The Long Lost Boyfriend
Chapter 1 - Prologe(dont know how to spell)

Okay, you know the drill, I don't own anything in this story except any chars you may not recognize. K? thanks

A/N: The whole thing of the story is that my English class had to write a short story for a grade, and no this is not what I chose. It was supposed to be about our dream. I read a friend of mine's paper, and I noticed that it had a catchy theme and a great plot. Thus, this story was born. She deserves full credit for this, except for the fact that I did rewrite it somewhat, and added a bit more, and transformed it into a rugrat fic. Otherwise this is hers. Also, this is only my second try at a rugrat fanfic. I got good response on the last one, so I decided to write another. Hope you like!

Ages: Phil, Lil, Tommy, Kimi,: 15
Chuckie : 16
Angelica, Suzie, Timmy : 17
As I walk into French, my personal favorite class, I can't help but smile. It's so much fun just to get up and talk in French without anyone caring. Plus my best friends were all in there. Tommy, Phil, Lil, and my step-brother Chuckie. As we sit in a circle, talking in French to one another, my mind wanders back to a year before, when all I needed was a friend, but I didn't listen to them when they tried to help.