Title: Knight Without an Armor
Detective Conan
Pairing: Miwako Satou & Wataru Takagi
#6- vacation
T, for some swearing.
Just how important is Satou for our favorite cop?
DC is not mine! I owe it all to the great Gosho Aoyama-sama. –bows-

"Megure-keibu, the suspect has just passed by the Beika Post Office! We need backup now!"

"Copy that. I'll send them over right away. Be careful!"

"You can count on us keibu!"

Inspector Takagi and Satou were on the run, chasing yet again another bank robber who wouldn't give in to arrest without a fight. The man, whom the police only knew by his codename 'Shirokuro', was a member of a criminal syndicate which was well-known for its many successful bank heists. They had been on the Metropolitan Police Force's most wanted list for so long; and at last, they were hot on their tail.

But how exactly did the twosome end up in such a situation?

Before their pursuit began, the two cops were eating lunch together at a nearby fast food chain. Everything was uneventful, (excluding the time when Takagi almost slipped on a soda spill while bringing their orders to the table. Poor guy.) until Satou, while peering through the window, noticed a suspicious man observing the local bank from a distance. At first she ignored him, thinking that the person might just be a newcomer or perhaps just waiting for somebody who had to take care of business regarding the bank. It was only when the man turned around in their direction that she got to see his face; and it was it took to get this dedicated policewoman to pull her then confused partner and get into some action.

Now here they are in an alley, with Shirokuro trapped in a dead end.

"You can run all you want but there's no use hiding anymore! You're trapped and outnumbered. If I were you, I'd make things easy and proceed to the station right now." Satou said, brimming with courage.

"Yeah, I guess you're right miss police officer...I should just turn myself in," the bank robber said, while giving such a disturbing grin.

This is easy! Way too easy...for such a high-profile criminal...

Takagi felt uneasy. He KNEW there had to be some sort of catch to Shiro's alarmingly effortless surrender. They had to be alert; there's no telling what tricks he might have under his sleeve. His thoughts were quickly interrupted when Shiro began to speak.

"But then again, my peers back at the syndicate would think I'm so pathetic, giving up so easily…I'd be a laughing stock for months!" I knew it. Takagi's suspicions were confirmed.

He paused and looked down on the cold pavement, then continued.

"Hm, how about this? Drop your weapons first. Guns, pepper sprays…whatever you brought along with you right now that could pose a threat to me. Once I'm sure that I won't get hurt, I'll willingly let you two arrest me and go to the station quietly. So, do we have a deal or not?"

A brief moment of silence followed. Takagi looked at his partner, who had that all too familiar 'policeman' look in her eyes. A weak smile surfaced from her previously serious expression. What on earth is she up to?

"Mi-miss Satou, do-"

"Sure, we agree to your demands." With that said, she dropped her gun on the floor. "That's the only weapon I bought with me, and my partner doesn't have anything potentially dangerous with him…now Mr. Shiro, I think it's time for your part of the deal."

"Why yes, of course." He then raised his arms up in the air, declaring his surrender to the police. "Please go ahead miss." Miwako began to walk towards him, handcuffs on hand.

"Satou-san, I have a bad feeling about this…please be careful." Worry was written all over his face. She could clearly see how genuine his concern was. He looked so…so, adorable, yet strong at the same time. Her face took on a shade of crimson red. Takagi noticed this and began to blush as well.


They were snapped back to reality, however, when they heard an obviously faked cough. Immediately, they turned their heads to the source of the sound.

"Ahem! I'm sorry to disturb your moment but I don't suppose you forgot about me?" Sarcasm and slight annoyance trailed from Shiro's voice. He folded his arms against his chest while eyeing the two with a raised eyebrow.

"Hmph, looks like someone's getting impatient." Satou remarked with half-moon eyes. "Anyways, don't worry about me. I'll be fine! Besides, I'm sure that my knight in shining armor would protect me if anything goes wrong!" she reasoned, together with a matching wink and an 

innocent looking smile. Her partner responded with a nod as she made her way towards their catch of the day.

What was I thinking? Takagi was deep in thought. She IS Satou Miwako, one of the best officers in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. If there was anyone he knew who could handle such a case with ease, it had to be her. Demo…who exactly was that 'knight in shining armor' she was talking about earlier?

His thoughts were interrupted when he noticed Shiro's right arm tinkering with something hidden inside his black leather jacket. Damn, is that what I think it is?

He began to walk towards Miwako, in an attempt to protect her. He was a mere 2 meters away from stopping her when out of the blue, the escaping criminal pulled out a 0.35 magnum and aimed it diagonally upward. OH NO..MIWAKO!


BANG BANG BANG. One shot came after the other. Broken glass showered the alley like sheets of snow; pointy, skin-piercing snow. It all happened so fast. Actions were done based on instincts alone; there was no time for evaluating them, no matter how idiotic they may seem. After a couple of seconds, the seemingly endless rain of shrapnel was finally over.

Satou opened her eyes and surveyed the scene. Shattered glass was scattered just about everywhere she set her eyes on. Wait a minute. Something was odd. She realized that there was no trace of glass in the place she had been lying on. She looked at her arms and legs, and then felt her face; no sign of any wounds nor scratches. What the hell is going on here? This bugging question was answered when she looked up and saw a blood-drenched Takagi leaning against the wall of one of the apartments. She stood up upon seeing such sight and quickly rushed to his side.

"Oh my god, what happened to you?! Takagi-kun…" Tears began to form in her eyes as grabbed his shoulders and shook him, trying to bring him back to consciousness. A pair of ocean blue eyes greeted her back.

"Miss Satou! I'm glad you're all right." Despite being in such a condition, he still managed to smile. "I noticed that Shiro was grasping something hidden in his jacket. I had this feeling that it was a gun, but I wasn't sure so I decided to ask you about it. When he pulled it out and aimed upward instead of towards us, I got confused at first. But then I realized why he positioned it at that angle and I pushed you away just as he was about to fire. Good thing I did it just in time; there's no telling what could've happened to you…"

The tears she had been trying so hard to contain flowed down her eyes. She wrapped her arms around the injured officer.

"Sa-Satou-san? Did I say something wrong? Go-gomen."

"No, you didn't. But there is someone who did." She wiped her tears off and faced the now escaping law breaker. "Get back here you bastard!" This made Shiro break into a run. The anger-driven inspector attempted to reach out for her gun but Takagi stopped her just in time.


"Responding violence to violence won't do any good now would it? It may provide temporary satisfaction, but definitely not justice 'ne Miss Satou?"

"Baka!" Satou reased jokingly.


The wounded officer's eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness of his current location. He could hear two people mumbling; and their voices sounded so familiar. He blinked once, twice…

"Oh look! He's awake now! "

"I told you Wataru would wake up sooner or later! Now you have to go and buy me some dinner! And right timing too, I'm famished from today's work!"

"What the? I never even said yes to our bet!"

He'd recognize those two voices anywhere. Chiba and Yumi. What a surprise…and did I just hear the word bet alongside my name? But this wasn't really his major concern at that time.

"Where am I? What happened? Where's miss Satou? Oww, my back hurts. And so does my arms and legs." The last statement made Yumi and Chiba erupt with laughter.

"You just had to destroy the dramatic moment now would you? Don't push yourself and relax will you Takagi? Otherwise your wounds might take longer to heal…," Chiba assured his comrade.

"Anyways, you're in your room right now. When we got Miss Sato's call for backup, the entire first division raced frantically to get to that alley near the post office. When we got there, Shirokuro already escaped from the alley and we found you two surrounded by a sea of shattered glass! Boy was Superintendent Shiratori jealous when he saw you resting on Sato-san's lap! He he. " A mental image began to form in Takagi's mind, making him snicker a bit.

"Anyways, Shiro was about to enter his getaway car when we caught up with him. He and his partner dashed in frenzy to try and shake us off, committing multiple traffic violations in the 

process! In the end though, we caught them. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! Both of them are now being questioned down at the station. " Chiba remarked happily.

It was Yumi's turn to answer the curious officer's many questions. "Just like Chiba had said, we found you two on the alley which was covered with shrapnel. Miwako-chan told us what happened and that we should take you to the hospital immediately. When we got to the emergency room, the doctor told us that you were basically fine, except for a couple of abrasions on your skin, especially your back. He also told us that you probably passed out because of shock. We took you home after the staff cleaned and bandaged your wounds."

She paused to catch her breath. "As for Miwa-chan, she left around 5 minutes ago for bathroom break. She should back any time soon! You know, she was worried sick about you and refused to leave this room until she was sure that you were okay."

Takagi couldn't help but blush. "What about the apartment whose window Shiro shot, was there anyone hurt or was there property damaged?" He just had to know.

"Fortunately enough, the apartments surrounding the alley were scheduled for renovation! He has actually done a huge favor for the building developers!"

"It's nice to know that today's event actually did something that people could benefit from…now for one last question." Takagi's eyes took on the shape of a half-moon. "What were you talking about earlier when I woke up? I believe it has something to do with a bet…"

"Uh, umm…we could explain! You see…" The two cops were fumbling to find an excuse.

Suddenly, the door opened, revealing a rather emotionless Miwako.

"Oh, will you look at that? Miwa-chan is back!"

"Yeah, we better give you two some much deserved alone time. Ja!"

"Oi, chotto matte!" It was too late. Chiba and Yumi were out in a flash. Darn it you two.

Satou entered the room and sat down on Takagi's bed. Silence enveloped them for a few seconds, the feeling of awkwardness filling the atmosphere.

"Miss Satou! He-hello."

Her hair obscured her eyes. It was hard to tell what she felt.

"Why?" she asked, in a whisper-like manner.


"Why did you save me Takagi? Doushite?" Her eyes were now exposed and he saw eagerness and curiosity through them.

He smiled and responded, "And why shouldn't I? My damsel was in distress and it was the knight in shining armor's job to save her right?" He took her hand and held it tightly, as if it were the most valuable jewel in the world. "Besides, I made a promise to myself that I'll always be here to protect you…" Satou could feel her cheeks rising in temperature again.

"And how long do you plan to protect your princess?"

"For as long as…for as long…as octopuses have eight legs!" Man did he blow it. Crap. What did I just say right now?

"And where did you get this line from Mister Wataru?" She laughed at his choice of words. But hey, it's original. "Man, that case must've drained you so much. Your mini-speeches are losing their credibility!"

"Oh really?"

"That's why I think you need a vacation! I told Megure-keibu earlier to give you couple of days off. How does an overnight stay in the Intercon Hotel sound?"

"Intercon? You mean THE intercontinental hotel? The five star one?" A shy nod answered him back. "Demo, that hotel…spending even just a night there would be so expensive! Besides, going on holiday alone isn't really as fun as being with other people."

"Too bad you don't have a choice but to say yes. The MPD already made the reservations…it'd disappoint them if you refuse. Plus, I think you deserve it noble knight…" Takagi opened his mouth to speak, but Satou's next lines cut him off.

"…and one last thing. I never said that you'll be going alone now did I?"


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Also, here is short continuation that crossed my mind. . Enjoy. .


It was 11 PM and Takagi found himself unable to enter slumberland. To arouse drowsiness, he grabbed the remote resting on his bedside table and turned on the television.

Takagi: Oh, I'm just in time to watch the late night news!

News Anchorman: Konnibawa Japan! In today's headlines…two members of the infamous 500 million yen gang have been successfully caught earlier this afternoon by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force. The two have apparently been assigned by the said gang to eye the activities of Beika Central Bank, to help aid them in a future robbery attempt. A lone officer was the only casualty in the pursuit, but he only suffered minor wounds. This is a huge victory for the MPD, as they finally have a lead on one of the most notorious criminal organizations today.

Takagi: -smiles-

News Anchorman: In other news, fishermen in Hokkaido have stumbled upon a highly unusual sight at around 5 PM today. They found a carcass of an octopus washed along the shore. If finding such a creature in the beach was odd enough, their next discovery left them more dumbfounded. They counted it's legs and surprisingly, it had 10 instead of the normal eight!

Takagi: -remembers his earlier statement, turns off TV and laughs nervously-

Cell phone rings

Takagi: -breaks into a sweat- Do I dare look at the phone? –grabs phone and looks at who the caller is-

Incoming Call

Miwako Satou

Takagi: Mo-moshi moshi?! Ahh, Sato-san...what a coincidence! OH CRAP!