SWAT Kats: Experimental Partnership

SWAT Kats: Experimental Partnership

The story after Eclipse; A tiger that has no mechanical know-how, tries to get a job working for Jake. Jake naturally doesn't want to give him a job, one he's not a mechanic and two he doesn't want him to find out that he's Razor. But what will happen when his secret is revealed and that the tiger has one of his own that will make Dr. Viper want to capture him.

SWAT Kats!

The disaster of T-bone's betrayal, or so they thought, left a scare on the one cinnamon furred kat, Jake Clawson or, when in uniform, Razor to the citizens of MegaKat City. T-bone was his partner, pilot, and best friend. He felt responsible for what happened to the tabby, and those feeling had become nightmares making the last three months after the incident, but that wouldn't stop him. He had made a promise on his best body's grave that he would continue to protect the city from evil villains.

SWAT Kats!

Razor stands in darkness, no light at all, but he is able to see himself like he was in broad daylight. He can see his hands held up, and he can see his partner pointing a gun at him, with an evil grin on his face.

"T-bone… Why?!" Razor questioned.

"Cause I hate everything!" T-bone retorted, firing the gun, hitting the cinnamon kat in the heart!"

"NOOOOO! RAZOR!" A second T-bone yelled, appearing from the darkness, tackling the evil tabby.

The two counterparts began struggling on the dark ground in the pitch black, both trying to overcome the other. Rolling the other onto his back the good T-bone began to beat the evil counter part's face mercilessly, hysterically screaming how he killed his partner. With one last punch the evil tabby became dust then a bullet shot roaring pierced the good tabby's flesh. Turning to face the killer, the tabby saw the vigilante Eclipse holding a smoking gun.

Jake shot up form his pillow in a cold sweat. He panted heavily then came to his senses, realizing that it was only another nightmare.

"The same dream again." The cinnamon kat panted, turning his head to gaze at the alarm clock on his nightstand, "Four in the morning, eh? Well I'm probably not going to get back to sleep again, so I might as well get to work on some cars."

After dressing in his mechanic overalls, Jake made his way down the stairs to the garage and began working on some cars that have been piling up on him. It's stressful on him, working on so many cars by himself, he manages to get them all done on time, due to many sleepless nights. He know it isn't good on him, and that it'll probably take it's toll on his work, both as a mechanic and SWAT kat, but what can he do? The nightmares won't go away.

"I need a vacation… like that's ever going to happen…" Jake yawned then heard a knock at the door, "Who could that be at this time?"

Walking to and opening the door, Jake laid eyes on a tall, muscular tiger with orange fur with a white underbelly, wearing tattered, worn jeans, blue shirt, and old sneakers, on thing that caught his eye was that one of the stripes on his forehead was red. To say the least he was intimidating, though when he began showing signs of being shy and nervous, like biting his lower lip and rubbing the back of his neck, those feeling melt away.

"I'm sorry sir, we're closed." Jake stated, "You'll have to come back later."

"Ummm… that's all right… I'm just looking for a job." The tiger responded, twiddling his thumbs.

"You want a job?" Jake questioned, "Sorry, but we're not hiring."

"Please sir! I'm… I'm… I'm not exactly a mechanic, but I… I am strong, I can lift heavy things for you and clean… and I'm desperate. Please sir… Just give me a chance." The tiger pleaded.

I'm sorry, but this is a mechanic shop, there's not really all you can do if you don't know how to fix cars."

"I know that, but… there has to be some kind of job I can do…"

"Sorry, but I don't, why not try the supermarket?"

"I… I… I…" The tiger stuttered, blushing with embarrassment.

"What is it?"

"I… can't read or do math… and I heard that this is also a salvage yard and there's a lot of heavy lifting involved and I am strong…"

An awkward moment of silence fell between the two, neither knowing what to say, what to do to put an end to the isolation of words. Jake thinks it would be best to brush him off and let him handle his own problems, but at the same time feels sorry for the tiger and a little guilty he can't help him, but before he could verbalize a response the alarm went off.

"What's that?" the tiger asked.

"It's… well… my partner's a heavy sleeper so we have a really loud alarm." Jake lied, thinking there was no way the tiger would believe that.

"Oh, I see, so I guess I better go…"

"Yeah, me and my partner have to get to work."

"Okay… bye."

The tiger began walking off, relieving Jake of the fear he would be found out, and so he made his way inside to answer Callie's call.

"Yes Miss Briggs?"

"Razor, Dr. Viper's back and he's tearing up Mega Kat biochemical labs." Callie reported.

"Viper?! Got it I'm on my way!"

"And Razor… be careful, T-bone isn't around anymore to cover your back."

"I know Miss Briggs and I will."

Outside the tiger quit walking yards away from the garage, thinking to himself, showing signs of inner turmoil. His face became sad and clinching his fist in frustration, he came to a decision.

"I'm not smart, I'm not good with machines, but I'm strong and I know if I get the chance I could be a good worker." He muttered to himself, turning around and headed back to the garage.

Entering the door, he saw Jake disappear into the kitchen, following him he saw the cinnamon kat open a secret hatch and jump down. Curiosity stering inside the tiger, he made the decision to follow the mechanic.

"Where is he going? And where's his partner?" the tiger asked himself, before climbing down the steps.

Examining the areas when his foot hit ground, the tiger was amazed to see what he was now in; he was amazed to see the underground hanger. Hearing the sound of a locker slam, he hid behind a corner, peeking with one ye, to see a masked kat in a blue jump suit with a red and black harness, and blue and red helmet. He couldn't believe his eyes, there stood the kat that he saw on the TV in the electronics store on a corner of Salmon street, there stood Razor of the SWAT kats.