Chapter 6- Who Woulda Thought...

"Ready to go?"
"Yea, let's go. Diagon Alley!"

Harry landed next to Quality Quidditch Supplies with a thump. A few seconds later Moony landed next to him, and they made they're way towards Gringotts.

As Harry and Remus walked out of Gringotts and down the cobblestone street towards Florish and Blotts, Harry with his school book list in hand. It had been handed to him that morning at breakfast by Dumbledore, and surprisingly enough, Harry had become a Prefect, proved by the fact that he had the "P" badge, lying on his bedside table back at the castle of course. He figured the only reason he was one was because there wasn't any male Gryffindor fifth year better, not because he was exceptionally smart. Harry and Remus were talking amidably about Quidditch, Remus sure that the League Cup would go to Puddlemere United, while Harry thought it would go to Kenmare Kestrels, since two of its players were members of the World Cup winning Irish squad. Harry, as Remus spoke, thought he heard another voice he knew coming from behind him, and turning around to see if he was right, he had just enough time to notice the familiar smile and brown hair, before BOOM, he was wrapped up in a tight hug.

About thirty seconds later, Hermione let go of him and stepped back, and Harry took a look over his two best friends. Ron had grown a lot over the summer, filled in a bit, not looking as lanky anymore. It also seemed he was going for the Bill style haircut, for he had a small ponytail going for him, Harry thought he'd be a real lady killer this year. He also looked at Hermione. She had also grown taller, and filled out places, and her hair was a little straighter too. It still had the curliness that was its signature, just not as much. For some reason Harry got butterflies in his stomach just looking at her.

"Hey mate. we haven't seen you for a while, how was summer with the Dursleys? I really wish you could come see us over the summer, what was Dumbledore thinking making you stay with the muggles all summer."

"Oh calm down Ron, I'm sure he had a perfectly logical reason." Hermione interjected, sticking up for the teachers as usual.

"Yeaaaa, it the Dursleys." Harry remembered he wasn't supposed to say anything about being at Hogwarts or his Dad being back yet.

Harry then looked back at Hermione, and noticed she had her bright "P" badge gleaming on her chest.

"Yes Harry, I've become a Prefect."

"Me too!"

Hermione looked a little shocked at this, seeing as she did so much homework compared to Harry, compared to anyone.

"Well that's great. Let's go get our books."

After getting all their books, and having some ice cream at the shop, Harry and Remus said bye to Hermione and Ron, Harry noticed Hermione stared at him a little longer than usual, then leaving with Ron. Harry and Remus then walked in the Apothecary, to the fire, stepped into it, said "Marauder's home", and flash, they were back in their room home. Right when they got there Harry noticed by looking through the window that Sirius and his Dad were at it out on the pitch again. He told Remus, and they rushed out to join them once again.

After playing for at least an hour and a half, Harry was getting lazy, and started day dreaming again, and once again, a bludger came flying at him, but this time, he didn't get so lucky. The bludger hit the tail of his broom, bucking Harry off, and before he knew it, he was free falling from at least eighty feet up. Not even knowing what he was doing, almost like an instinct, Harry turned so he his back was up in the air, much like the way a dog or any other animal with four legs walks. Not knowing how, not even sure if he was just imagining it, Harry started to slow down. By the time he reached the ground he knew he was going slower than he should be, and Remus, James and Sirius were standing there watching him land in awe. When Harry did land he felt something odd inside him. Sirius spoke.

"It's happening."

"I know, this is amazing, it happened five days earlier than when we did it, and we were faster than normal too!"

Harry heard a ripping in his robes, then another, and another, untill he realized they had completely ripped off him. He also felt himself changing, becoming different, and when it was over, he realized it had happened, he could see things he could never see before, he saw the cricket standing atop the astronomy tower for example.

"Oh god!"

"Who would have thought."

Harry tried hard to speak to them, to ask what he had become, so he pushed his brain, willed himself back to human form, and with a blink he was one again.

"What, what form am I, whats so weird?"

"Your...your...your a magical animal animagi."


"Harry, thats extremely rare, notice we're both normal animals."

"Really, well, whats my form?"

"Look for yourself, will yourself to change back."

Harry willed himself into his animagi form again, then stepped forward, he knew he was a four legged creature, in front of a huge mirror conjured by his Dad. Staring back at him was a beautiful gryffin. Only just a little bigger than his Dad's stag form, with nice medium sized white wings, tipped with a reddish tint on the end of each one. He looked at his eagle head, a bald eagle head, pure white, except for the yellow beak, with his green eyes even bigger and shining even more. Attached to the head was his lion's body, with a brownish sparkling coat. Harry stared in awe, flexed his wings a few times to get used to them, then changed back to his regular form.

"That's amazing, thanks guys!"

"No problem Harry, but now you need to understand three things. Your a maruader now so you need a nickname, you'll need to come on our nightly adventures, and you can't register yourself, its against

"Sounds good to me. What will my nickname be?"

"How about birdbrain?!" Sirius sounded off, laughing as he said it.

"Nahhh, how about...ummmm....noseboy?" James replied, unable to think of anything.

"I got it, Redtip?" Moony spouted out.

"Four "I like it's" greeted that, and so Harry's Marauder nickname was decided on Redtip. The now four Marauder's walked back to the castle, well, two of them did, Sirius and Remus, James and Harry raced back in animagi form, Harry winning, though unfairly as claimed by James, due to the fact that when Harry was behind he flew over James, than landed and won.

The Marauder's went out that night, running through the Forbidden Forest that night like it was nothing, and doing so night after night, always finding some adventure, one night even roaming the school like that, trying to find some paths they didn't know about, and adding them to the Marauder's Map, they also caught Snape doing some work from the window (he doesn't know James is back), James from outside summoned a storm cloud inside right above Snape, which started raining all over him. Before he could look up at the window, the four were off to the races, laughing the whole time.
"It's about time that slimy git had a shower!"

"And how!"

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