Several days later at the Acchus Manor, the body of Brian Acchus Senior was laid out on an extravagant four poster bed. Several assistants and his lawyer stood around him, waiting in anticipation.

Slowly, his body began to change. His beard receded, his hair darkening and lengthening over the pillow. His skin become taught and smooth as he transformed into the attractive, young Brian Acchus Junior.

His eyes opened, he sat up, then stood and greeted them, "Hello again Gentleman. Is my luggage packed and ready?"

"Yes Sir, your driver is outside with the car running, ready to leave when you are." one of his assistants replied.

"Did you speak to my staff in Australia, and give them my instructions?" he asked his lawyer.

"Yes Mr Acchus. All traces of the Merlot were destroyed as requested before the police arrived. I doubt they'll bother to pursue the investigation, not now that you're dead. You're free to return as head of the company, er I mean, Brian's son is free to take over as head of the company." the lawyer replied.

"Good.. good." the young Brian smiled.

Another assistant approached him from the back of the room.

"Uh, Sir, there was a small incident at the local winery last night though..." the assistant spoke tentatively.

"An incident?" Brian asked.

"Uh.. yes. A fire. Burned to the ground I'm afraid. A young couple were seen fleeing the scene. We believe it was that private investigator, Ms Nelson. We did warn you she'd be trouble Sir."

"Ahh Vicki, Vicki, Vicki. Such a feisty young woman, yet so corrupt-able. She would have made a superb disciple. Such a shame she had that damn Vampire following her around like a little puppy." Brian shook his head with regret.

"Would you like us to take care of them Sir?"

"Oh no no, let the little children have their fun. It's time for us to move on anyway. Damn that Abigail Turner, if only she'd been able to have just a little self control we wouldn't have ended up in this mess."

He paused for a moment of reflection.

"Have the vineyards been planted at the new winery in France?" Brian continued.

"It will be fully operational in a few months." his assistant replied.

"Make sure that my Merlot from California is shipped and ready for my arrival. Spread the word that I'll be looking to introduce myself."

A villainous smile spread across his face with the thought of converting a new group of followers with his delicious red wine.

He grinned with the visions of liberating them, making them submit to the madness and ecstasy that only he could provide, seeing them obediently bend to his will.

Bacchus rubbed his hands with glee.