A/N: Spice here, but Missy and I wrote this together for yet another creative writing assignment. It was supposed to be eloquent and tragic, but things went downhill as soon as Yomi poked himself in the eye. xD Edit: Fixed some random typos. I should pay more attention when I type. O.o

"I have a new heist. It's a real prize this time," he said with a smirk. Is it your favorite prize? More hearts? He was so excited that he was wriggling around in his chair like a puppy, ears pricked and tail twitching. It must be something good.

"Oh?" I asked keeping my face deadpan. My eyes never left his face as I attempted to continue eating. Instead I ended up poking myself in the eye with a chopstick. If he noticed, he didn't let on.

"Yeah! This one will be a real challenge to steal, it's pretty heavily guarded." He was still squirming around in his seat, his eyes alight with childish glee at the promise of an intense adrenaline rush. A challenge? For you? How could anything be a challenge for the man who can get by the guards of anyone's heart with nothing but a smile?

"Hmm…" I feigned interest, but had stopped listening almost the instant he opened his mouth. Because even more powerful than his smile is his body. At the sight of him, people have been known to stop in their tracks and stare, only to be snapped out of their reverie by the sound of their drool hitting the floor.

"…have to plan carefully. I'm expecting several traps along the way, but I can take them. I've never met a snare I couldn't handle."

Of course he's never met a snare he couldn't handle, for he knows their inner workings like no other, because he possesses the deadliest trap of all. Narrow, slanted eyes of liquid amber that ensnare any unsuspecting victims that have the misfortune of crossing his path.

"They don't call me the King of Thieves for nothing," he boasted. If there's one thing I've learned from being around him, other than…well, heh, let's just say make sure the door is locked, it's that it's okay to brag if you're really that awesome. He's definitely that awesome. Stealing countless treasures, souls, lives, and…other things not suited for polite company have earned him the right to that title. I was suddenly aware of a peculiar dripping noise, and he must have noticed it too, because he turned his head sharply to give me a funny look, ears at half mast and hair whipping around his face a split second later. It created a beautifully dramatic picture, so romantic, so alluring… "Are you listening?" he demanded. My head snapped up, and water spattered the table. Oh. Shit. I was doing it again.

"Y-yeah, yeah." I stammered, wiping drool from my chin. His expression was bemused, a half-smile tweaked at pale lips, slim eyebrows arched questioningly.

"Then what did I just say?"

"…uhh," I replied like the genius I am.

"I thought so." His warm alto was rich with barely concealed laughter, ears and tail twitching as he tried to hide his amusement. My face grew warm as I stuttered some pathetic form of apology. He apparently took pity on my crimson cheeks and sighed good-naturedly.

"Oh, never mind. So, will you help me?" He shot me a dazzling grin.

"Of course."

I would do anything for that smile.

A/N: Misao here. This ended up being a little… different than we intended but I think it was still pretty good. Let us know what you think. Oh, by the way if any of you got confused on how Yomi could see so well, this is pre-blind Yomi. That confused me for a second and I helped write it, lol.