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The halls were small and crowded. Not a single student was alone. Xemnas laughed at how they all clustered together in their little "cliques". Soon, he thought, I will take over this school; I will control everything that goes on here. He stood by his locker and waited for the members of his own little group to arrive. The first one to show up was Saïx, perhaps the only one who truly understood his need for power. "Superior," Saïx said opening the locker next to Xemnas. "I have that map of the school you asked for. It includes all the fire escapes and teacher stairways." Saïx handed the silver-haired boy a piece of paper.

The Superior folded it up and placed it in his breast pocket. "Good work Number Seven," he noted. "Knowing how Axel tends to become a pyromaniac ever so often, we might need those fire escapes." As if on cue, Axel walked down the hallway with Demyx arguing next to him. "I'm just saying," Demyx proclaimed, "'The Upchucks' is not a good name for my band." "Aww, come on Demy, it's an awesome name!" Axel insisted, "I don't see you coming up with any better ideas!" "Hey here's an idea, why don't you two get over here right now!" Xemnas growled. "Yes sir," they said in union walking over.

Xemnas took out the map of the school and flattened it out. "Okay, I have a new mission today, but I'm going to need all of us to do it," he ordered. "Except Xigbar, he's in detention. And maybe Larxene, she flat out refused. Oh yeah, and Luxord said something about a Pokémon card battle thing, whatever the hell that is." Xemnas sighed. That meant that he had Marluxia, Xaldin, Lexaeus, Zexion, Vexen, and the other three to carry out his plan. Suddenly, Xemnas heard the theme song for Canine Crunches from the movie 101 Dalmatians. "Sorry, that's my cell," Saïx apologized. "Hello?" Axel and Demyx started to muffle their laughter. Saïx shot them an evil glare which shut them up completely. "Yes, I'll tell him," Saïx announced. "That was Vexen."

"That weirdo man-woman?" Axel asked. "Dude needs a haircut." "Speak for yourself," snorted Demyx. Axel sneered at him. "At least I don't have a mullet!" Demyx's hands quickly went to his head and he played with the spikes. "Well hello, business in the front," Demyx explained, "party in the back." Xemnas began to rub his temples in frustration. Here was part of his team. A group of hair obsessed teens. "Saïx could you please tell me what Vexen said to you?" he asked angrily. Saïx nodded. "He told me that he was sorry that he couldn't make it. His Monarch butterflies just hatched and he wants to collect data as quickly as possible. He also mentioned that Lexaeus had an appointment with a speech therapist."

Axel rolled his eyes. "You know it's all a cover-up for where he's really going." Demyx gave him a puzzling look. "He's going to one of those 'You and Your Body' meetings," Axel joked. "He goes to those meetings too?" Demyx questioned in surprise. The others arched their eyebrows at him. "I-I mean, what a-a um weird guy, yeah that's it," he mumbled. Xemnas shook his head. Great, now he was two members down. "Oh look, here comes the GIRL," Axel emphasized. A pinkish-brown haired boy walked towards them. "I should kill you where you stand Axel," Marluxia recited. "What are you going to do Marly? Bitch-slap me?" Axel joshed. Marluxia shot him a cold stare. "No, I think Larxene has already beaten me to that," he uttered.

Axel snarled as his face began to redden in embarrassment. "If you ladies are quite done, I would like to here what Xemnas has planned," a new voice insisted. Xaldin was carrying a large gym bag with him and nodded greeting to the Superior. "You're late," the Superior specified. "Sorry, but our track coach keep us late to do some extra laps since somehow somebody vandalized his car." Xaldin shot a look to Axel. "What? The man had it coming. Kept me late after school for accidentally setting the track field grass on fire."

"So you spray-painted the hood of his car with a picture of smelly feet? He thought that someone on the team did it?!"

"I thought he would enjoy it since he is in fact the track coach."

Xemnas once again sighed. Hopeless, they were all truly hopeless.

"You know," Marluxia said intensively, "we're still missing a member." "I'm right here," a voice said. Marluxia jumped. A small boy stood next to him, a solemn look across his face. "How long have you been there?" Saïx asked. "Long enough to notice how much of a crush Axel has Larxene," he answered. Axel face began to turn the color of his hair. Zexion turned to Xemnas. "I have all the equipment here, so what are we doing?" Xemnas faced the school map at the other boys. "Okay, ever wonder what the teachers' lounge looks like," he asked.

This caught everyone's interest. At K.H. High School, no student is ever allowed to enter into the domain known as the teachers' lounge. It was rumored to hold vast amounts of knowledge on everyone in the school and even an all so desirable cocktail bar. Xemnas even heard someone say that the teachers' have a flat screen television and vast amounts of violent videogames. Basically, it was every boy's dream. "Here's what's going to happen," Xemnas began to explain. "Axel and Demyx are going to watch the Eastern hallways for teachers. Marluxia and Xaldin will get the Western halls and Saïx will watch the South. Zexion is going to hack the school's security cameras in front of the lounge. When everything is clear, I will enter the lounge and take any important documents, understood? Now take a walkie-talkie and let's do this."

Xemnas hid behind a wall near the lounge. He turned on the radio in his hand. "Axel, Demyx, how's it looking?" he demanded.

"All clear."


"All good."

"Marluxia and Xaldin."

"Crystal clear."

"Nice and Zexion?"

"All seems to be good right now Superior. No one has entered the target area yet," Zexion's voice cracked in the device. Xemnas grinned. "I'm going in." He put the walkie-talkie into his back pocket and crept up to the lounge door. Slowly he turned the knob and realized it was locked. He took out and paper clip and started to break in.

A buzzing noise from his pocket startled him. He took out the walkie-talkie. "Say again?" he ordered. "Teacher coming your way. Looks like Mr. Ansem," Marluxia described. "I'm almost in," he replied. "Well hurry," he heard Xaldin say in the background. Xemnas placed the walkie-talkie back in his pocket and put his ear to the door. He heard the lock click and he slowly opened the door. Inside the room, Xemnas couldn't believe his eyes. It was bland and ordinary. A table with four chairs sat in the center and an espresso machine was situated on an empty counter. There was absolutely nothing there to use to help him in dominating the school.

"Zexion, you there?" Xemnas called out. There was a brief silence before he heard the Cloaked Schemer's answer. "What is it Superior?" Zexion's voice echoed. "There's nothing here, it's completely empty," Xemnas said annoyingly. "Tell everyone that the mission is off and they can go home." Zexion agreed and turned off his walkie-talkie. Xemnas closed the door to the lounge and walked down the hall. On his way out, he passed Mr.Ansem talking to Merlin, the science teacher. "Sir," he said casually. Ansem turned away from his conversation and nodded to the boy before resuming his talk. Xemnas smiled to himself and acted as if nothing had happened. Yeah, he thought, this year is going to be interesting.

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