and our doctors are doing everything in their power to save him. Now, he really does need rest, but if you're quiet, I'll let you in for a bit."

Kotetsu and Sayu nodded, and Eri opened the door for them to enter. Sayu immediately went to Matsuda's side; the wound on his chest had been stitched up and cleaned as best as it could be, but a bit of blood still seeped through the stitches. The monitor beeped rythmically but the spikes were nearly indescipherable. He looked so frail laying there, it brought tears to the edge of Sayu's eyes.

The two stayed there for awhile in silence, just listening to the monitor and the sound of Touta's nearly inaudiable breathing. Suddenly, Sayu made a light gasp, that didn't go unnoticed by Kotetsu. "Sayu? Sayu, what's the matter? You okay?"

Her hand had involuntarily moved to her back. "Y-yeah. That was really weird, though..." she whispered.

He raised a brow, "Explain."

"The baby kicked me... but I've never--owch!" Sayu yelped a little too loudly, "It's like a sharp knife stabbing my spine!"

"Great, guns shooting my uncle, knives stabbing my aunt... you guys are just accident magnets!" Kotetsu joked, receiving a smile from Sayu before she gave another light gasp of pain.

Kotetsu's brows furrowed, "I'd feel better if you had a doctor make sure you're all right."

"No, it's nothing... I'm fine, really! Ah!"

He shook his head from side to side. "No, you're not." He said firmly, "I'm going to have someone take a look at you and make sure there's not something wrong with the baby."

Kotetsu walked over to the intercom and spoke to the front desk through the mic, "Uh, hello? This is the front desk, right? Is Nurse Eri around somewhere?"

A female voice replied, "Yes, this is Eri."

"Hey, uh, we're in Matsuda Touta's room and we--"

"Did he wake up?!!" the intercom asked with a note of surprise in her voice.

"No. No. Nothing is wrong with the paitent... but Eri, you know Sayu and I are in here, and in the past few minutes she's been experiencing some physical pain... we were wondering if a doctor might be available to look at her?"

"I'll send Doctor Utashima down immediately." with that, the intercom went static-y.

Eri and the doctor arrived shortly. They had brought a wheelchair with them. "Oh, guys, I think that's a bit much... I really don't need a wheelchair." Sayu told them politely.

"Nonsense!" Utashima declared, "It would be very ungentlemanly for me to allow a woman in your condition to walk all over this hospital."

Sayu decided not to argue with him over it, she really didn't mind sitting down for a bit anyway. Eri signaled for Kotetsu to follow them out the door. "I think that's enough visitors for now."


An hour later, Kotetsu had traveled back out to the lobby. He was greeted by worried faces and fearful eyes. He was beaming at them all. Sachiko immediately stood up from her seat, "Where's Sayu?!!"

"Sayu went into labor."

Gasps emanated from everyone in the group along with excited squeals of delight. Tachi spoke up, "When did this happen!"

"While we were with Uncle T. She said she had been feeling the baby kicking her, so I had someone check it out... apparently her water broke on the way to one of the rooms." Kotetsu explained with a shrug.

It was good to see that this one thing had lit such happiness inside these people who had been looking rather glum. "A-and how is Touta?" Tomoe asked, unexpectedly.

Happy moment over. Everyone was back to looking absolutely disasterous. "Er... well..." He sighed, "Actually... he had to undergo some extensive surgery, from what I've been told, and had to have a bullet removed from his chest." They gasped, but he continued, "They say it missed his heart, but the damage it's done is really bad... and... they still aren't sure he'll come outta this mess all right. Sayu's pretty bummed out about the whole thing. I've offered to go pick up her luggage at her house... and Uncle T's, too. Anyone wanna go with?"

"I will!" Tomoe volunteered.


Eri sighed, as she fluffed the paitent's pillows. This whole ordeal between Yagami and Matsuda was so very depressing. She sighed again."H-hey..." Eri had been startled by the feeble voice coming from Matsuda's mouth, "is S-Sayu... all... right?"


"I-I heard... her... earlier... she sounded... like she was in pain." He clairified, opening his eyes slightly.

"She's fine." Eri lied, hoping he wouldn't call her bluff.

Matsuda seemed to force his eyes open. He looked intently at Eri's pale face before he decided what he was going to say. "Where is she?" Apparently she hadn't fooled him; he knew something was up.

Eri's mouth fell open, "Y-you're not seriously thinking about visiting her?! Not in your current state!"

"Of course I am!" He said defiantly, struggling to rise from his bed.

"No! Stop! You'll open your stitches!" Eri pleaded.

Fortunately, he paused for a moment, apparently mulling the thought over in his mind. Eri bit her lip. She really wanted to tell Matsuda what had occurred since Sayu left this room, but she feared how Matsuda would take the news. She didn't want him to risk his life... but (and she hated herself for thinking so) this was probably more important than his life. Finally, she spoke, "Miss Yagami is in labor."

Eri knew he was going to kill himself trying to go see Sayu, so she was quick when saying, "If you trust me, then I'll make this work... please don't... don't do anything rash, okay? Can you trust me?"

He held his breath for a moment before exhaling heavily. Matsuda nodded.


Light poured through the many windows of the lobby. The gentle rays caused the room to glow. A man dressed in a doctor's uniform walked over to the group of people who had been camping out in the lobby since late in the evening. Half of their party had found some form of sleep... the other half had obviously been deprived of that particular privillage. He smiled at the tired bunch and greeted them warmly, "Hello! I'm Doctor Utashima! Good morning, Everyone! I was wondering if you, by any chance, know of a Miss Yagami Sayu?"

"Yes, yes! How is she?!" a woman with concerned brown orbs and a greying brunette bun piled on top of her head asked immidiately.

"Miss Sayu is fine. If you would like to see her, I'll take you to her room." He tried to keep his tone level.

They hurriedly scrambled to their feet, shaking the sleepers back into the world of the living before setting off after Utashima. They all received Visitors' Passes and proceeded up to the Maternity section of the Hospital. Utashima left them there with Sayu's room number and told them that if they needed anything to call down to the front desk. Their crew continued through the hallways until they got to room 314. Aizawa rapped thrice upon the door. He heard Sayu's muffled voice from inside the room tell him they could enter. As the door swung open joy and relief spread throughout the group.

Matsuda was propped upright on several pillows. He was still hooked up to monitors and had an IV in his right arm. Matsuda was also still wearing his oxygen mask to keep him breathing. Sayu looked about as tired as the rest of them, but she was definitely more exhausted. A light sheen of sweat was glistening over her face. Her hair looked damp and the strands of fallen hair were sticking to the sweat on her face. She looked a little paler than she did when they had last seen her, but Sayu wore her wonderfully cheerful smile. She held a little bundle of cloth in her arms. Their friends and family could only guess what that was.

Tomoe and Kotetsu brought in the suitcases and pushed them up against a wall out of the way. Tachi was asking Matsuda all sorts of questions, making sure he truely was okay. Meanwhile her husband phoned Hana and let her know everything that happened. Touta quietly explained how the nurse, Eri, had helped to make arrangements so that he could room with Sayu. Sachiko asked Sayu if she could hold the newest member of their family. Sayu seemed reluctant at first, but she knew this was coming. She passed the bundle to her mother. "Watch her head." Sayu cautioned.

"Her?" Sachiko asked, tears of joy welling in her eyes.

Sayu smiled. "Yeah. That's your granddaughter."

"Does she have a name?" Nami inquirred, remembering back when Matsuda had named her son a little less than a year ago.

Touta and Sayu exchanged looks before Sayu replied, "Not yet..."

"Well... she looks just like her mommy!" Karin commented, peering over Sachiko's shoulder to get a look at the newborn.

"No, no... she's got a tuft of black hair, see?" Kotetsu pointed out.

"Oh, yeah!"

Names started firing out at the new parents from left and right. It was like everyone had prepared a list of names before coming here this morning. Although Sayu appreciated their help, she really just wanted herself and Touta to come up with a name for their daughter together. Suddenly, Kushina screamed from somewhere in the mass of people. Sayu thought she had heard the last of Tomoe's screams for awhile... apparently not. Kotetsu saw a lightening bug drifting in front of Tomoe's face. He laughed, "It probably hitched a ride on the luggage... heh heh heh, I'll get it... you're afraid of a little fire fly?"

Kushina blushed, quite obviously embarassed by her little outburst. "Er... well..."

Sachiko returned the infant into its mother's arms. Sayu's eyes got really bright and wide as she welcomed the baby back into her arms and turned to face her fiancé. "Touta, I know what to name our baby..." Sayu looked down at her daughter's rosey face, "Hotaru."

"Hotaru? Hm... Hotaru... Matsuda Hotaru... I like it." Matsuda smiled with pride.

"Well... I'd better get going... my wife will be wondering what the hell happened to me," Aizawa rested a hand on Matsuda's shoulder, "Matsuda... you're the craziest bastard I've ever met... and for that, I owe you my life. I don't know if anyone has ever told you this, but... you're an idiot, and in spite of that... I think you're going to make a good father."

"Thanks, Aizawa."

"Yeah. Later." Aizawa shut the door quietly on his way out, not wanting to disturb any paitents who were still trying to sleep.

Sayu was happier than she could ever remember being. In her arms she held her daughter and at her side she had her fiancé. She was surrounded by people she loved and cared about. Her baby was well and healthy and Matsuda was now working toward making a full recovery. Things looked bright, and Sayu couldn't wait to see what the future was going to hold for her. But she knew one thing was for certain... she had to be the luckiest woman in the world. She was already hearing Tachi and her mother talking about wedding plans to one another. Everything was going to be all right. For now, Sayu just wanted to rest and let the world drown out to make room for the world of sleep.

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