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Anyone would be able to vouch that the night was giving off an empty, bleak aura, making you feel brittle and cold inside. The air was spelled with a thick scent of blood. Stones paved the way towards a vacant dark alley. Rats squealed their hunger, their eyes glowing red. It was so dark, one would never be able to see their own hand in front of their oblivious face. All sounds were amplified, making a mere breath echo.

Further down the deserted alley, there was a light. The light was so dim, yet so bright at the same time. The closer you got, the more it filled you up, washing out he darkness. Closer, closer, closer. It was just a hands' width away. So close…

The light grew bigger and bigger, until it was at least four feet tall. The light molded itself around a small girl. She had bouncy, bronze curls going down her back. Her eyes were a chestnut brown, looking up from her blunt bangs. Her lips were curved into an infectious smile. Her skin was ivory, smooth like marble. She reached out a small hand.

"Why do you cry? I'll help you, I promise." Her voice rang out like a clear bell.

She giggled merrily and started to hum. The tune was so alluring, so soft. It was enough to make your eyes droop, leaving the tainted night behind, replaced with a starry sky and luminous moon.

She reached forward, her fingertips twitching. You could feel the light radiating off her skin, making you step closer. The tips of her fingers were so, so close…

Elle bolted out of bed with a gasp. Her chest was heaving in and out. She wiped away the salty tears running down her face. After quickly detangling herself from her sweat matted sheets, she opened the door of her room quietly.

It was the first day of their fun in Metropolis. They had only arrived this morning. Unfortunately, Lana had fallen ill, causing Clark to volunteer to nurse her. Which only made Lex think it was serious, causing him to call a doctor. Which only made them miss the first concert.

"It's okay, Lex. We can go to the one tomorrow. Honestly, it's fine." Elle patted his arm assuredly. Lex seemed to calm a bit and smiled.

Elle stumbled down the dark hall, her heart still racing. Never had she had a nightmare that had felt so…so real. She had been so sure that on step closer and should would feel that light. That light that just beckoned her and called her. She couldn't shake the feeling away.

Elle didn't bother to turn on the lights as she crept into the den. She stepped lightly toward the doors to the terrace. The cool air washed over her. Her breath came out slowly, her mind enjoying the feeling of release. It was like there was no movement but the soft breeze going through her hair.

The world was still, the world was quiet, the world was hers. She could almost reach out with the fingers of her mind and rearrange it. Her heart was beating the same beat as the waves on the far east side of the planet. Her eyes shut. The insides of her eyelids became the night sky. She heard it all. She could hear the wind whispering it's secrets, the water singing a soft lullaby. The sound made her heart slow, made her breath slow, made her mind slow.


She jumped, startled out of her trance. The wind wasn't soft now. It was chilly and whipped her hair around her face. Elle turned to see a bleary eyed, shirtless Lex standing in the doorway. She smiled warmly.

"Lex. What are you doing up? This is your weekend off, you should be using it well." Elle stepped closer to him, feeling the heat radiate off his body.

Even though he was tired out of his mind, he still managed and crooked grin just for her. That's what she liked to think at least.

"How can I sleep when a girl I'm here with won't?" Lex wrapped his arm around her.

Her heart seemed to thump in her ears. What made this man so attractive to her? Well, that was a stupid question. Of course she knew why he captured her heart.

"It was so weird. I-never mind. It's kinda embarrassing. You wouldn't understand." Elle ran a hand through her hair. Lex turned her towards himself.

"I resent that you know. Just because I don't lead a normal life like you doesn't mean I experience some normal things."

Oh yeah. Her life was just SO normal.

"Fine. I-I sort of a had a bad dream." She finished quietly. She quickly covered her face with her hands. She had always had the problem of blushing. Even if someone told her that she was turning red, she would blush. Just talking about it made her skin act out. No matter how much it irritated her.

Lex laughed. He gently removed her hands from her face. Elle didn't think that anything about her nightmare had been particularly funny. But when Lex saw her annoyed look his face dropped. He grabbed her shoulders.

"I didn't meant it like that. I just meant, I have nightmares too. I had a problem with nightmares when I was a teenager." His face seemed to darken a bit but it was gone as soon as it arrived.

"I always had nightmares about my brother, Julian. In the dream I would be the one smothering him with a pillow. I-" His voice stopped. He cleared his throat and smiled.

"You see? There's nothing embarrassing about it."

Elle ran a hand through her hair again.

"Hey. You know you can tell me anything, right?"

Elle bit her bottom lip. Oh, she wanted to. She really did. But would he still feel the same when he knew that she was an alien girl that wasn't even sure of her own powers? Sure she may look the same, but Elle could be dunked and sealed in a water tank for hours. She didn't need the air for goodness sake! She could jump off as many cliffs as she wanted to, she could stick her finger and a paperclip in a socket. She could run faster than a racecar. She could stay up for hours. Her body could live without sleep. She could climb into an iceberg and her temperature would read normal.

Elle could run through thousands of acres of land and not perspire one bit. Her heart could never stop. Her blood would never be seen. Her skin would never spilt. Her teeth could crush a diamond. Her retinas could defy the rays of the sun at the closest proximity. She could live far past any of her friends. Even her friend's grandchildren.

All of this would make anyone see her differently. She could tell him anything.

Anything but the thing that made her Elle.

"Yeah. I know that Lex." Elle tried her best not to tear up. Damn her emotions. That was something she was sure that she had picked up on Earth. The people of Krypton weren't emotion beings. Only in her dreams.

Lex smiled and wrapped his arms around her. She took advantage of the opportunity and encircled her arms around his waist. Everything seemed so nice in his harmony arms. She inhaled his scent, cherishing the aroma.

"You should probably go back to sleep, Lex. You look like you need it." Elle guided them out of the cold night air.

Lex rubbed his eyes with his palms. "I can't deny that. I'm so tired." He wandered off in the direction of his room. He stopped and turned to face Elle.

"What about you, Elle? Sleep?" He gestured to the hall where her room could be found.

"Nah. I think I've had enough rest. I'm gonna take a walk out side. Okay? I'll have my cell phone if you need to reach me."

Lex didn't move. He cleared his throat. "Erm…are you going to be wearing that?" He nodded his head towards her body.

Elle looked down herself. She was wearing pink cotton short shorts and a fit camisole. On the back of the shorts, they read: JUICY. Even though she was unaffected by freezing temperatures, she could not go out dressed as so. "Right." She scurried to her room, threw on sweat pants and a hooded sweatshirt and came right back.

"I won't be out for long. I-" She saw that Lex was asleep on the couch. She grinned. He looked so carefree and harmless when he was sleeping like that. It was so cute. Carefully, she put a blanket over him. With that, she slipped out of the penthouse.

Outside, it was still dark. Elle walked down the deserted streets of lower east-side Metropolis. The moon was a beautiful torch for the night sky. She could almost feel the beauty on her tongue.

Just then, there was a scream. It resonated throughout the streets. Elle snapped her head in the direction of the noise. With that, she sped off, getting closer.

It was a man's scream. Elle was sure of it. She turned into a dark alley. It was so dark, she wasn't sure if she would be able to see anything. As her eyes adjusted, she stepped closer to the tall body only a mere four yards away from her.

It was a man with all the signs of having no shelter. He was scruffy, his eyes wide with fear and shock. He was whispering something over and over again under his breath.

"Are-are you okay, sir?" Elle ventured. Oh God, she didn't know what to do. It was Clark's job to help people out, not hers.

The man flashed his eyes at her. Then he looked to his left side. Elle moved so she could see what was there.

There were dismembered bodies everywhere. Carcasses. She pushed the man out of the way, getting a better look. Elle counted: there were five of them. But what she saw at the end of the alley made her insides chill to the freezing point.

Elle stepped closer to the pile of bodies. They were tall enough, that they went to her hip. The eyeballs were full ebony. There was blood running out of their mouths. Probably from screaming so much that their throats cracked to blood.

Behind the pile was a girl.

The girl in her dreams.

She around to face Elle, her hands covered in blood and even more indescribable bodily things. Her eyes, wide and innocent. She was wearing a white dress that seemed like it had once been beautiful, but was now stained with blood.

"Are you going to help me?" The girl said in a high, angel-like voice.

Elle didn't really know if she could.

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