In My Life
Agatha Midnite

Summary: Ishida becomes Orihime's bodyguard, who's engaged to Ichigo, who comes across with Rukia. What will happen then with their entangled lives? An AU fic.

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Authors Note: My second fic! Hope this turns out well.


Chapter 1

He started to light his cigarette. Inside the dim room, Aizen Souske was staring at the picture he was holding for quite a while. He was looking at the picture of a certain orange-haired lady. Finally, he laid it down on his table and contacted his secretary. "Call Ishida."

He continued to puff his cigarette until the person he called came. The bespectacled young man went inside with his typical calm features. His eyes were hidden behind his glasses, preventing anyone to know what he was thinking and what he was feeling. Ishida waited for him to speak.

"I have a job for you." Aizen slightly tossed the picture to him, enough for him to see the image. He called again his secretary. "Hinamori, tell him the details."

The petite young lady went inside, together with the folders and information she would need. "You are to guard and protect Inoue Orihime, 19 years old. Mr. Sora Inoue of Rika Corporation, her brother, had received a letter about a plan of kidnapping his sister. Intentions are still uncertain…"

As soon as his secretary finished her explanation, he stood up and faced the window. "I've chosen you because you are less pervert than the rest of my men."

Considering what he just said, Ishida suddenly raised his eyes to him, his brows furrowed. "And what are you trying to imply?"

"…another thing," Aizen continued, ignoring his question. "I've chosen you because I know you can handle your job well. So don't fail me."

"I understand."



Two maids came out from the kitchen with plates on their hands. They went to the large, oblong-shaped table and placed it down. Another one came with a pitcher of orange juice and continued to serve breakfast. Once they were finished, they heard someone speak. "Thank you very much." It was Orihime. The three of them bowed, feeling very pleased because of the woman's humility and kindness and walked back to the kitchen.

"It's really a beautiful morning, isn't it brother?" She started the conversation. It's been two years since their parents died from a plane crash and his brother was the only family left. It was never easy for her to accept their parents' death, knowing them to be very close to each other. It was only her high spirits and her brother's presence that made her strong.

"It is." Her brother replied. He continued to read the newspaper and took a sip from his coffee. Sora was now the Chief Executive Officer and President of their company. He had to get the position or else the company will be in great jeopardy. Having the highest rank wasn't very easy. He became busier than usual. Because of this, he was afraid that he won't be able to protect his sister that was why he asked for protection. In addition, receiving such letter saying someone's planning to kidnap his sister wasn't something to be taken for granted. "Hime… from now on, you'll be having security."

Orihime was surprised to hear that. "Why, brother? Is there something I need to know?" She was never guarded since she was a kid. Of course, there was his brother on her side at all times but why?

"It's no longer safe these days. We don't know who the enemy is and who's not." He preferred not to tell Orihime the real reason behind all this. He still wanted her to have a normal life. (As if it's still normal with a bodyguard and all the protectiveness)

"Brother," She looked at him in the eyes, "you shouldn't worry about me. I can handle myself… that I can assure you!" A smile was formed on her pretty face. "Besides, I learned some karate from Tatsuki-chan and she said I was pretty strong!"

He chuckled at his sister's insistence. "I know, I know but I hope you could understand our situation. I cannot look after you everyday. There will be times I'll be out of the country for a week or so. I need to make sure you are safe always even without me."

Sora was right and Orihime couldn't argue further. She just sighed in defeat. They continued to eat their breakfast in silence. She still couldn't cope up with the new set up. She will be with someone whom she didn't know. Take note that this person will be with her everyday and almost anywhere. (Bathroom is excluded)

"Excuse me sir," Sora looked at their housekeeper while Orihime wasn't really paying any much attention. "Kurosaki-san had just arrived."

"Let him in." he gestured. It didn't take too long until Kurosaki Ichigo came. He greeted Sora and came to Orihime and kissed her on the cheek. "Good morning,"

Orihime was suddenly pulled out from her thoughts. She looked at him and smiled. "Ichigo-kun, you're early..."

Orihime and Ichigo were formally engaged since they were sixteen. Both of their parents had already planned their marriage. It wasn't only because of the 'family friend' thing, but also because of the reason that they wanted to continue their bond that was already established in their businesses. Ichigo was startled at first. He wasn't anticipating something like that but later on, he decided to start accepting the fact that they had no choice. As for Orihime, she had already grown to like the person. They were friends since childhood and she had always admired Ichigo for his kind and caring qualities… although sometimes, he tends to be so stubborn.

"Didn't I promise that I'll come with you today?" He took the seat next to her. "Orihime, you seem to be thinking of something."

"We were talking about her safety that's why." Her brother replied in behalf of her.

"Why?" Ichigo asked skeptically. "I could protect her." He continued as if it was the most obvious solution to their problem.

"I understand what you're trying to point out but you're not with her all the time. We need someone who can look after her even without our presence." Sora reasoned out.

Orihime just sighed again with the thought.

"You know what? I think we should finish our meal first so the both of you could finally meet them." Sora replied.

'Them'… so it isn't only just one person. Orihime thought.

They exited the dining room as soon as they finished their breakfast. The three of them went to the living room because that was where Orihime's securities were waiting.



Ishida waited patiently. He opted to remain standing and vaguely observed the room. Soon enough, he finally saw the woman in the picture with two male companions approaching him. She was more beautiful than he thought. Her innocent face, framed by long fiery orange hair made his heartbeat skip for a moment. He unconsciously continued to study her features. His thoughts kept wandering on her creamy and smooth skin. And do not forget to consider her slender body and healthy-- You have a job, baka. He pushed his glasses up and immediately shoved out those stupid ideas from his mind.

"Good morning." Sora started. "Hime, this is Ishida Uryuu. He will be your bodyguard." Ishida just bowed.

Sora gestured his hand to Ichigo. "This is Ichigo Kurosaki, her fiancé."

Ishida just heard a bored '…okay' that echoed in his mind. I thought he was her cousin…

Ichigo noticed the two females standing behind Ishida. "These ladies?"

"Oh, I almost forgot," Sora continued. "You'll also have two female escorts so it won't be too awkward on your part." Both women had black hair. The first had long hair which was gathered in a braided style. "My name is Kurotshuchi Nemu." She said then bowed. The other one had glasses and her hair was pulled up neatly, leaving some short hair on the right side of her face. "I am Ise Nanao."

So much for the introducing part, Sora took notice of the time. He remembered leaving early due to business stuff. "I need to go now," He took his briefcase which was patiently resting on the housekeeper's hands. "I've already told them my instructions and my policies in my house. They know what to do. All of you take care." He bid his goodbye and exited the place.

Hearing those from his brother made her sigh for the third time this day. She didn't really care with the bodyguard thing. She just wanted to have a peaceful morning. No more further arguments with his brother.

"So…" Ichigo broke the silence. "…this guy really is your bodyguard?" He couldn't help but feel worried about the new set up. How could Sora possibly trust these people? What if he was a bad guy? What if those two women were not as innocent as they seem to be? What if he was a pervert? What if he's too weak, he couldn't even protect himself? What if all of them were all weak? What if… what if… what if…

Ishida just ignored Ichigo's implication with his question. He didn't care if the orange-haired guy questions his strengths and capabilities. He didn't want to waste time on him.



Orihime smiled naively as she looked at the flowers. They were in front of a flower shop. Orihime went to the market to buy fruits and some ingredients she would need for her cooking hobby. Ishida and the two ladies patiently followed her while Ichigo seemed to be looking somewhere else.

From the time Sora had left the house, they hadn't spoken that much. Sure, Orihime knows what securities do (follow you around) but she didn't want it to be that way. She wanted to feel comfortable with them because her heart tells her that they are nice people. She wanted to feel like she's with her friends. So Orihime decided to break the ice. She asked them where would they like to eat, do they want to go to somewhere else and which do they think is better, the pink or the red one…

Unfortunately, she wasn't very successful.

It was almost 4 in the afternoon when they arrived home. All of them, feeling tired from the heat and walking and walking and walking. Orihime offered Nemu and Nanao to take a rest. Besides, they're already indoors. Ichigo went to her as he dropped the last bag on the kitchen counter. "Orihime, I wanted to stay a little more but I really need to go,"

"It's alright. I understand." She gave him an assuring smile.

"I'll call you, okay?" With that, he gave her a quick peck on the cheek and left, leaving Orihime with the stoic Ishida.

There was an eerie silence that blanketed the place before Orihime spoke. "Umm… Uryuu-kun?"

"Yes, Inoue-san?"

"Orihime." She immediately corrected. She had always asked the people in the house to avoid too much formality and should call her by her first name. It was only Ishida who chose to remain as how he thinks it should be.


Finally, she accepted it. She smiled at him and continued. "What do you like doing when you have free time?"

"I just read." Orihime just made a silent 'oh' on her mouth.

"Umm… Uryuu-kun?"

"Yes Orihime-san."

"I just want to tell you that… you shouldn't oblige yourself too much on this job. I mean, you can do whatever you wish to do. Say, you want to play tennis with this mosquito killer!" She grabbed the said object at the corner and acted as if she was really playing tennis.

He chuckled, making her notice his smile. "You had a beautiful smile, Uryuu-kun!" She said with amusement. "I think you should smile more often."

He felt his face turn pink. He was flattered with her compliment and felt so stupid because he was blushing like a 10-year-old boy. "Thank you. I'll remember that."


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