Hell Bent

She tries not to let the case get to her. She repeats over and over in her mind that she is impartial and doesn't feel a thing – the evidence is all that matters – but in reality, she is in deep and the outcome of her investigation means more to her than anything else.

She is certain that nothing bordering on death will provide the justice the victim deserves, a realisation that dawns on her as she is reading over the file the second time through. It scares her how hell bent she is on capturing this guy, yet it also drives her forwards.

Lead. Interrogation. Another lead.

Each step takes her closer to the killer and closer to the satisfaction she so desires: that she has put another criminal unworthy of life behind bars. She is a woman possessed and while it's unnerving, she doesn't want it to stop.

She can't stop.

She pushes on in search of the answers veiled by what can only be called 'evil'. Eventually, she knows the illusions will lift to reveal what really lies beneath the surface. No longer will the guilty be protected.

She'll find the killer. She swears it to herself.

If it's the last thing she ever does, she'll find the killer.