Late Breakfast

It's almost midday when John drags her off to the cafeteria for a late breakfast. She's certain she could have lasted at least another hour or so without food, but he can be very persistent and now is as good a time as any to eat.

She doesn't make her usual efforts to protest, anyhow.

Following John to a table, she takes a seat when he directs her to and waits as he goes for food. She watches him from where she sits, taking in the way he moves and the broadness of his back and shoulders and the gentle light caressing his hair.

It occurs to her that she wouldn't mind at all if he were to drag her away from her work like this more often. She is enjoying this and she's always loved to be around John. He has a certain atmosphere about him that just feels right to her.

He returns to the table and places a tray on its smooth surface, between where she is sitting and the place opposite. She watches him sit down and busy himself with sharing out their food.

She's grateful that he thought to bring her coffee, while he himself has a glass of what can only be orange juice. She loves orange juice, but it doesn't have the same bitter taste to it as coffee. Plus, there's no caffeine. Salad sandwiches and cake complete their meal. She rolls her eyes slightly at the cake.

John just shrugs back, so she smiles her 'thanks' and they begin to eat.

Yup. She could definitely live through more late breakfasts like this.