In this world, good always beats evil and kicks it's butt. Can this be true in the animal world as well?

Our story doesn't begin with the heroes. We need to start from why we are telling this story. Let's begin, shall we?

We begin in a nice peaceful valley called Spiral Mountain, a place where every animal can roam peacefully. This is also a bridge that enters a new and dangerous world. Inside lives an evil witch name Gruntilda. Basically, everyone in Spiral Mountain hates her guts because she was always trying to figure out a way to make herself beautiful.

One day, she was looking inside her magic, talking cauldron, Dingpot, and asked, "I ask you, Dingpot, who is the most beautiful person in the valley?"

"Ah...well...I'm sorry Gruntilda but Tooty is the most beautiful I see." Dingpot murmured.

"Wha?! No one can be more beautiful then me! I think I will steal her looks and make her pay!!" Gruntilda said as she grabbed her magic broom and zoomed out of her liar.

Tooty was was skipping towards her big brother's house when Gruntilda swooped down from the air an grabbed her.

"I got you at last Tooty and now it's time for you to get a makeover!! Hahahahaha!!"

Can anyone ave Tooty? There is a pair of heroes that can do the job. But there's one problem: He's sleeping.

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