Hello, people. Long time no see ^^ Just a couple of brief notes:

First, I've gotten comments over the years that it's dangerous for Hermione to let Halen go off with Draco like that. I agree from where I stand now, from a more mature viewpoint. There's a few reasons for why I wrote that then: I grew up in a really safe environment, so it wasn't something that was part of my worldview; the Harry Potter world is free from child kidnapping/sexual abuse etc and I was really immersed into the ~vibe~ of it, so again the danger wasn't something I considered; and I was rather younger when I wrote that. In real life I wouldn't do that, so have no fear for ... my future kids? Meh.

Secondly, I just received a really, really interesting comment, and I'd love to know what anyone else thinks:

reading this is incredibly frustrating, you probably don't mean it to be but it comes out as extremely sexist

the women are portrayed as weak, and pathetic

hermione, at least the hermione in the books is a strong, independent woman who would be more than capable of raising a child by herself- not crying in front of him, or telling him (At TEN years old, about being raped)

and ginny would never cry at ron being sick.

i don't know whether you meant to make it OOC but it DEFINITELY is

This was my reply:

Interesting comment, nobody's said that before. I haven't read this story in a really, really long time, and there are plenty of things I'd change about it, but you're right, I didn't mean it to be sexist. And in fact I still don't see how it's sexist.

Hermione did raise the child by herself, and Halen's not some neglected psycho brat or anything, he turned out pretty well, so I don't really get why you think I'm suggesting she's incapable. Unless you're referring to the bit where she yells at Draco that it was hard for her? I imagine it'd be hard for any single parent, but she still did a great job, ergo she's capable. (edit: HA that's hilarious! I wrote "hard for any single parent" and apparently that got censored in my outbox with a couple of asterisks. Dude you have a dirty mind.)

As for crying in front of him ... I really don't think tears make a woman weak. Nor does it make a man weak, come to that. As for telling him, he already saw the memories against her will, so explaining it would be the best thing instead of using the "I'll tell you when you're older" spiel, at least the way I see it.

Um Ron wasn't sick, he was in danger of dying. You'll forgive me if for thinking that any normal human being might cry at the thought of losing a sibling.

That said, while I disagree with you, your comments remain as valid as anyone else's opinion. I'm kind of curious to see if anyone else thinks the same way. Thanks for the feedback :)

So yeah, I'd love to know what anyone else thinks. Okay I just reread my reply and I'm sorry if I drifted into sarcasm, it's sort of my default setting. Didn't mean to; I apologise, because anon's opinion is valid. I'm just wondering if anyone shares his/her view.

I don't think this will actually happen, but don't be mean to the reviewer or anything, okay? It's not nice.