Man, I'm bored

Man, I'm bored. Sheesh. Seriously. Anyway, decided to write a one shot with a random idea that popped into my head while watching American Idol. -- On with it!

No Words

By DaiCrazy

"I swear, what was she thinking! It was a horrible choice! Completely wrong, no wonder they criticized her like that!"

Daisuke was relaxing in the office chair, eating popcorn in his pajamas, and surfing YouTube for anything entertaining to watch when he found something unbelievable: a clip of the latest week of American Idol. He couldn't understand why the show was so popular. All the contestants did was pick a song, sing it, and, if they weren't popular enough, have their dreams crushed on TV for millions of people to watch. Then the next week, it would start all over again!

Though as much as he saw its faults, Daisuke couldn't help but be intrigued about the latest American Idol contestants and how they performed each night. His favorite contestants were David Cook and Carly Smithson, though that David Archuleta guy seemed pretty popular with the girls. He even heard Hikari and Miyako talking about him and giggling, to his annoyance.

What he was watching now, however, was inexcusable. He'd heard how all this year's contestants were good, and he even decided to hear them out, but this week, he was greatly disappointed. Brooke White's latest performance was, to be polite, not her best. She wasn't too into the song, and she didn't perform her greatest either. Worse yet…

"How could she forget the words?!"

Yes, I was too disappointed with Brooke's performance. I did, however, think that restart was a clever act on her part, and I applaud her on that one.

And oh, how I love Archie. - sigh –

I do think Carly and David Cook are pwnawesome, too, though. :) Anyway, off I go.