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Chapter 1- The Spell Is Revealed/The Worst Summer Ever

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"Thank you for the help Professor, we really appreciate it."

"It's Albus now Remus."

"Oh, oh yea. Well, thank you for helping us sort through all of James and Lily's old things, and helping us decide what to do with some of them. Plus, I don't think Sirius would have come here without you helping me convince him, you know what this place means to him."

"I know Remus, I know, and no thanks is needed, I'm happy to help."

A sniffle from the doorway entering the wood paneled living room of the house at Godric's Hollow is heard, and looking over, Remus Lupin, werewolf; and Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts look over to see a teary eyed Sirius Black, wanted fugitive, holding a small, thin box. Opening the box, he reveals its contents, two wands.

"It's, (sniffle) it's their wands."

Walking towards Albus and Remus, he hands the headmaster the box.

"Ahh yes, willow 10 and a quarter inches, Lily was always good at charms, and mahogany, 11 inches, James was indeed a quite powerful wizard."

"Yes, pro, I mean Albus, he was, but I'm going to take Padfoot back to my place now, to calm him down, the wands really started the tears again, can you finish up here yourself?"

"Not a problem Remus, good day."

"Good day Albus."

Moony, accompenied by a red eyed Padfoot, disappeared with a *poof*, leaving Dumbledore alone in the room where the history of the wizarding world was changed forever.

"I wonder...."

Dumbledore, carefully picking up the box with the two long dormant wands in it, points his own wand at Lily's.

"Priori Incantem."

A wisp of smoke follows those two words, shooting out of the willow wand, the smoke forming into a ghost-like image of a book, its pages turning slowly by itself.

"Reading, Lily always wanted to study, even to the end, and she even found a way to make the pages turn at her speed, ingenius."

Albus, knowing full well he couldn't use his own wand on James', picks up Lily's aged wand himself, and points in at her late husband's wand.

"Priori Incantem."

Just as before, a wisp of smoke shoots out of a wand in the box, and, to Albus' immense surprise, the smoke settles to form two, simple words.


"Interesting, interesting indeed, such a pity..."

And with that, Professor Dumbledore placed the 11 and a quarter inch wand back into the rectangular box, sets the box on the table, and with a *poof*, Godric's Hollow is once again engulfed in the deathly silence that the wall's there have heard for the last fourteen years.
Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the boy who has survived four encounters with Lord Voldemort, the boy whose godfather is a wanted fugitive, and the boy whose the best seeker Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardtry has seen in a century, had been reduced to doing yard work.
Harry, who as usual has to spend his summer with his only living blood relatives, the horrible Dursley's, also known as muggles. And this summer was the worst ever, after last year's incident involving his cousin Dudley and the Weasley brothers Ten Ton Tongue Toffee, Vernon and Petunia Dursley were set on making Harry do as much work, and putting him through as much torment as possible in these three long months of summer.
Harry, who just took the work quietly, was starting to get annoyed of it all. After promising himself at the beginning of summer he wouldn't complain this summer, he was just about to only three and a half weeks into July.

"Mow the lawn, clean the gutters, paint the fence, do the dishes, weed the garden, make lunch, I can't do all this anymore!"

To add to Harry's worries was the fact that Dudley's diet seemed to have backfired, and Dudley had come to resemble a beached whale even more this year, proving to Harry that that indeed, is not impossible as he had previously thought. So, the whole family was on a diet this summer again, one worse than last year. A quarter cantoloupe in the morning, another quarter for lunch, and 10 peices of asparagus for dinner. Luckily for Harry, his friends had risen to the occasion once again, with cakes from Ron, a whole array of fruit, vegetables, and sweets for Hermione, and rock cakes from Hagrid once again, which he had yet to touch. The only bright spot in Harry's summer came in the form of a letter from Sirius, informing Harry that he was to go by portkey to a meeting in Dumbledore's office on his birthday at 2 P.M., and that he(Sirius), Moony, and Dumbledore were going to Godric's Hollow the day after the letter was written.

"Boy, get in here and fix lunch NOW!!"

After fixing lunch for the Dursley's, and doing about 8 more tiresome chores for them, Harry finally earned the right to go to sleep, it was 10: 30 P.M., and he had just finished dusting each and every one of Petunia Dursley's 100 and 9 china figurines. Harry though, oddly enough, wasn't sleepy. Quietly, as to not wake his aunt and uncle, who had gone to sleep about 2 hours earlier, Harry removed his parchment and quill from his trunk, and began to scribble away about the Goblin Allience's Council of Hungary in 1457.
About a half a bottle of ink, and 1 and a half feet of parchment later, Harry finally turned around and looked at his clock resting on his bedside table.


Instead of turning around and continuing to write his essay Harry continued to stare eagerly at the clock, until....


Harry Potter had turned 15, and doing so, continued in the tradition of staying up the night of his birthday. Harry immeadiatly put his parchment and quill away, knowing he had a big day in front of him tomorrow, and went to bed.