Ice Cream

A lot of people would do anything in winter to have just one warm, summery day to enjoy. After days of freezing temperatures, it was only natural. The human body was designed more able to stand heat than cold.

Usually Cuddy was one of those people. Not today.

The entire week had consisted of sweltering, uncomfortable days and she was sick of it.

The constant sweating and using antiperspirant sprays to cover it up was driving her slowly to the edge of sanity, almost as much as the snide comments House had thrown her way as he leered at her choice of clothing: low cut tops and skirts that rose a little above her knees, higher than her usual.

She'd do anything for a frozen yogurt or someā€¦

"Ice cream?" House limped into her office, holding precariously in one hand, two cones dripping with vanilla. How he'd managed not to drop them was beyond her.

Despite her desire to yell at him for dripping all over the place, all Cuddy could do was smile.

Maybe, just maybe, this would make up for the heat: House being nice, for once.

Maybe the weather wasn't so bad, if it meant House would be bringing her cool treats.

She ran her tongue over her lips and nodded.

"You read my mind."