A magical creature stands tall and proud

With a coat that shimmers like pearls.

Silky white hair and dainty cloven hoofs,

And a bright horn that spirals and whirls.

She holds her head high, and looks all around,

Then she rears up and paws the air.

She gives a small nicker and prances about,

Then out from the brush peeks a small head so fair.

The tiny little foal, all fluffy and white,

Steals a timid look and then comes out.

He trots to his mother and gives her a nudge,

Then they both play and run about.

The scene seems right and perfect,

Until a twang rings through the air.

With a loud and shocking thud

An arrow hits what none should dare.

The foal stands still for a moment,

Then falls silently to the ground.

The mother tenses and looks to the brush

While the forest has stopped all sound.

With the snap of a twig the hunter runs off

While the mother sadly nudges her foal.

As the glade fills with darkness the mother looks up,

Determined to carry out her new goal.

Giving one last look at her now dead baby

The mother runs through the brush.

The hunter is now become the hunted,

And both have begun to rush.

As the darkness draws ever nearer,

The hunter realizes he's stuck.

He now knows he must be careful,

For he has surely pressed his luck.

As the mother spies his lonely camp

And keeps and ever watchful eye,

She has not come to bring him harm,

And this is the reason why.

A unicorn is a gentle creature

That understands a hunter's many reasons.

They must go on through all the year

Forgiving through all the seasons.

So the mother steps in silently

Walking slowly into the hunter's view.

She lowers her head and stares him down

As the forest resumes its sound as if on cue.

Unable to hold her piercing gaze,

The hunter sheepishly looks away.

The mother whinnies in acknowledgment,

And the hunter knows he cannot stay.

So silently he thanks her,

For kindness like hers isn't often found.

He leaves her forest swiftly and carefully

As the mother looks on without a sound.