Ch 17 - Back to School

~~~~~Three Months Later~~~~

I woke up yet again that morning at 5:00 A.M. Greg has kept me awake all night, because the poor boy was sick. Too bad I had to go back to school in a few hours.

I went into the nursery, and picked him up, holding him gently, and gave him a little medicane. "Shh.. It's okay. Mommy's here."

I felt a pair of arms come around my waist, scaring me "WOH!"

"Kimi, sweetie, it's me. You told me to come and make sure you were awake by 5:00 so you could feed Greggy and get ready to go back to school."

"Yeh, thanks Philly, Greg's kept me up all night. He's sick."

"Aww..Poor boy" He took Greg from me "I'll feed him for you, go ahead and take your shower"

"Alright Phil, thanks"

He kissed me "Anytime sweetie"

I went a took my shower and an hour and a half later, and about 4 shirts later, because I couldn't decide on what to wear, I started downstairs, Gregory in hand.

I sat down and put Greg in his high chair and began eating my eggs, giving Greg a set of keys to play with.

About 30 minutes later, I handed Greg over to my mom, unbelieving that I had spent the last 3 months with him. It was hard to let go. I had spent every day with him for 3 whole months.

My mom smiled at me "Go to school Kimi, the sitter will be here any minute. You know she will take good care of Greg."


Phil and I walked out the door after I got done saying my numerous good-bye's to Greg, and promising numerous gifts to him if he was good.

I laughed at my own stupidity, and got into Phil's 4Runner.

He drove us to school in silence, and we walked in together, hand in hand. But then I heard someone call my name. "HEY KIMI!"


I hugged him and smiled. Hadn't seen him in forever. We talked about who we had for our classes, and soon the whole group was together, and we realized that we had French together again.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Later That Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As I walk into French, my personal favorite class, I can't help but smile. It's so much fun just to get up and talk in French without anyone caring. Plus my best friends were all in there. Tommy, Phil, Lil, and my step-brother Chuckie. As we sit in a circle, talking in French to one another, my mind wanders back to a year before, when all I needed was a friend, but I didn't listen to them when they tried to help.

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