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Jacob smiled as the wrought iron gate began swinging open.

"Quickly Jacob, we have to go before he comes home" I whispered urgently.

"Ahh… I see I came a bit late" drawled a voice behind me. The voice was vaguely familiar and I froze upon realization. It was Rosalie, Edward's sister.

"Don't worry Bella, I'm here to help you" she said soothingly. Help me? I remembered back to the conversation in her kitchen. Yes, she had said that if Edward didn't release me, she would. But, why would she do that? Could she win against Edward?

I was still speechless so it was Jacob who spoke.

"Who's this?" he asked, eyebrows raised in suspicion

"Edward's sister" I replied, my throat slightly hoarse

"He has a sister?" he said with what was close to disgust. He also seemed quite as surprised as I was to discover he had siblings.

"I take it this must be the much talked about Vicomte De Black" said Rosalie in a bored tone. I nodded stiffly, still wondering if I could trust her.

"Well Edward is going to be back soon enough so I suggest that you two get out of here" she said with a flick of her long blonde hair.

"Too bad that I came back early Rosalie?" came an alluring voice from the shadows.

Rosalie spun around surprised; she composed her expression into one of boredom and then walked swiftly towards one of the trapdoors, with a slam of wood on wood, she was gone.

"Jacob we meet again" came Edward's polite voice. He did not move closer though, which made me more nervous.

I felt like screaming out to Jacob to run but I knew that was pointless. The only hope I had right now was to beg. Surely if he loved me as much as he said, he would let Jacob go?

"Edward i-" I started

He cut me off with a wave of his hand and turned to address Jacob. His eyes were unfathomable, not cold but not warm either.

"Jacob, you shouldn't have come down here" he said tonelessly

Jacob snorted "Don't tell me what to do. Why don't you just kill me now?"

Edward sighed lightly "I'm not going to kill you Jacob Black, I promised Bella something and I will stick to it"

"I promised Bella something too and I intend to keep that promise" retorted Jacob

Pain crossed Edward's face in realization "Yes, that. Well I am afraid I can't help you on that one then. However I do suggest you leave"

"I'm not leaving without Bella" said Jacob stubbornly

"Jacob, just go!" I pleaded in a low whisper

He shook his head and gripped my hand tighter "No"

A long silence filled the stale air.

"Edward could you give me a moment to say goodbye?" I asked, turning my watery eyes to him. I briefly saw Jacob's enraged expression but I ignored it, squeezing his hand in reassurance.

Edward's expression turned dubious, could I be trusted?

"Tell me when you are done so I can escort Jacob out" he danced lithely to yet another hidden exit and disappeared from sight.

"Bella I'm not letting you go" Jacob's expression was pained, his eyes portraying hurt and sadness.

"Jacob, you don't understand! There's no hope for us anymore. You don't know what he is but I do! Please go, find a beautiful girl and marry her – I don't deserve you anymore"

Tears leaked out of my eyes, flowing down my cheeks. It was true though, he deserved so much better.

Jacobs' anguished eyes made my tears run faster "How could you say that Bella? Do you really think so less of me that I would just forget about you and run off with some other girl?"

No. I didn't believe he would do that, but I could hardly say that could i?

"Please" I begged, wiping the wetness from my eyes with my sleeve.

"I can't Bella, I'd rather die then live without you" His eyes softened at his own words, registering the truth of what he just had said.

"Don't say that!" I shouted a bit too forcefully. My words echoed off the stone walls, replaying it several times. I made to modulate my voice "Jacob, just go" my voice sounded weary and tired and that was exactly what I felt. My legs felt as though I had been running for days and my head hurt badly.

Jacob didn't answer, he read my expression carefully "Bella, I think you should get some rest"

"No!" I snapped, though I sorely wanted it right now. I looked up at him and to my surprise he had a amused smile on his face.

He answered my confused expression "It's quite humorous when you're angry you know, I missed it quite a bit"

I grimaced, blushing deeply. "Jacob, listen to me. You can't outrun Edward. We can't outrun him. Please, follow my instructions and just forget about me"

Jacob's face turned a light shade of red, from anger I suspect. "So Isabella Marie Swan, You're trying to tell me that I should sacrifice you for some dangerous Phantom that has been stalking you for goodness knows how long?" he demanded.

"If you put it that way…" I muttered more to myself than anyone. Jacob was not going to budge, how could I get him out of here and make sure he doesn't come back? I sighed, the dirty water around me sloshed as I paced back and forth. Could Edward be trusted not to hurt Jacob? Would my plan work?

"Jacob, I'm going to get Edward to escort you back. He won't hurt you and can you promise me that you won't even try to hurt him?" It surprised me how much I actually cared for Edward despite everything. I even managed to keep my tone even through my words, maybe I wasn't that bad of a actress as I thought I was?

Jacob's handsome face was still in a stubborn frown "No. Bella, don't be a martyr. I'm sick to death of seeing you sacrifice yourself for other people. Wait, it's not even a person! It's a phantom! Have you ever thought about yourself before?"

"He's not what you think he is Jacob" I whispered

He sighed, in resignation or frustration, I was not quite sure. "Is this what you really want?"

"Yes" I avoided looking at his eyes, knowing that whatever was there would make me miss him a thousand times more.

His voice was strangely thick with emotion "Well I guess this is goodbye then Bella"

I nodded then he wrapped his arms around me, his face buried in my hair. I started sobbing uncontrollably into his shirt, staining it with salty water.

Edward appeared just in time, escorting Jacob out wordlessly. I noticed that his gaze softened when he saw my face streaming with tears, but still said nothing. Soon I was left alone, still immersed in the murky water. Somewhere behind my misery, it registered that it was very strange how Jacob had suddenly agreed to be taken away. The Jacob I knew wouldn't go along so easily to my instructions. I fervently hope that he didn't have plans on his own to get back here again, and even if he did I wasn't sure if I would follow him back to home, my home.