Author's Note: This is another alternate ending. This is a 'just because I felt like it' ending.

And also, this is the mysterious 'Option Three'.


"Aerrow. Hey! Aerrow! Hello?"

Aerrow opened his eyes, blinking wildly for a moment before his blurry vision finally coalesced into Finn's face. The blond was currently engaged in alternately poking Aerrow in the shoulder and shaking his arm. He was a little too close for comfort.

Aerrow leaned away from Finn, his face screwing up in confusion. "Wha…? Huh?"

Finn moved back with a huffy sigh. "Dude. You are so rude."


"I'm sitting here talking to you and you just fall asleep? What's up with that? I am so bored."

Aerrow shook his head. He glanced down to where his hands were folded in his lap. There was a book there… it was one Piper had given him to read. 'Tactical observations on the Cyclonian skirmish parties'.

He blinked again, then focused his attention on what Finn was saying. For some reason… It felt as though he'd seen it all before.


Finn was complaining. Again. Apparently he was bored… and the trip had only just started! Aerrow forced himself to keep his bleary gaze on the sniper as attentively as he could.

"…I am sooooo bored."

"So… go listen to your radio or something." Aerrow frowned. "Wow… deja-vu."


He shook his head. "Nothing."

"Man, Aerrow, I already listened to my radio. For four hours!"

"Uh-huh…" Aerrow forced his eyes back to the words on the page in front of him. It was interesting… but so very dry. But he wanted to read it to bone up on what he and the squadron may be facing when they finally arrived at the next mission. "So… go play your guitar or something… Quietly…"

"Nah. Piper took the strings and I can't find them."

"Don't know what to tell you. Its only been a couple days since we left Atmosia… you do know we wont reach our next destination for a week or three, right?"

Finn made an inarticulate sound of frustration, which Aerrow ignored in favor of trying to read Piper's book. But Finn, being Finn, could never stay quiet for long.

"What'cha reading?"

"Tactical observations on the Cyclonian skirmish parties."

Finn huffed. "Booooring."

Aerrow found himself replying to this with words that seemed… really familiar. "Eh.. not really. Piper recommended it. Maybe she could find something for you to do too. She has a pretty good library." He paused and scratched his head.

Strange. Something just felt weird about this whole conversation.

"Pass," he heard Finn mutter shortly. Then there was a few minutes of silence. Aerrow could feel himself nodding off again in the lull...

"I'm going for a ride." Finn's voice jerked Aerrow out of his stupor.

"You know we have to conserve fuel, Finn." Aerrow replied, keeping his nose in the book so that Finn wouldn't see how close he was to falling asleep again. He stifled a yawn.

The sound of his friend dropping back into the chair made him grimace. He wouldn't have a moment of peace until Finn's hyperactive tendencies found an outlet. After a few moments of letting the sniper stew in his own thoughts, Aerrow marked his book and laid it down carefully before twisted his spine. When he felt the bone jarring cracks erupt down his back, he sighed in satisfaction before turning back to Finn.

So, no radio and no guitar."

Finn nodded morosely.

"Read a book?"



"Already done."

"Clean your skimmer?"

"I haven't even ridden it in three days."

"Hmm… I dunno what to tell you." Aerrow sat back with a half-smile. "I'm sure you can think of something to entertain yourself. Just make sure its not too destructive."

In the pause that followed, Aerrow felt a cold chill worm its way up his spine for some reason. It was the same feeling he got whenever something bad was going to happen…

…And in the course of his short career as a sky knight, he had learned to pay attention to those gut feelings. It normally heralded a danger or risky situation. Something to avoid at all costs. Usually, it paid off.

So when Finn's face lit up with a devious smile, Aerrow held up his hand, cutting him off before he could even begin to speak.

"You know what, Finn? I think we have enough extra fuel crystals for you to go off for a while and ride."

"But Aerrow, I just got this killer idea!"



"No, Finn. Just go for your ride."

Finn scowled at Aerrow, but shook his head and left the room, heading for the hangar. Aerrow watched him go, mix feelings churning in his belly.

He had the very intense feeling that he had just avoided a disaster…but he couldn't really understand why.



It was all a dream… all a dream…

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