Chapter 1- Coming Home

Bella's POV

I was on my way home to Forks, Washington. I had spent the last 3 years in London, England at a famous writing school. I'm 17 years old. My mom died when I was only 1. So I grew-up with all boys, my dad, my oldest brother Emmett, then Jasper, then Todd and Austin, and finally my twin brother Derek. I had some seriously over-protective brothers. They were there for me when I grew-up. But sometimes, a girl just needs her mother.

My dad said that he was going to let me surprise my brothers. They haven't seen me for 3 years. I have changed a lot. I could fill-in my shirt, I wore make-up, and I loved shopping. I wore make-up because my friends always put it on me before school. I loved shopping because I was forced to go once a week because they changed my wardrobe once a week. I was an excellent writer and LOVED writing.

Right now, on my way home, I was wearing a mini jean skirt that barely covered half of my thighs, and a light blue tank-top, and white DC shoes. I was wearing make-up and my hair was wavy and flowing on my shoulders. I knew that my brothers would never let me wear this outfit in public. They are so protective. I swear that if I tell them (especially Emmett) about how my boyfriend broke my heart, they would fly to London, and kill him.

I walked off the plane to go find my dad at baggage claim. My dad was standing right where he said he would be. I ran over to him.

"Hi daddy!" I yelled.

"Is that my little girl." He said and looked me over.

"I sure am." I said and gave him a huge hug.

We walked out to the cruiser.

"So…all of your brothers are on the football team. And I was thinking that I could drop you off at their game and Emmett could drive you home." He told me.

"Sounds like a plan." I replied.

We arrived at Forks High.

"So I will see later tonight." I said and hopped out of the car.

Charlie had sent me pictures of my brothers so that I could find them.

I walked into the Forks High football stadium. It was crowed. A lot of people were staring at me. I was used to that. A few guys whistled at me. I was also used too that. The game only had 5 minutes left. By the time I made my way down to the field the game was over. They won!

My brothers were in the middle of the field congratulating each other. I was smiling as I walked over to them. Their jaws dropped as they saw me standing in-front of them.

"Why, hello beautiful." Derek said as he gave me a hug.

I pretended to gag.

"Can I have a congratulations kiss?" Austin asked.

I started to crack-up.

"What?" Jasper asked.

"You guys honestly have no idea who I am. Do you?" I questioned them. They shook their heads-no.

"I'm appalled, that you guys don't even recognize your own sister." I said, and they all froze.

"Bella?" Austin asked.

"The one and only." I confirmed.

Emmett ran over and grabbed my into a bone-crushing hug and spun me around. Todd, Austin, and Derek were pacing around the field shaking their heads.

"What's up with them?" I asked Emmett.

"They're just trying to get some inappropriate pictures of you out of their heads." He laughed.

"Oh Bella I'm so glad that your back. I have missed you so much." Emmett yelled.

"I'm so glad to see you too. I missed having someone there to stand up and protect me." I told him.

"Well I'm always there for my little sister." He promised.

"So are we." My brothers pitched in.

"Did you have fun in England? Did you have any boyfriends?" Emmett asked in full-on older brother mode.

"Wouldn't you like to know? Yes I had an amazing time in England, I have learned so much in writing. Yes, I did have some boyfriends, but my latest one just…broke…up…with…me." I was starting to cry.

All my brothers pulled me into a hug, to calm me down.

"Bella, why did he break-up with you?" Emmett demanded.

"Because I…was…coming…back…to…Forks." I told them in between tears.

"Bella I'll kill him." He promised.

"Thanks, but he's not worth it." I said. I had stopped crying for now.

"You sure?" Jasper asked.

"Yes." I replied.

"Whatever you want little sis." Todd told me.

We started to walk back to their cars. Emmett had gotten a Giant red jeep. Jasper had a black Mercedes.

Someone was waiting on the hood of Emmett's jeep. He jogged over and high-fived all my brothers.

He was the most gorgeous person I had ever seen. He had bronze hair and green eyes, and the most killer smile. He looked at me with a mischievous smile.

"Hello." He greeted me.

"Hi." I replied with a warm smile. Derek put his arm over my shoulder; he saw the way I looked at him.

"Bella this is Edward Cullen." Emmett introduced us.

"Very nice to meet you Bella." He said.

"You too." I said right back.

"Oh Ya Edward, this is our little sister." Todd told him.

"I'll see you tomorrow." He said looking directly at me. Then jogged off and put his arms around two girls.

"Bella you can ride with me home." Emmett said. I walked over to the passenger side, and stared up. Derek sighed and walked over to me. He grabbed my waist and lifted me into the jeep.

"Thanks Der." I told him blushing.

"I'm glad you still have your blushing problem." Derek told me.

"Shut up." I muttered and he walked away. Emmett climbed into the driver's seat and drove away.

"So Bella, now that your back, I think all of us would agree that you should cook." Emmett asked.

"I would love too." I replied, and earned a huge smile.

"I am going to give you the rundown of boys to avoid at school." He said.

I sighed. "If you must."

"Yes. You've already met Edward Cullen. He's one of our good friends, but stay away from him. I don't want him to use you." He warned me.

"Why do I have to avoid him if he's your really good friend?" I asked him.

"He is captain of the football, baseball, and basketball team." He told me.

"Oh so let me guess. He's an inconsiderate jerk, who really isn't into a real relationship. He doesn't think of girls feelings he just uses them for his own personal use." I guessed.

"Your good." He congratulated.

"Don't worry. I won't associate with him. I have dated guys like that, and I don't want to again." I informed.

"Good girl." He told me.

We were at our house now. Emmett helped me get out of the jeep.

"So Bella did you surprise them?" my dad asked.

"Big time." Austin said.

"Don't remind me." Todd said.

"I never wanted to think of my sister in that way." Derek muttered.

"Bella I hope you don't mind but…you'll have to sleep in one of the boy's rooms. We only have 3 bedrooms and I get one and I split the boys up in to the others." Charlie told me.

"That's cool. Do I have to share a bathroom with them too?" I inquired.

"Um…yes. I have one and the boys have the other." Charlie said.

"Ok. So where do I sleep?" I asked.

"Well, the boys have wanted to change rooms, so you get 2 boys with you. You can choose which room you want." He answered.

"Bella, you can go look in the rooms and then decide." Todd said.

"OK." I replied and disappeared up the stairs. I fell in-love with the first room I walked into. It over-looked the front yard, so I wanted that one. I would clean-up later.

I walked back down 10 minutes later, and finally looked around the house. It was a pig-sty. Looks like I would have some cleaning up to do.

They were watching TV. I walked in and sat on Derek. Derek and I were really close because we were twins. It had hurt him the most when I told my brothers that I was moving to England to go to school. We told each other everything.

"I know what room I want." I announced.

"Which one?" Charlie asked me.

"The one that overlooks the front yard." I replied.

"Your wish is granted." Jasper said.

"So who will you be rooming with?" Emmett asked.

"Derek." I replied immediately.

They all started to laugh and I blushed. Derek patted my back.

"Well…I have missed you so much." I defended myself, and gave him a long hug. He hugged me back.

"I guess that since the room Bella wants only has two beds they will get that room. And you 4 will share the other room." Charlie said.

"Sounds good to me." Derek and I replied at the same time.

We started to laugh.

"Ok guys. Now that's settled, I want to be some sleep." I said and stood up.

"Since tomorrow's Saturday, we will change rooms then, for now Bella share a bed with one of your brothers." Charlie said and sulked upstairs.

"So who will I be rooming with tonight?" I asked.

"I have the biggest bed. So me." Austin said and threw me over his shoulder and walked upstairs. I was used to this because they had done that when I was younger. He dropped me on his bed. Austin and I were never really that close.

"Bella I'll go get your stuff." He said and walked out the door. He was suddenly being pushed into the room.

"Guess not." He muttered. They tossed me the bag that I pointed too.

"Ok. Leave. Now." I ordered. They all left. I put on my blue cotton PJ bottoms, with my lacy spaghetti strap top. I yelled that they could come back in.

"Bella I might need to look through your wardrobe." Emmett said.

"I think that we are going to stay up all night and question Bella about the last 3 years of her life." Jasper announced.

"Fine. What do you want to know?" I asked.

"Why did you leave?" Derek asked.

We both started to cry. I had the major water works; while he only let 1 or 2 tears escape.

"You know what guys. I'm really tired. Why don't…I sleep…in…Derek's bed, and we…can talk tomorrow." I compromised.

"Ok, come on Bella." Derek said and dragged me into his room. We sat on the bed and he hugged me for who knows how long. I yawned and we lay down under the covers. He had a full sized bed so we both fit, and still had plenty of room.

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