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PARIS 1870's

"My dress, it is ruined you ignorant imbecile!" screamed Carlotta in a shrill, skull penetrating voice. I heard a brief, hurried apology followed by some indignant huffs from Carlotta's behalf.

I sighed and began practicing my pirouettes with my best friend Angela beside me. Angela was a far better dancer than I, but she kept on insisting it was because I haven't been dancing since I was born and I was fast catching up.

It was true, Angela's mother organized and choreographed the back up dancers in the opera and she herself had been one of the most famous ballerina's in Paris when she was younger. I on the other hand, was an orphan. My mother died when I was a baby and my father had been a famous violinist when he abruptly died from unknown sickness when I was 7.

Angela's mother, Madame Giry, had known my father when he was alive. When she found out that he had passed away, she brought me to the opera to begin training as a dancer despite my dreams of being an opera singer.

Ever since that day, I have danced for almost every opera performance, occasionally singing in the background for some pieces. Carlotta in particular seemed to like seeing me disappointed, and constantly rubbed in the fact that I would never be able to sing like her.

Little did she know, I have been practicing my singing with whom, I honestly I do not know. Almost every night I go to the chapel and speak to my mysterious teacher who trains me how to sing like an angel, though I cannot honestly say I am anywhere close to what my teacher's voice is capable of. His velvet, melodic voice drifts through the walls enchanting and mesmerizing. I have asked him several times when I was little of why we could not see each other in flesh, he always refused saying the day would come when I was older. I agreed not wanting to anger him and stopped asking when I had turned 12.

"Bella! Get off the stage! They need to practice for the opera tonight!" whispered Angela, gently tugging at my light blue sleeve.

I nodded absent mindedly and hopped off the stage, glancing at Carlotta's extravagant dress that seemed a bit tight for her.

"Do you have the dance routine memorized?" asked a stressed looking Madame Giry. She had been under a lot pressure lately, making up dance routines every week and making sure everything runs smoothly.

"Yes, I have, so has Angela and all the other girls" I reassured her while pushing her into a near by armchair.

"Oh thank goodness" she sighed in relief then rubbed her temples soothingly. I patted her gently on the shoulder and left for my dormitory that I use to share with Jessica. It was strange, one day she was there then the next Madame Giry received a letter from her telling us of her resignation.

I entered my empty room and paused at my wooden writing desk. There was a small intricately carved box with a letter underneath it. I opened the letter first and read:

"Bella, Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true"

There was no signature or name on the piece of paper or envelope. Perplexed, I opened the beautiful box to find a silver heart shaped locket on top of a blood red velvet cushion. The locket held a design of miniature entwined roses all across the surface, the heart was held up by a long silver chain.

I put it back into the box and saw something on my bed. 'Another present?' I thought to myself, smiling. Indeed it was, this time the note was inside the box, it read:

"Dearest Bella, Have a wonderful birthday! Hope you enjoy your gift and I will be there at your door after tonight's opera to celebrate with you! Love from Jacob Black"

I smiled widely as I held up the beautiful jewelry box. It was finely crafted out of wood with jewels embedded onto the smooth surface. My hand brushed against something else at the bottom of the box, it was another piece of paper. I pulled it off and read the note.

"Bella, the real gift is inside the box! There's a hidden compartment, just flip open what seems to be the bottom and the gift should be there! Love from Jacob"

I laughed at how well Jacob seemed to know me. Not in a million years would I figure it out if he hadn't left a note. I opened the box once more and carefully lifted open the bottom.

It was a silver charm bracelet. There were 5 charms already on it: a rose, a treble clef, a tiny silver kitten, ballet slippers and a heart. Upon closer inspection, I realized that there was something engraved upon the shiny silver heart. As I read the message my heart beat became more erratic, threatening to jump out with joy.

The message simply read "Bella and Jacob forever". It seemed innocent and simple enough but those few words had made me beyond happy. I clasped the bracelet around my wrist and carefully stowed away the jewelry box underneath a loose floorboard. I paused at my other present, deciding that I might as well wear it. I didn't want to offend the mysterious gift giver by not wearing my present. I looped it over my head where the heart rested just below my collar bone; it was icy against my warm skin.

A soft knock at the door made me jump; I quickly placed the boxes and notes in the floorboard and went to open the door.

It was Angela, she was smiling and was holding a small bag in her hand. I opened the door further, inviting her in to sit down.

"Happy Birthday Bella! Here's your present" she said as she threw her arms around me.

"Thank you, what is it?" I had never been given so many presents in all my years of living at the opera.

I tugged at the ribbons to open the small bag and tipped it upside down. Out fell a silver cross studded with tiny diamonds. I smiled and hugged Angela again "Thank you! It's so beautiful, how did you know I have a charm bracelet?" I asked dangling my arm to show my present from Jacob.

"I was asking Jacob what to get you and suggested a charm, I was out of ideas" she smiled sheepishly

She helped me put on the new charm onto my bracelet "When did you get that necklace? I've never seen you wear it before, it's beautiful" she said glancing at my shiny silver locket

"I got it as a birthday present, I don't know who from though"

"Does it have anything in it?" she asked, struggling to latch on the new charm

"What do you mean?" I asked, my confusion deepening

She gave me a look and raised her eyebrows at my obvious stupidity "You know how lockets can open and they you can put notes and photos in it?"

"Oh!" I gasped, embarrassed. "I didn't think of that"

"Evidently" she said smiling

I lifted up my locket and saw the tiny hinges on one side. I tried opening it but it wouldn't budge, frustrated, I used an envelope opener to try and pries it open.

With no luck, I gave up with an angry 'huff' and left it to dangle there at my neck. My expression left Angela in a fit of hysterical laughter which was interrupted by another knock at my door.

"Angela, Bella! I know you are in there! Let me in now!" screamed an all too familiar voice.

I sighed and let Carlotta in; she had her make up on already as well as her voluminous dress. She strode into the room looking around until something caught her eye.

"Where did you get that necklace from?" she demanded, her greedy eyes examining my silver locket.

"I received it as a birthday present" I replied innocently

She snorted. "Who would give you such an expensive locket?"

"I don't know, they didn't leave a name"

"You stole it more like it you stupid little thief!" shrieked Carlotta

I flinched involuntarily at her accusations. She had no right to accuse me, I did nothing wrong. I was sick her of thinking that she was superior just because she always had the lead roles.

"Get out of my room!" I yelled at Carlotta. I could see a shocked Angela beside me; I hardly ever lost my temper.

"Excuse me?" she said, rage beginning to fill her voice. I couldn't almost hear the tantrum coming now.

"You heard me! Now get out of my room! You're not welcome here!" I screamed, while shoving her and extravagant dresses out the door.

I slammed the door shut on her, locking the bolt.