Disclaimer- Stephenie Meyer is lucky enough to have thought of the amazing Twilight series…

Disclaimer- Stephenie Meyer is lucky enough to have thought of the amazing Twilight series….as well as Edward sigh

NOTE: Eternity Overtaken is Always and Forever written in Edwards POV.

Eternity Overtaken

I helped Bella up so we could start to make our way to Charlie. I grabbed her hand and started walking. I was caressing the ring on her finger, smiling. I couldn't help it. She finally accepted my proposal. My life is now complete. I have to woman I love, which I have been waiting for, for a century...no, for a lifetime. Bella saw my grin, and gave me a ravishing smile back. I can tell her apprehension about facing Charlie. If only Jasper could be with us, sending waves of calm to both Charlie and Bella…maybe even me. My thoughts of Jasper immediately shrunk when I remembered the wedding day. I could see Bella, in a beautiful dress, walking down the aisle to me. Then my thoughts wandered to the night of our wedding. The night Bella and I loose our virtues, the night we are finally one. My thoughts trailed through this night over and over, thinking of the most romantic things I could do, when I heard Bella say something.

"Um, Edward?" She asked, sounding extremely confused.

"What is it?" I replied. I hope she wasn't having second thoughts….no she couldn't be. I wondered what was wrong though. I wish so badly that I could read her mind. It was so frustrating to wait for her to edit things out and to finally answer.

"Well, I was just wondering…." Yes? What is it? I had to know. "-Why are we walking?" Ah, a simple question. Maybe Alice was right about that over reacting speech, I should have listened a little more. But, Bella's question was a very good one indeed. I was so set on thinking of how to 'woo' her (As Emmet would say.) that I forgot that I could run.

"Oh…that's a good point, sorry I was thinking about things and I wasn't really paying attention." True. Fact. I just didn't include many lustful details. She then looked at me with curious eyes. Is she really going to make me say it?

"What are you thinking about; it's pretty rare to not see you paying attention." She asked me, attempting to look casual about it, which didn't really work, but since she is my Bella, I played along with it. I looked up and her and smiled, attempting to dazzle my way out of it.

"Us of course." She was honestly absurd sometimes. What else would I be thinking about? "Our wedding, which is going to be very lovely, but I'm really thinking about the night of our wedding." I'm sure this would be plenty of details for her mind to wander on, but just to make sure I gave her a smile and a quick wink which caused her to laugh. I knew she wasn't going to bring up the subject anymore. Bella seemed pre-occupied with her own thoughts, which was driving me mad. It did get easier as time passed, but when her forehead cringed, and her beautiful smile turned into a frown, it almost murdered me inside to not hear her thoughts. I used her thinking to my own advantage. I lightly let go of her hand, knowing she wouldn't react for about five seconds. I counted to five and right on cue she noticed, and opened her mouth, but before she could talk, I scooped her up on my back. She seemed shocked and alert, so just to let her know it was okay I gave her a light touch. She relaxed immediately. I smiled to know that my touch made her relax. To most humans it would be a sign to retreat, because the worst is coming.

"Hold on tight." That was all I said before I started jetting into the woods. Ever since I was a new born, I loved the experience of running. But, when Bella showed up into the picture, it was defiantly a new experience. She was timid at first, but now she loved it. One time she even let go of my neck, I think she was trying to experience a titanic moment or something. I scolded her after that little incident though. Running was my favorite activity to do with Bella, besides kissing of course. I immediately mentally smacked myself for having thoughts like a seventy year old man, even though I was well past a hundred years. I looked up, and realized that the destination was closer then I bided for, which caused me to stop rather fast. I think it scared Bella; the stop was too short for a human to comprehend. I knew she would be okay with it though. Bella is strong.

"Were here." I lifted her off of my back…gently as possible of course. We were getting married. I sure didn't want to fill out any divorce papers yet. Then I took her hand, and held it softly.

I saw the contentment in Bella's smile. "Why, thank you. You're quite the gentlemen you know." Her content smile turned into a lustful smile. She is certainty the most dangerous creature I knew.

"Well, in order to be a gentleman, you have to have a very lovely lady." I felt Bella not breathing, which gave me an inner sense of pride, that I could dazzle her like that, even after all of this time. I guess she took a breath, and she was about to come back with a witty comment at me, but I wouldn't let her do that. I was going to win the battle today. I looked in her deep chocolate eyes for a moment, and then kissed her. I felt like it had to be more passionate then usual, since it was our special day. Bella snaked her arms around me and then put her hands in my hair. I hope she knew, if that any other woman did this…I would yell at them, I didn't like my hair being messed up. I carefully put my arms around her waist, and counted to ten using Mississippi seconds as some people called it. I knew that was the maximum amount of time Bella could hold before she ran out of air. She then pulled away from me and pouted, probably thinking how she wishes she didn't have to breathe. It caused me to chuckle. Soon enough my Bella. Soon enough, breathing would be the last issue on your mind.

"Ready to face the wrath of Charlie?" I said, attempting to lighten her pout. It worked. She gave a sigh of relaxing.

"Only if you come with me." Oh, how I longed for these words. I would go with her anywhere, from heaven to the deepest depths of hell. I grabbed her hand, lovingly.

"Your wish is my command." I then walked with her into Chief Swan's house…and her house too of course, but…the Cullen house was the right home for her. Not to offend Charlie or anything, she just seemed to have a truer smile with us. We approached Charlie…he was smiling at Bella. Bella smiled back. It was a rather awkward father daughter relationship, but a loving one Then his eyes came to me…with a glare. I really hope Bella gets rid of this kid soon. He's really starting to get on my nerves. I couldn't help but smile at this…he was going to have to live with me for a while longer, until the wedding was over…until I could take Bella into my arms forever. Bella seemed to notice I was laughing, she's probably making a mental note to ask me later, but she will most likely forget. What about Mike Newton, he is perfect for Bella. He would never leave her, he comes from a great family…I blocked out his thoughts immediately. That Newton boy would never come near my Bella.

"Hey Bells…Edward." I saw him once again smile at Bella, and then give me a nod. I guess I can't kick him out of the house…or yell at him…Bella would have my head. I trust her though, and if she thinks Edward was a good kid. I suppose I could give him a second chance. That was an unusual sentence. I smiled at the thought that Charlie accepted me again. I saw Bella take a wildly exaggerated breath, which meant she was ready to begin.

"Char…dad, Edward and I have something to tell you." That was a good catch Bella. The conversation would be on the wrong root if you started by calling him Charlie.

"What is it?" I saw his face get urgent. Don't tell me he's moving again. If Edward said one thing that could possibly offend her, I strongly take back my second chance thought, and I will get my police belt with my gun…Charlie was kind of intimidating when he wanted to be. To bad I was bullet proof.

"Of course not…the opposite actually." I saw Bella's face light up. She was excited to say it to someone. I decided Charlie would need to sit down for this particular bit of news. I directed him towards the couch.

"Um, Charlie…I think you better take a seat for this." Why is he telling me what to do?! Well…at least he's being polite about it. I ignored this comment as Charlie took a seat. After Charlie sat on the couch, I felt Bella let go of my hand. She then got the ring and pointed it at Charlie.

"Charlie-" No Bella! Don't call him Charlie! She was probably too nervous to realize. "-Edward proposed to me…were getting married." I stared at Charlie, trying to decipher his thoughts, only to be shown that he was too confused to sort them out. There were so many thoughts, that I had to block them out, he was giving me quite a headache. I took a look at him physically, noting to myself that a human's face can turn a lot more variety of colors then expected. I saw the red in his face, turn to a quick purple violet color, which astonished me, I once again noted to myself to ask Carlisle if this was physically possible. Finally, the violet color turned into a bright pink. His face was blank, staring at Bella wide eyed. Bella was staring back, extremely scared may I add. I wished I thought about that Jasper plan a little more. I could have had him right outside the window calming Charlie. I finally saw him comprehend what was going on…I think I actually heard a snap. His eyes opened even more as he took a breath to speak. "YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED?!"

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