Marie's got this new plan.

She calls it "Operation 101 Things Jason Bourne Has Never Done."

The "operation" is a dig to Treadstone, I suppose.

She likes to do that. Insult Treadstone, I mean.

I guess I should appreciate it. She hates them because of what they did to me, and I should be thankful for that.

She loves me.

And I love her, more than anything in the world. The problem is that I get the feeling Treadstone is not entirely to blame for who I am.

But the point is, in a valiant attempt to make me more…normal, Marie has evidently made up her mind to do 1 thing I've never done (or don't remember doing) each day.

And when Marie gets her mind set on something, she follows through with it.

She told me to make a list today. Of 101 things I've never done, yes. I didn't even know there were that many things I hadn't done.

Evidently there are.

She actually sat there, keeping watch from across the table, until I finished.

There was (is) no escaping it.

She says it'll be fun.

She could be right.

I'm not entirely sure.

But if it doesn't make me more normal, or more fun, or less creepy and mechanical, at least it will make Marie happy.

God knows she's given up enough for me.

Hell, I'd do a thousand and one things for Marie.

But lets not give her any ideas…