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Chapter 6

Clanker's Water Problem

After taking some rest, we managed to head inside the next world in Grunty's Lair, Clanker's Cavern. We entered and the smell was bad. Worse when Kazooie tried to make me dinner that one time.

Anyways, we entered this new world and we begin searching for Jiggies. We entered a tunnel and found that we were surrounded by more water then anything on land. We looked down and saw a rather large metal fish swimming in the water.

"Hello there, my name is Clanker, Grunty's waste disposal. Please, you must help me, she put me so low in this dirty water and I want some fresh air. There's a key at the bottom of this cavern." He said, his raspy voice barely audible from in the water.

"Looks like we have to help him Kaz." I said as Kazooie got out of the backpack.

"No way Furball, look what the water did to him! We could rust up like him!" She said as I grunted.

"Kazooie, we are flesh! Ah nevermind, let's just help him okay?" I drew in a deep breath and jumped into the water and began to swim down. I swear, I couldn't see much as the further down I swam. I saw a fish swimming by, giving a few air bubbles. Perfect timing to as I took one and felt fresh air fill my lungs. Kaz pecked at me and pointed at the giant key. I swam right through it a few times as it slowly started to turn. I grabbed another air bubble and began to swim at full speed towards the top. I felt my lungs give way as I sprung out of the water and landed on a platform.

"Thanks you, I shall leave you with a golden Jiggy for helpingz me." Clanker said as I climbed up and grabbed another piece. I decided to explore inside of Clanker's body and lord and behold, there was Bottles.

"Hey guys, here's a cool move for Kazooie to learn, with the Wonder Wing! With this, Kazooie will charge forward and nothing can stop her as long as her wings are up. Careful, she has to use these Golden Feathers and these are rare so use them wisely." Bottles said as I scratched my head.

"Hey Bottles, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure Banjo." Bottles said.

"Um, how did you get a mole hole inside of here?" I said.

"You don't need to know this." He said as he disappeared into his mole hill. I pondered for a few moments and shook it off, I bet it's nothing.

"I'm still wondering how in the heck Bottles got a mole hill inside of a metal fish." Kazooie said as I continued forward.

"Man Kaz, I bet the makers of this fan fic really didn't write anything when all this is happening." I said. I just hope that I can save my sister in time. We will get through this no matter what!